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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid
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PREPARE TO FRIENDSHIP: Dtoid's Master Gaming Contact List

[After a break for personal reasons, the List is back to updating! With Heroes of the Storm giving away so much free stuff, now's a great time to get all those ID's added to your friends list. I, for one, definitely need some peo...   read


Amonket is a weird set. White zombies, creatures that won't untap in exchange for stronger attacks and a huge focus on cycling and creating mummies.


72,050 EXP. I was fucking around in Mementos and The Reaper appeared and killed itself. What.


I should be free for the next 6 or so hours, so if anybody needs to grind some AI games out. Just send me a message at: Shinkz#21884


To correct what I said Yesturday my addy on Battlenet / Blizzard launcher is Dwavenhobble#2623 (because Blizzard like adding numbers and stuff to screen names). So yeh anyone up for getting the Overwatch skins from Heroes of the Storm add me


I refreshed the page so many times yesterday my phone just about froze up and I thought internet was down. So glad it's back!!!!


Today is the day of remembrance for everyone who's suffered from a chemical weapon. It is also eeyore's birthday.


Tried to explain what a Nintendo Switch was to Kevin the other went over well once I started using Twinkies as joy cons.


I love it when you're in a sarcastic mood but your partner loves you anyway.


With Destructoid down, I had to post on Facebook, which is all the reminder I needed that no one who knows me thinks I'm funny.


I'd like to formally warn everyone here: IF you play MK8 with Goofierbrute, he will brutally and apologetically lift you up by your butt cheeks and drop you into a trash can.


Ok, new Marvel Vs Capcom is looking like a interesting game. BUT, locking 6 characters behind a paywall (Including motherfucking Sigma!) was a dick move. I'll now wait for the inevitable Ultimate Definitive Super whatever version. Fuck you Capcom.


Going from my PC/Switch to the PS4 is a miserable experience. I just want to watch the football, shouldn't take that bloody long. Such a terrible interface.

FP: 8===D

Cynics will call them walking simulators

In this episode of Podtoid, Brett talked about two walking simulators, What Remains of Edith Finch and Scanner Sombre. Steven just wanted to talk about the Silicon Valley failure Juicero. I made a machinima condolence vi...   read


GENESIS Reviews: Beyond Oasis

For those reading one of my Genesis review blogs for the first time, here is the basic concept: I already reviewed a bunch of SNES games, so its natural that I am going to review the games of its prime competition. Does the SEGA Genesi...


Well, that's all of Bayonetta hard mode done and dusted. It was pretty fun, outside of some crows and the minigames. I don't know how I played with witch time instead of parrying. Time for non-stop Climax mode!


So that Switch Pro controler huh. It's... uncanny how good it feels to hold it.


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