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Halo 3 live action

Don't care if I'm slowpoking this or not if i am it deserves another post anyway. Halo Live Action Movie


COD4 Beta doesn't seem to be U.S. only

I thought this was only for the US at first? Just played some Brits. I will write more about the Beta after John Q Public gets a whack at it. As per the email: REMEMBER: This beta is currently unreleased to the public. You are part of ...


COD 4 site down...Beta time?

Charlie Oscar Delta dot com is down, could this mean the beta is about to be let loose? This coupled with the recent announcement that this week the clock would be added to let people know when to login and get there tokens, i think it's...


Win a new Xbox 360 and Bioshock

The guys over at Engadget are giving away a new Xbox 360 with a copy of Bioshock. To win post your favorite video game. Click the link to learn more and to enter. ENGADGET



If you are like me, tired of hearing players using hate speech during game play file a complaint. I just got off GOW and two players were being extremely racist enough so that i am posting this. I was so offended I called Microsoft, they ...


COD 4 Xbox Beta out later this week.

Over at Charlie Oscar Delta They have released a new "Perks" video showing more multiplayer action. I suggest popping over and taking a look. As far as the Beta goes here is what Fourzerotwo and the Charlie Oscar Delta Staff had to say a...


Want to play Call of Duty 4 Beta-Answer these Questions 3

So the guys over at Charlie Oscar Delta dot com are about to give out �tokens� to those 18 years or older and who can answer 3 trivia questions. Hmm i wonder what the questions could be about, previous COD�s, War, weapons, who knows? I jus...


Xbox Live update-Open Tray

Hope i'm not the slowpole here but, I got an update to xbox live at like 4am and so did a few of my friends. Here is a post from xbox.com Hi everyone. When you sign into Xbox Live today you will be prompted to receive an update to Xbox...


USB D'toid? IT Lip Syncs

This is just awesome and the face reminds me of the D'toid. Plug it in and it lip syncs your music. Via Plastic Bamboo In action


Photoshop Contest- Master Chief

With Halo 3 about to launch how about a Photoshop Contest with Master Chief and what he may be doing with his off time. Example my Avatar is with the Doom Guy as a Crossing Guard. No prise but you be a D'toid legend. here is a image to h...


Quake Wars Beta

So the beta keys are gone and those in are finding bugs all over (it's a Beta not a Demo), but they are having a Strogg load of fun doing it. The usual suspects of bugs are there, FPS, Map Glitches, Spawn Points,etc., but some are findin...


Thanks Wiki!

Other than this guy do people still LAN Party? Lugging ones PC and all the shit that goes with it to some dudes house, garage, school, dorm, office, or rec room is NO LONGER NECESSARY. Yeah I will still bitch about LAG from time to time...


Dell sponsors clans; misses target.

The Frag Dolls, a clan of gaming vixens is now one of two gaming groups being sponsored by Dell.(read more) Great, I always like to see gamers get props from the industry that it has helped develop. I love seeing hardware manufactures suppo...


Transformers a reality.

Yes we love the Transformers, the classic, the spin-offs, the movie, the game. (record scratch sound) Well, the game sucks, but who cares when you can have the real thing!!!


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