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Yooooooo! This last case of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles! 2 games worth of threads all coming together! I'm speechless!


Also, Herlock Sholmes is a fucking treasure! He's got the best investigation technique, the best dialogue, the best animations, the best music, and he's behind the scenes of almost everything. I'd say he's become my favorite Ace Attorney Character


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles have been an absolute delight. I'm nearing the end and I can't believe how the game continues to surprise and keep me engaged. I've laughed, I've been wowed and caught off guard...this may be the Greatest Ace Attorney!


Why are there ads IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SCREEEN????!!!!!!!!! And when i click the arrow to remove it, surely it goes away, right? It doesn't take me to the ad site? Lololololol


Just finished case 3 of The Great Ace Attorney 2. This game is soooooooooo fucking good! Thus duo of games might just end up being my favorite of the series


Checked my bank account this morning. Long story short, I'm gonna have to do the responsible thing and put NMH3 on hold for a week or two. "Sigh". Being an adult sucks. And I have to be one for the rest of my life? This blows...


The second case of the second Great Ace Attorney game is the first time in this collection where it feels like they manufactured some straight bullshit to keep the case going. Spoilers in the comments.


I clicked the link for the review of Ghosts Director's Cut, and was taken to the article 2 spaces up about Pokemon file sizes. Why? Because the &@#$ ADS were loading and shifting everything!! AARRGGHH! This site has become an absolute hassle to navigat


I think I hate Rindo. He's legitimately my only real complaint with Neo: Twewy right now. Even Nagi, who's fairly one dimensional, is still a dimension I like! Rindo suuuuuuuuuuucks


Cyberpunk is $10 today only at Best Buy. For that price, I figure why not. I'll pull the trigger and hope it's not too buggy on my ps5.


NEO: TWEWY is really hitting that sweet spot. The soundtrack is great, the art style is fantastic (if the graphics are a bit lacking), I like the cast outside of Rindo (Fret is an early fav) and combat is fun and engaging. So far, exactly what I wanted


Would you stay with a job that's become so mentally and physically exhausting, you dread going in every day? My main hesitation is money, and I have no plan if I were to quit today. But I'm just not happy. I'm uncomfortable. I feel like I don't belong




There's always an empty feeling when you finish an Ace Attorney game. There's really no replayability, so when you're done, you're done. But i have a second game loaded and ready to go!!! What an excellent first game! Excited for the second!


Ads on this site literally prevent me from scrolling.


You never really know how or when you'll come across something that'll help break you out of a seemingly endless funk of misery. Of all things, The Great Ace Attorney reminded me of something incredibly important about this life. What an amazing game


It's been nearly a decade since I've played and completed Skyward Sword. Having completed the HD version tonight, is it as good as I remember? Absolutely. Can it be as annoying as I remember? Absolutely. Lol. After all this time, still my 2nd favorite!


The "Dance of Deduction" with Herlock Sholmes has me absolutely grinning from ear to ear. Lol. I can't remember the last time a game had me this giddy =)


Started and currently playing the first game of Great Ace Attorney. I don't know how they do it, but I'm sucked in already. Lol. An interesting case, immediately likeable characters, great music. This series is just so damn good!


Really wish Skyward Sword HD had some kind of hybrid control scheme. For example,, I definitely prefer motion for combat and aiming, but swimming is just leagues better with button controls. I still prefer motion overall, but it could have been perfect...


Pokemon Go reduced its Gym and Stop distance today. I live in a spot where i could access them with the extra distance, but can't with the original distance. I see my playtime drastically decreasing. Lol.


Pokemon Unite just isn't making sense to me. I don't understand how I'm consistently melted by opposing Pokemon 1v1. I can handle losing, but I don't get HOW I'm losing, and it's becoming frustrating


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