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Anonymouse - A Re-Introduction

Hello, everybody. My name, as some of you already know, is Anonymouse, and I used to be quite an active member of Destructoid about a year or so ago. Unfortunately, I took the decision to stop using the Internet back in the summer of last...


A short, crappy blog on why I love Destructoid

Destructoid rocks my socks. Why does it rock my socks? Here's why: 1 The community is awesome. There are no fanboys here, no stereotypical gamers, no 11-year old idiots who think its cool to swear. The people here are so real, and the...


Mouse's review of the past weekend

This weekend was very silly. Instead of looking through the usual fail blogs, I got presented with something even more failish: a meme. What is the point in this? You disgust me, Dtoid. Everyone who participated in this meme should be made...


A lengthy, probably unnesesary introduction

Hello, Dtoiders! All of you, without exception, are cordially invited to read this lengthy, probably unnesesary introduction. My name is Anonymouse. So to properly introduce myself, I have compiled some questions that you may want to know a...


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