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I would love to see Flight of the Conchords come back. Better yet, I would love to see the Labyrinth 2 with Jemaine Clemente as David Bowie as Jareth.


Got further into The Surge 2 earlier and now I'm at a point where shit hit the fan even HARDER than it had beforehand! Game is still loads of fun, but I think I need to build some electrical resistance gear for the area I'm having trouble with.


Sapphire's covers are so good at times that some of them are my favorite covers.


Pokemon Nurgle.


To be filed under "No shit": https://www.pcgamer.com/blizzard-has-completely-changed-say-diablos-original-creators/


Pokemon Sword has been an absolute blast for me and my family. Our switch hasn't seen this much action in well, ever. We're constantly having to rotate play sessions in shifts. I haven't enjoyed a game in this series this much in years.


Second mob of regular boyz complete. Next, I paint their transportation. Then I'll have enough of an army to actually start playing some games. It'll be the first time in years. Very excited.


My love for Twelve set aside, Gill is an incredibly good pick for Street Fighter V. Exudes style, really jives with the two V-Triggers, and a left-field pick in spite of story mode presence. Also of note: a parry not attached to a V-system. Hmmm…




Not a reference I was expecting...


SF V North American Regional Finals are over and they made two announcements: Gill is the next character and they will release SF V: Champion Edition next year in February.


I keep reading metacritic user reviews on Pokemon Sword and Shield. Then there are these little gems. I'm currently headed to the 7th gym, I'll post a picture of my team soon! Still not satisfied with my current roster.


This seems like an interesting idea. Increasing the size of the payloads we could send into space would be highly beneficial for space missions of pretty much any type.


Sketched out a furry girl for todays dailysketch.


Not the hottest thing ever, but my goodness I think I'm in love. UPDATE: They were way worse comong out than going in.


Am I going crazy, or did they make it FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE to catch Pokemon in Sword and Shield?


Lots of dev confidence in the Shenmue 3 review embargo being up 2 days after release, lol. Come on guys.


Ever since my mineral extraction facility was converted to parking, I've had a lot on my mine.


Pokemon Sword Review (Switch)

Pokemon Sword is supposed to be the first non-handheld console version of the game despite Let's Go Eevee and Pikachu existing (I haven't played either because I hate Pokemon Go).  Story: Lee is the undisputed champion of the Gala...


I went to see Midway with my dad, it's possibly the worst movie I've ever seen in a theater. Never have I seen acting so bad. The main character is unbelievably bad with a horrible fake accent to boot. God awful CGI as well. No practical effects at all.


Anyone playing Shield willing to trade me a Galarian Ponyta?


I found Cactuar's distant cousin in No Man's Sky :)


Its officially time to be Santa Claus in the Large family household. So while I wont be playing any new games, I'd love to hear how the latest releases have been hitting you. What's your Top 5 of 2019 looking like? Any new contenders shake it up?


We interrupt my own Pokemon grind session to play some more Samurai Shodown! Let's #EmbraceDeath together! https://www.twitch.tv/virtuakazama


Got news?  [email protected]


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Guildlings"Friends through eternity, loyalty, honesty..."


Review in Progress: Terminator: Resistance"Hey, that guy didn't pay..."


The Stretchers"Crazy Ambulance"


Disco Elysium"Good cop"


Superliminal"I have a dream..."


Afterparty"Fight for your Right"


Death Stranding"Nani?! Ara, wakarimashita"


Falcon Northwest 20th Anniversary Talon"All custom PCs come with a price"


Disney Tsum Tsum Festival"Mickey-o Party"


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able to think

Im seriously considering buying that Target PSVR Black Friday Its $200 and comes with 5 games including Skyrim, RE7, and I only hope its


You know something is legit when everyone is on the same Kudos to Remedy for their


Happy 20th anniversary Chrono Cross You beautiful, wonderful, confusing, nonsensical piece of work! One day Ill swear Ill finish you! But until then, let me beat Chrono Trigger again for the 100th time XD


Yeah, the new Pokemon games are above average Best since Gen 5, Lots of good new designs, the presentation of the story is much better, and the actual performance outside of online wild zone is so much More in


This is my favorite dumb mechanic ever put in a video Ill let you guess what it actually does :P


It took almost half an hour but I FINALLY found one and raised it up to its final evolution! My final team after getting 8 This gen is too much

Pixie The Fairy

Looked up Silent Poets on Google Play, sample a song and it shuffles in a track from GRIS by I wanted melancholy, not sobbing while

Chris Moyse

Not to point too fine a point on it, say Im the only bee in your


Yo Seymour, talk to me about the Catherine remake if youve played Would like to hear your


The 22nd Bubble Bobble game (Bubble Bobble 4) is apparently meant to be rather



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