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Stickam Saturday Party

Since our last go-round went extremely well, there will be another stickam party up in this house. The fun times start 9pm est time. Just look for the YAY M&Ms chat room in the Chat Room section of Stickam or come back to this blog at arou...


Happy Belated Birthday To Christian Bale

I can't believe that we forgot to celebrate the day of Birth for the greatest person to traverse this planet, Christian Bale. On Jan 30th, our lord was born. He is a man that needs no introduction and exemplifies perfection everywhere that ...


The PAX moment I will never live down

At 45 seconds into this video, you will see a man attempt to do a falsetto that really should not have. This will probably come back to haunt me someday, I just know it. Big thanks to Monolith and WB for the karaoke setup at their booth....


An Info Dump on Guitar Hero 5

This is just a simple info dump so that everyone here is up to speed on the latest information on this title. Let's begin with the artists and songs that have been announced from various sources like Rolling Stone and G4 TV. Confirmed Arti...


Rock Band DLC 5/26 Preview

I haven't done this in a while since but I figured I would give you guys a easy way to listen to the songs that will be coming out from Rock Band next week. I decided to make a playlist with all of the songs that are coming out next week in...


Happy Birthday to a Bossy and Glossy girl

Today is a very special day for one of Dtoid NY's finest. Today is superflossy's birthday. For this birthday blog, our resident fashion expert will get a small taste of some of the work of her favorite game producer, Goitchi Suda. ...


Happy Birthday to a red-haired non-believer.

Today, somewhere in the land of fish and chips, the female Podcastle member is celebrating her birthday, the little girl just looking for the lulz. It is Atheistium's B-Day. In honor of her birthday, I found a few cut scenes featuring the o...


Yay M&Ms is back

For tonight, I decided to bring back the Dtoid Stickam home, the Yay M&Ms room. If you would like to join, click on this link. Won't you join us?


The Beatles are coming to Rock Band.

So, I was sitting in my Yellow Submarine thinking about Lucy when an article from the Wall Street Journal catches my eye. No, I don't need help, it's true. We will soon be traveling through an Octopus's Garden and playing with Sgt. Pepper's...


How the Rock Band drums work in GH:WT

Above me is a video of Linkin Park's What I've Done on Expert Drums in Guitar Hero: World Tour. As you may notice there are only four pads which can only mean one thing, he is using the Rock Band drums. One of my biggest concerns was ho...


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