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The Rage Constant (JohnnyViral) (2014) - I've been going through my music, trying to find my angriest song. I think this one is probably my angriest. It has both the "brewing rage" and "explosive rage" sections. I hope you enjoy it.


Power of Anger (2021) - First song of the new year. I wrote it a few days ago for a friendly competition on a music discord I hang out on. The theme being "fuck 2020" basically/write angry music. This year might be a year of growth for me. Take care.


I released a new album Ad Lib - Vol. 7, Part 2. 10 tracks, free as always (although a little Christmas money never hurts :p). Next year is hopefully going to be amazing. I'll do my best!


Happy Holidays ^^ *throws emojis at everything*


Red Hot Dungeon (2020) - Two more songs and then I can release my final album of 2020. I got great plans for 2021, I wanna do CHIPS IV, Conundrum and Bass II, and maybe a Spectrum III. See where the road takes me. Happy holidays ^^


Through the Sewer (2020) - What happens when I try to force a song. It sounds good enough I feel. I hope to write 5 more songs to finish an album before the end of the year.


I'm having a difficult time "connecting" with my new PC. I can't seem to write music on it even though it's more than capable. It just doesn't feel like my PC. I built my previous one and wrote hundreds of songs over 8 years. I hope I can connect soon.


My spotify 2020. I like to listen to comedy music when I fall asleep. It leads to some interesting dreams where I can hear the music clearly. When I'm awake, I listen to video game music. I don't listen to my own music, because I have mp3s for that.


Strawberry (2020) - My first full song written on the new computer. I haven't tried pushing it, but I might be able to write fuller pieces with the extra cpu power. Or it could explode :P


Hello, just checking in to let you know how things are going. I had to get a new PC, and it's quite a beast compared to the one I built in 2012 :) only problem is my external audio device doesn't work with it, so I'm using the Realtek. How are you guys?


Been a while since I posted. Technical difficulties. I still have the Shingles, but the pain is gone. I haven't written any new music in a while, but I plan one more album before the end of the year. Hope things are going well with you guys.


Just an update. I still have the damn shingles, and it's absolutely horrible. The pain is on a level I've only experienced once before (kidney stone) and I'm just being bombarded with pain all over the right side of my abdomen. Consider a vaccine :/


A couple days ago, I had a bout of weakness that I slept through. Fast forward to now, and it turns out I have Shingles. I have a series of disgusting rashes on my abdomen, and I got nerve pain all over my upper body. I feel like shit. Also I am 350lbs.


I don't have shoes at the moment. I've been stuck in the house for what feels like at least 2 years or more, because of my weight (350lbs?) and poor leg strength. I have a pair of slippers though. I'm in a pathetic state, but I'm working on it.


Sentence of Mist (2020) - I ended up using some of the midi data from the 2011 version, but it has some new parts (mostly drums). This is one of my favorite songs, and the hardest song I know how to play on piano.


Could I maybe ask a favor? I released a new album called City of Monsters. If you have time, could you take a listen (don't download or buy). Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Ty^^


City of Monsters, my new album, has been released on Bandcamp. Free to download with the option to pay if you want. 11 tracks. 8 boss battles, 1 final boss battle. I enjoyed making this one.


Blood of the Fallen (Ramses Prime) (2020) - This is the final boss track for City of Monsters. Ramses was the bad guy in the Divide, and he comes back to absorb the blood of the 8 fallen monsters to become a godlike being. Album will be released soon.


Gorgon (2020) - I think City of Monsters will be a great album. At the very least, a good ending to the series of albums it comes after. Who doesn't love a good boss rush album? The final battle better be epic :p


Yeti (2020) - I think for my own mental health reasons, I'm going to cut down the amount of monsters from 13 to 8 + final boss. I am having difficulty writing new and interesting music at the moment. I can't force it, so I'll do my best.


Golem (2020) - The next monster in the city of monsters album. It took me a few days to "recover" from Sphinx because I put a lot into that song, and I couldn't think of what to write next. So I tried my best and wrote this song.


Sphinx (2020) - Probably my favorite song so far for this new album I'm working on. I've been listening to it over and over instead of writing the rest of the album :P


Peryton (2020) - According to wikipedia, which is where I get all my information, A Peryton is a Stag/Bird hybrid monster. Some of these monsters are subject to change as I dive deeper into the different kinds there are. I want to represent different ones


Strix (2020) - Based on what I can tell, The Strix is an owl type monster. I wrote this piece with kind of a "playful" boss feeling, as if the boss was just messing around with you :P


Alphadeus - Basilisk (2020) - One of 13 battle themes to be written for the next album "City of Monsters", which is part of the Well-Known Stranger story, and takes place after The Divide, when the hero escapes a lab and finds monsters in the city.


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