DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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Mother Fucking Snake is back!!!!!!!!!


One of the bigger people out there who wasn't afraid to call companies out on their shit. Even if we didn't always agree I respect him. We lost a great man today, RIP TB, we'll miss you.


Happy Birthday Parismo!


And So I too have finished GoW. Made me realize how few of these games we tend to get, and just how good it all was. Happy to have experienced the journey, sad that for now it's over. Until next time I suppose.


Free To Play: Living Legend

When a Free to play game is announced the usual reaction on sites like this may be to treat it with a bit of contempt or scorn. We’ve been through a ton of these games, and we are for the most part members of a more educated grou...


Been brode left hearthstone. The memes won't be the same.


#Striptoid: another 12+ hour shift and counting. At least my paycheck will look really good.


One of those rare occasions where most of the stuff I've been watching wrapps up for the season so close together. Don't even have enough time to fill it with a big/meaty game either.


The one day where you can't trust anything you see see on the web. Good luck folks, Agent 9 is neck deep in work.


Happy Birthday AlphaDeus, may your day be filled with fun and merriment.


I don't get this idea some media outlets have about violent games. over 2 million people play games like CoD, I guess we have 2 million mass murderers running around trained with the highest of skills. Greater than our own service men and women.


Well, I don't see this as being productive because if they cared they would have done something sooner.


I have been putting in so many long days (12 or more hours) lately and I feel exhausted beyond reason. Now I know how my Dad felt when he put in long shifts. Have a good morning people, I'm sleeping for like 3 hours.


#SundayStrip share some of your favorite comic strips and have a good Sunday everyone


After a long arduous series of unsync runs I finally have all the Horses, and with it Kirin. Never thought I would ever have a chance at this.


Had the best day in FF14 I've ever had. did some quick pony farming and nabbed all but 1. I'll try to get it saturday. I also got ash for Ixion and a trip to the lost canals. it's been a good run today.


it is 3:11am, and I really want pancakes, but I also need sleep and I have work in a few hours. I guess sleep is on the chopping block.


Despite the rain and the cold, it's still a good day today.


Sometimes I feel like the deers are waiting for me to get out of work to cross. They come out like clockwork every night.


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