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Redheads are the best heads. This concludes your Public Service Announcement.


Why are people so excited about ray tracing again? We've had it since the PlayStation.


Finally ended my Nintendo-only gaming streak and got an OG PlayStation 3 (the one with PS1/PS2 backwards compatibility). Been having a blast with Sonic Generations, and I can't wait to try out all the other games I've been missing out on.


I'm worried that the next Smash game is gonna face Pokemon SW/SH levels of backlash, there's no fucking way all of Ultimate's characters are returning. The only way Sakurai could quell the anger is if he brings back character-specific Break the Targets


Today's the winter solstice. One of the only perks about Texas is that our day lengths don't change too much. I couldn't cope with Northern Europe's "let's give everyone depression for half the year and chronic insomnia for the other 6"


"Friendship is magic, always stay true to yourself, socialism doesn't work." My Little Pony giving some BASED life lessons


haha i said the funny word guys please laugh


Game reviewers be like "It may be unfinished, poorly optimized, and nothing like what the studio promised, but it could've been good with another year of development. 9 out of 10"


Nintendo fans explaining why suing a 7-year old who drew a Super Marioâ„¢ picture is OK because it's their IP and the kid should've drawn something original


Hearing all these stories about people running out of space on their 500GB hard drives makes me appreciate the games that are properly compressed. Like how Super Mario 3D World (1.7GB) could fit on a duel-layered GameCube disk


Over 80% of Americans are projected to be overweight or obese by 2030. Some people blame our sugar subsidies, others blame our car-centric urban planning. I blame bread rolls


Copyright law lasted 28 years back when the U.S. was founded. If that were still the case, Super Mario World, Star Wars 4-6, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Ghostbusters would all be free for people to download, share, and sell derivative works of.


Fascinating to think there's an entire island full of these people


I hate it when people add custom borders and filters to the sides of 4:3 content. As if the completely imperceptible black bars are somehow less distracting than a stock PNG staring into your soul


Just watched Harry Potter and the Fucking Wizard. These movies are stupid, why didn't Harry just use the magic hourglass to time travel and shoot Voldemort with an AK-47


I never understood what English sounds like to non-native speakers until now


Nintendo could upload all their video game music to an official YouTube channel, play some ads before the video, and make literally millions of dollars with no effort whatsoever. They don't do this because they are a very dumb company


I've been trying to change my profile settings, but the website's not letting me. I just wanna make my username a shitty pun again :(


One of the biggest reasons I don't have a Twitter is because I don't know if it's gonna recommend my profile to friends and family. The last thing I need at Thanksgiving dinner is my mom asking why I've retweeted 700+ pictures of Lola Bunny hentai


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