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I wanna post something... But can't think of anything meaningful... This... is such an impressive community and the bonds and friendships shared are remarkable. Stick together and support one another. Y'all are amazing ❤️.


Being unemployed is a bummer but thankfully I'm essentially set until Autumn. That said, I'm gonna attempt to do my own thing for a bit and see how that goes. Gonna spill the beans here on a few projects to get some feed back. Stay tuned!


Anyone else still get just unbelievably thrilled when a qpost caps at 69 (😏) faps? Made my goddamn day 😊😊😊


My first dtoid post seems to be about missing this place... After what, I do not know... Very odd. Either way, still lurking everyday. Love ya, peeps ♥️🤘👍


1st day back at work after using all of my sick time to avoid the place. First email I read "multiple confirmed cases covid-19". I walked the fuck right back out. They refuse to close (ps, it's not essential) and basically said "we cleaned, it's fine".


Things I learned about Destructoid today: We all have a thing for Aubrey Plaza.


Multiple people... at my job... coughing... INTO THE OPEN AIR!.... What the fuck is wrong with people?!


The lass pick up Dragon's Dogma a bit ago... And so I've been watching it being played for about, I dunno... Say, 90 hours or so... And like, nothing has happened... Is something supposed to happen in that game?


Psssssst... Posting this from my new laptop :)


Folks! Things have been crazy-crazy busy catching up after being sick. I'm so very close to revealing my super-secret surprise project. AAAAAAAAAND!... I'm putting another band together. Original music. Plan on sharing more when things get proper mixes.


Yay, #pettoid! One of my favorite 'toids. Here's a good doggo 😊.


Downvotes suck, that much is evident. But let's thank our lucky stars that we can't "Anti-fap" on Qtoid... Think of the mess 😐✨


Tis Influenza B. Shit's knocked me flat on my ass for a full-on week.


I've had a fever of at least 100°f since Tuesday... I think I might need to see a doctor...


Rush, and Neil Peart ARE the reasons I do anything with music at all. I'm very very sad right now.


Been away for a bit. Just want y'all to know you're wonderful and I adore this place. ❤️


I drew a dog for new years. Happy new stuff, y'all!


Y'all are wonderful, lovely people. This place, this website, is just such a wonderful positive little pocket of humanity.


So, these won't be done in time for Christmas, BUT, they're going to be rad AF. Lookin' good with a base coat on.


Had to curb the project a bit. Friend I was doing the PRS-style guitar for doesn't like PRS guitars 😐. Opted for the Jazzmaster instead 🤘. Prep'ed and ready for paint... Just needs to stop raining...


Dunno if I ever posted her in her final form. But this is Lydia 😍. Had my old man, who's a photographer, take some shots of her. More in the comments.


I'm absolutely loving the Games that Defined a Decade series of articles here recently. Its so amazing to see what's been accomplished in the past 10 years and it makes me so excited to see what the years to come will bring.


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