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When you don't log in for 24 hrs, and you have no idea what is happening...


I "Family Guy'd" myself... Yes I am that bored...


If I ever visit US the one of th first thing I will do is go watch a Jerry Springer show live.Nothing like people destroying their lives on TV. I love it. I want to be that person saying "Oh no you dint't bitch"


Have u ever been to a huge supermarket w/ the entrance at 1 end & the thing u need is at the other end? But u go there & the thing u need is sold out so u just want to kill everyone in the store?Just me?Ok then.


This has to be the 2017 best easter egg.


Inspired with #Rudorlf Halloween Destructoid movie, I created this one. Now I tag #bong264 to create one for other user and tag him :P


Can you guys add me on the Switch please? I'm super fun and I'm not in a staby mood at all...


Huge thanks to Dango. He created this awesome sidebar. You are the best :D


Crash 2 and 3 done. Going for Crash 1 next. Someone hold my beer, I got this... EDIT: Sorry for the bump. Still weird that I can not edit without bumping the qpost


I swear this is what I see when I log in....


Let's all send good vibes to one of the best and most upbeat users here. He really need it :D


You are now in a bar fight, the last game character you played as will back you up. How screwed are you? Me I like my chances.


This what happens when I can't sleep. I start to reimagine famous movies with Destructoid users.


Pixie reign of terror. When will it end? :P


Unpopular opinion. But for me RedLetterMedia is the best movie reviews channel on Youtube.


For those that are looking forward for God of War on the PS4. I got good news. It seems the date have been leaked on a portuguese website. https://www.gamingreplay.com/ps4/9376-god-of-war-ps4.html


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There are two kinds of people in this world… And I plan to kill them both...

Thanks for the nomination Destructoid :D

My favorite games. Sidebar created by Dango! You are the best :D

My own Halloween movie created by the awesome Rudorlf. Based on a completely true story. I was young, and angry when this happend.