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Trying to unlock KOS-MOS is like beating your fists on a steel wall. It only causes you pain and produces no results. And makes you cry.


According to the app, Nintendo tells me I spent 14 hrs 40 mins playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 yesterday. 1) I think I’m hooked, 2) I think I have a problem, and 3) time flys when you’re having fun. Oh and 9 hrs on Saturday... 4) I need a life


Trying to get ——— in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is killing me. It’s all I’ve been trying to do for 4 days now. :/ Putting the name in comments to prevent spoilers.


So my brother is claiming that they did something to the graphics in the latest FF15 patch. I keep telling him they didn’t. Can someone confirm? He thinks Square enhanced them. But he also says the game looked like crap before. I think he’s full of it


Disney is the freakin EA of the movie/tv world.


I just discovered something cool in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that I didn't even know was part of the game. I'll put it in the comments so it doesn't spoil it for someone else.


Doesn’t matter how much I’ve come to terms with the inevitable, realizing my degenerative eye disease has progressed, kinda puts a dampener on Christmas. I mean, I knew blindness was coming, I just thought it was later rather than sooner. :/


I’m in an incredibly good mood today. No reason why, but I’m gonna ride it while it’s high!


92464766477 is my Animal Crossing code. Hit me up, my friends!


So my German Shepherd just avenged my little dog I had to have put down a few weeks ago. The raccoon living out in my shed is no more. It was going after our neighbor’s chihuahua. She’s a heroine. She ripped that thing to shreds with severe bias.


I’m taking the plunge. I can get Skyrim VR for $16. I think I’m gonna give it a go. It’ll only be the fourth time I’ve bought it....no biggie.... someone help me :(


I think I have a problem....that’s just the past month, and doesn’t count digital purchases. Those are Elite Dangerous, Final Fantasy 15, Skyrim, both South Park games, The Witcher 3, and FIFA 18. Just this month. Got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming...


Question: when a reviewer reviews a new game or console, do they get to keep said item, or does the company they work for get it back? Or is it sent back to the manufacturer/publisher? What happens to the merchandise, basically?


Can anyone provide a legitimate reason for owning an Xbox One X, when I already own a PS4 Pro? I’m thinking that devs won’t spend the time or money to make updates specifically for the X over the Pro. I already own the S model.


It should be illegal for someone to come poop in the stall next to you. It’s awkward and I don’t want to hear your “plops” and grunts. Plus it makes a relaxing moment spontaneously competitive. I need solitude for a good BM. I recorded it:


Fusion Mode in Samus Returns is pretty fun. Going to try to 100% it. If I don’t rage break the 3DS before hand.


Am I right in assuming that a legitimate VPN service protects me from my employer being able to see what I’m doing over the work WiFi? He can see that I’m connected to the VPN but not what’s happening afterwards, right? Like browsing this site and p


Does it make me a bad person that I'm not excited about Mario? I want to play it but I just started playing Persona 5 and I don't want to stop playing it for Mario. I also just bought an iPad Pro, and I want to see what porn looks like on the giant screen


I’ve been playing so much Stardew Valley on the Switch, that I feel guilty about it. :/


Completed Undertale for the first time last night. I had my expectations too high. It was all right, but didn’t stand out to me. The music was good. My favorite part.


Samus Returns *SPOILER ALERT*: Post in comments to protect virgin eyes from spoilatry.


I had to put my dog down, and now I need some good retail therapy.


Being neurotic really sucks. I'm obsessing that my dog has given me rabies. He was in a fight, with what I don't know, and I was exposed to his spit while medicating him the day after. And the vet gave him a post bite vaccination because he had lapsed...


I wish they'd localize Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Switch. I'd play it. Come on **Sega**, do it. It's there, just translate it. Does anyone know if it's blocked behind some IP fence or can we import it? Edit: there I fixed it.


Sour Patch Kids have got to be what the ancient Greeks meant when they talked about the ambrosia that the gods ate. Sour Patch Kids are the food of Greek divinity. If you don't like them, then your tongue is broken.


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