On PCI: The Crew 2's All of America map forgot Alaska and Hawaii
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New Name And Account

I opened up a new dtoid account mainly to change my name to something simple. I would have asked a mod to change it, but since I'm pretty much still a noob on this site I thought I didn't have much to lose changing accounts anyways. I'm pos...


A Sin And Punishment Review

Sin And Punishment is a game developed by the highly acclaimed developer Treasure. Unlike many other Treasure games, Sin And Punishment was only released in Asia. Because of it's limited run and high import demand, it has become a very ra...


Hell Ya, It's Mega Man X2: The Review

The concept of Mega man has always been the same since the franchise's inception into the gaming world. You get 8 robots to take down, you can pick any of those 8 robots to take on via the main menu. You beat their asses, take their powe...


Handsome Tomís Side of the Story

This is a follow up to my "Handsome Tom and Perfect Liz Leave Screwattack" Post. If you'd like to hear Craig's side of the story stop by Screwattack.com and you'll find it. I'm only posting Tom's side, because he doesn't have a mega sit...


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