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Sausage Fest '08

For those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live in the LA area (and those who were too lame to come if you do), Dexter345 had Chad and I over for a video game extravaganza. Unfortunately I didn't take anywhere near as many pictures ...

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New Spore Screenshots + Gameplay Impressions

(Pictures and info taken from Bit-Tech. Read the full article there.) So, more info about Spore has been released along with a number of screenshots, and I have to say the game looks absolutely fantastic. This is a shot from the beginn...


The Best Craigslist Ad EVAH (NVGR/SFW)

I normally don't post NVGR blogs, but this is just too good not to share. I present to you, unedited, the BEST CRAIGSLIST AD OF ALL TIME. flapjack titties - m4w - 37 whats a flapjack boob look like? please send pics thanks. This is t...



On February 6th, 1966, the most influential man in music was born in Northern England in Newton-Le-Willows. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! For more information about the inspiring life story of this amazing man, click here. How do YOU plan on ce...


Point & Counterpoint 4: Marathon

This is the fourth in a series of ‘dueling cblog editorials’ I will be doing with CaffeinePowered. You can check out his opinion on today’s topic HERE. Previous editions: Point & Counterpoint 3: Earthbound vs. Chrono Trigger Earthbound C...


Point & Counterpoint 3 - Chrono Trigger

This is the third in a series of ‘dueling cblog editorials’ I will be doing with CaffeinePowered. You can check out his opinion on today’s topic HERE. Previous editions: Point & Counterpoint 2: Originals vs. Remakes Originals Remakes Po...


Point & Counterpoint 2 - Remakes

This is the second in a series of experimental ‘dueling cblog editorials’ I will be doing with CaffeinePowered. While they may be long, we encourage you to read the whole thing; you’ll like it, I promise. You can check out his opinion on ...


Workmeng is an even bigger internet celebrity

http://www.collegehumor.com/picture:1797352 That's right, Workman managed to get himself on CollegeHumor (and promptly got called out in the comments for using "that guy" improperly.) Well done Workman, although I can't believe you pa...


To Those Having Trouble Finding a Copy of Galaxy

After once again getting hosed by Amazon, I got mine from the Best Buy near my work at lunch today. There were probably at LEAST 30 copies of Galaxy sitting on a big table, plus another 10-20 in a display case right next to it, and even mo...


TF2 Halloween Costumes

Warning: I have nothing to do with this picture and I took it from Collegehumor. I deserve no credit whatsoever for any aspect of this. These are probably the best costumes ever.


Impressions of Hellgate

So, as I’m sitting here at work staring out my window at the smoke pouring down out of Malibu, I figured that I’d do a little writeup of my experiences with Hellgate so far instead of actually working. I got into the beta last week (withou...


Thoughts on E4All

Thanks to Destructoid, I got my hands on a ticket for E4All, so I went today with a friend. Sadly, I somehow managed NOT to see Niero and the helmet at all today :( I saw Ron from across a room, but by the time I made it over he was gone....


The Original Portal -- Narbacular Drop

Happy Friday everyone. With everyone going nuts about Portal (myself included), I noticed that no one has been talking about the original game that started it all and prompted Valve to hire the creators to make Portal. Narbacular Drop. *...


Why Knytt Stories might be the best game of 2007

After spending most of the last two weeks playing Knytt Stories (and going back and playing Knytt and Within A Deep Forest), I'm convinced that it should at least be a contender for best game of the year. Why? I think first and foremost, ...


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