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Somebody make Waluigi his own game!

What can I say about Waluigi? Well, he�s purple. He�s tall and lanky. He�uh�has an upside down L on his hat. And�and�and�bah, who am I kidding? There�s absolutely nothing of worth to say about him as a character! Waluigi is unique as cha...


Accepting Innovation

Change, while interesting, is something that usually does not bode well with most people. Most of the time, people stick to what is familiar as opposed to trying something new. But, when something new is forced upon them, they immediately...


Am I crazy?: Replaying a game to death

This blog post is a test to see whether or not I am sane: A while back, a friend of mine was watching me playing a game on my Sega Genesis. In a couple of days, I completely finished the game and went on to play something completely diff...


Have Gamers Forgotten Why Reviews Exist?

Fortune Street is a Mario and Dragon Quest game that deals with the stock market. I don�t blame you if you find this concept to be an idiotic waste of a crossover. However, the overall bizarreness of this monopoly styled board game is wh...


Overcoming My Fear of Traditional Fighting Games

"The one who actually committed the crime...is you! No alibi, no justice, no dream, no hope! It's time to pay for your crimes! Take this!" Words cannot describe the happiness I felt when I first saw that Phoenix Wright reveal trailer for...


Villains: What happened to Wario?

Wario is pretty well known as a video game character. This should come to no surprise, as he�s been to his fair share of parties, tennis matches, and go kart races. He is perceived as an oddball due to his bizarre, mindless activities. This...


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