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While waiting for the next Shovel Knight game to come out, let's play another Mario 2D Platformer. Let's play some Super Mario Bros. 3 for the next few weeks, yeah? https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


I started thinking about the new triggers on the PS5 controller and how that kind of thing would work in something like Death Stranding, and I suddenly got very excited for next generation.


Remember in January '18 when they released the first season of Teen Titans remastered on bluray and it seemed like that was all we were getting? Well, every other season individually and the entire series together are releasing on December 3rd!


Review: Gylt

Can you guess how many times I misspelled Gylt in this review and had to go back and fix it? Every...damn...time.


Extremely true. It's about pointless to upgrade your lightsaber emitters and sleeves etc, as you can't even see it in your hand barely. The Ponchos are boring. I guess it kinda shows what EA will budget for cosmetics when there's no monetization involved.


Let this sink in, folks: GTA’s casino update won “expansion” of the year at the Golden Joystick Awards.


im having the weirdest feeling. There is a new Pokemon game, a franchise i was extremely hyped every year, one that made me buy consoles to play, and im not feeling anything towards it. I finally decided it's not for me anymore, and its so liberating!


Review: Google Stadia

We've been down the streaming road before. No, OnLive's early attempts are not what most would consider modern streaming. As folks have "pulled the plug" and moved on to ubiquitous streaming platforms, the mere mention of digital media has ...


I'm walking around with a bunch of Pokes that seem very Magikarp-ish. I'm still dragging them now and they're taking their sweet time to evolve, but hopefully they'll be worth it in the end. I like my blind run, but not knowing when (if) stuff evolves...


So due to my brother pestering me I'm planning a MtG commander deck. I'll try to aim at making it insect-tribal and VERY budget (less than BLR 50.00). Only problem that the coolest cards to put on my deck are pretty damn expensive aaaaaaaaah


I beat the Outer Worlds. It was nice to put down the controller and smile as the story concluded. Been a minute since I felt really connected to a game. What's the last game you really felt connected to?


Fire Emblem Heroes adds Guardians of Peace in latest update

Nintendo has revealed the newest update for its popular mobile battle title Fire Emblem Heroes. The new update, which launches today on iOS and Android devices, welcomes four new heroes to the gigantic roster.The "Guardians of Peace" update...


Predictions for The Game Awards 2019

Okay. I have less than a day until the Game Awards nominations are announced, I played jack and shit this year out of stress, I want to take the categories from last year, minus a few that stumped me, and make my predictions on one of ...


These are Sony's Black Friday 2019 deals for PS4

Most people do not have the restraint to hold off until the last possible moment to invest in an expiring console. However, those who do will find some absolutely fantastic deals waiting for them. Sony is heading into its final Black Friday...


Review: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It's tough to make a Star Wars game. All eyes are on you, whether it's the general 50-year fandom or newcomers, to really deliver. It's one of the most unforgiving licenses known to man, especially after LucasArts gave us hit after hit...


This really makes me wanna try out Toon Link more, even though I only have the less-than-optimal Joycon to work with. I hope he'll do one on Palutena someday!


I did end up getting a new graphics card this weekend, the 5700XT. I decided to go for that one because it's a 2070 super but 200 bucks cheaper, and I could not care less about ray tracing.


I've collected all the badges and now must face the championship battles. Someone please steer me to basic team building concepts - this is my first Pokemon game outside Let's Go, and I am awash in choices...


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Gylt"Stadia gets spooky"


Google Stadia"Stream, stream, stream Señora"


Guildlings"Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty..."


Review in Progress: Terminator: Resistance"Hey, that guy didn't pay..."


The Stretchers"Crazy Ambulance"


Disco Elysium"Good cop"


Superliminal"I have a dream..."


Afterparty"Fight for your Right"


Death Stranding"Nani?! Ara, wakarimashita"


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Situs judi online terpercaya di Indonesia


Its getting to the end of the decade and while Ill put more thought into this question in January, very quick, off the top of you head, 3 best games this decade (2010-19)? BotW Witcher 3 Gaj of War 2k18


Apparently I received two bonus codes for Jedi Fallen Order for some minimal cosmetic One free code in the comments! Please comment when


Making guitars for my two oldest and dearest friends for Gonna spoil those schmucks rotten, lol 😊👍


Today in insane bullshit


Beat Borderlands 3 - now for the 2nd playthrough to get to max level, then the third playthrough to try another


Couldnt really focus today so just did a quick head sketch and went to play the xenoblade 2 dlc, expect fanart of Lora!


Does anyone still care about Indivisible? It felt like the for years the internet was telling me to care about it but now that its out no one


I know Elden Ring is going to be amazing, but, I would love to see something about a Sekiro expansion or sequel an unfinished Instagram @upinsmokeproductions I appreciate people looking





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