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If you were not in the Christmas/Holiday Mood. Why not try DC Douglas.


Just want to take a moment and thank You all for the Birthday Wishes today, It's been a great day and I still have a few more hours to go.


Starting my birthday off the right way with a paid day off (took them long enough to approve it). Have a wonderful day destructoid!


@CelicaCrazed Since I can't see the blog ATM, I will just post it here, and there later if it comes back up. I nominate GajKnight for every category except sexiest D-toider, because that goes to Jonathan Holmes.


Not having the c blogs up makes me realize how much time I spent reading them. How am I supposed to goof off at work if half of the stuff I do is unavailable.


Our Favorite Things (2017 edition)

shame the pic is dated Last year I wrote a 2 part blog series called Our Favorite Things/And Then I don’t feel so bad. This year I would like to do that again. What are some of your favorite things about gaming? Be it fond memories y...


Edit: The Blogs are randomly responsive on a whim. so why not share some of your gaming memories on this Q-Post instead and I'll consider them as entries in this year's Favorite things event.


I do hope the c-blogs get fixed soon. I've tried clearing all the site data I had, I even switched browsers, the results remain the same.


Welp, weekend was fun while it lasted.


man, the blogs are broken for me at least. so is the profile link. I really want to answer striders question, but I can't even reach it :(


Welp, off to work. Thankfully this Gif is relevant and I can leave early today!


There are so many Birthdays today. February must have been a busy month. Happy Birthday Reaper, Spiders, and to anyone else who I may have missed today!


I have just finished a 12 hour shift and I'm tired beyond belief. Hope all of you had a decent Monday.


Dere has reminded me that Destructoid Toilet Edition was a thing once upon a time. I still have a shit ton of bookmarks from back then, all renamed to identify them (because at the time they would only bookmark as Toilet edition).


Despite the long delay by 10 days, you can find a list of game keys in the comments. Get them while they're hot. You can also go back and see if there is any key Sr Churros has not redeemed in my 31 Days series. Happy hunting!


Happy Birthday Flanx!


I would like to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to Sir Churros, may your day be filled with cake and merriment.


31 Days - Day 30: The Hunger

Only 24 hours remain until Halloween arrives. While I never celebrated Halloween (never went trick or treating, no dressed up) I have always liked the general vibe of the season. Keeping with that sprit the 30th installment is: Little...


31 Days - Day 29: A World of Nothing

Super Mario Odyssey is just eating up a lot of my free time, so how about another Mario tune from another game. Today’s song is: Super Paper Mario: World of Nothing As I’ve said before the Paper Mario series has some of th...


31 Days - Day 28: Mass Attack

It’s only been a day and I am fully engrossed in Super Mario Odyssey. Even so the series must continue, and it does with this being the 28th installment. Today’s Song is: Kirby Mass Attack: Scary Graveyard (the scary bit i...


31 Days - Day 27: Torch in hand

Hello everyone and welcome to the 27th installment of 31 days. Day 26 was posted, but on our discord (which you should visit by clicking the discord icon at the top of the site). If the reason escapes you, D-toid was down almost all da...


And so with the return of destructoid productivity everywhere took a sharp nosedive. "jokes on you Agent9 I'm not productive at all"! don't worry this phenomena has made more work for you. You have just hit negative productivity.


31 Days - Day 25: The Other Mansion

Only 2 days left until the release of the highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey! As such the 25th installment of 31 days is: Approach to the Mansion - Paper Mario Almost all Mario games have had some form of Boo house or creepy manor...


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Who is Agent9? The not so secret agent of the destructoid community.

A Few things about me

- I'm almost finished with my degree in computer science and I plan on going into independent development and freelancing once I'm done.

- I can be very cynical, but I do try to be positive or curb my negativity. In spite of this I'm actually very jovial in person and I don't get mad often. I would dare say I'm quite happy, even when things seem bleak. I simply don't like industry Bullshit and I'm not one to stand for it, even if it's a game I like.

- I host a series annually called 31 Days where I post 1 horror related or themed video game song a day for the month of october. During this time I also provide keys for games (free of course) to any reader observant enough to find them.

- I've been a member of destructoid since 2010, and a lurker long before then. As such I've seen many people both come and go. Such is the natural order of things.

- I enjoy Art and draw in my spare time

- I also enjoy theatre and films. I especially like Horror movies (both good and bad ones).

- I go camping once or twice a year. I would go out more but my allergies tend to get in the way.

- I don't drink, which may be a surprise to some. I might make a joke or two about it but I stay away from alcohol for my own personal reasons, though you can feel free to drink a pint on my behalf any time you'd like.

My Top 20 Games (By the ever Illustrious Dango


This is a commission I had done for me by Inquisitive Ravenclaw. You should check out his site if you like the following piece

Link: https://theunknown1-arts.tumblr.com

I also got a musical piece made for me by the incredible Alphadeus. A little history behind this:

My musical piece came as part of the Songs for Gamers album DLC pack 02. Alphadeus has been making songs for the members of the destructoid community for years already. This past year he opened submissions and I applied. For my meagre efforts I received this lovely piece:

You can find him on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFs2UhJYPVITYWCiqMk-z3w

He also has other venues listed on his profile here, take a look if you are so inclined:

The community is full of people with all kinds of talent and I'm very pleased to be a part of it along with all of you (yes, you too fair reader).