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At Triton Aquatics and Land Therapy located in Sugar Land and Houston Texas, whether treating chronic pain, 12603 Southwest Fwy, Stafford, TX 77477 (281) 495-8258


My first impression of Iron Fist: "Hey guys I'm Danny Rand, let me explain" *Proceeds not to actually explain anything*


Selfietoid is terrifying to me. I'm a very private person. Y'all some handsome mofos though. Kind of a sausage fest though. We're such a cliche!

FP: 8===D

Review: The Walking Dead: A New Frontier: Above the Law

As a multi-media franchise, The Walking Dead is at its best when the overarching tale of survival against the undead and/or the murderous community de jour is working in conjunction with smaller, compelling stories of regular people in...   read


I haven't posted in a while. Just letting you know I'm okay. I play Overwatch a little bit, and I recently got back into Diablo 3 (both on PC). I finally cleared GR70 in Diablo ^^ I'm pretty proud of myself :P If anyone wants to play, let me know.


I got a new Words With Friends Record! 130 points for "Versuch", the German word for "try".


I cant wait for persona 5. I got the "Take your heart" edition down to $57. April 4th cant come soon enough!


Tonight I have to choose between Infuriating Game #1 (DS3 Ringed City DLC), Infuriating Game #2 (Nioh New DLC + Last Trophy Grind to Platinum) or Infuriating Game #3 (Nier:Automata - while I can switch to Normal anytime I'm trying it on Hard)


Welp, I'm tired of The Ringed City kicking my ass. Off to bed.


I'll probably upset people, but fuck it. The Japanese ver. of BotW is cringeworthy bad. So much silly, cartoony, stereotypical anime-acting nonsense. I'm befuddled some folks consider it superior to any of the other dubs, let alone English.


Games Workshop has signed an agreement for a WHFB hack slash game with Bigben Interactive, the makers of such excellent games like "I love my pony" and "Handball 17" ("The best handball simulation ever on <platform>"). And so the wheel turns again.


We are the most attractive collection of nerds on the planet.


Well, better late than never, but I finally got Ending A of NieR: Automata. Not gonna lie. that was pretty emotional, so it got your boy a bit. The other main endings are gonna fuck me up, aren't they? I can just feel it. I CAN FEEL IT. No spoilers! :P


I can't properly express the joy #selfietoid brings me. Seeing all of you...I know I'm a broken record but it makes the house feel like a home. That's potent.


Crashes like this are why I used to watch NASCAR. Massive firefights are why I watch mecha anime.


I accidentally purchased Samurai Jack season 5 on Amazon Video. Chose to keep the purchase. I regret nothing.


I can't take any more bad cat jokes, Monster Hunter Generations. I already had too much back in 4 Ultimate. Please, someone make it stop.


Nothing cheers me up more than Goon, what a fucking gem of a movie.


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Little Inferno (Switch)"Don't put it out, Let the [email protected] burn!"

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