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30 Hidden Gems #18: Tomba!

Welcome to my blog series! This is 30 Years, 30 Days, 30 Hidden Gems. In honor of my 30th birthday, I'm posting about a different lesser-known video game every day in November. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it. If y...


I noticed quite a few obvious easter eggs in Castlevania S2 but I'm honestly impressed with the cabinet one (around 4:18). Mind blown on that one.


As someone who really struggles to finish Pokémon games, I’m finding it quite easy to stick with Let’s Go. It’s very cute not quite as tedious as other entries. This is definitely not for everyone, but it’s pretty good for the casual itch


Northernlion just hit 1,000 episodes of him playing Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+!


Dead or Alive 6 introduces brand new fighter, tech-head NiCO

This weekend, at the Dead or Alive Festival 2018, Koei Tecmo revealed a brand new fighter coming to the roster of 2019's Dead or Alive 6.The next gal getting ready to throw down with DoA's cast of regulars is the mysterious NiCO, an 18-year...


Upstairs neighbours are blasting Nickelback. I should leave.


Final boss of Fallout 76 is a dragon. Todd Howard got us to buy Skyrim again without us knowing.


Review: Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee

I don't remember exactly what compelled me to rush out and buy Pokémon Red before the craze began, but I vividly recall the day I went to Toys"R"Us after school and picked it up. I got to Mt. Moon in one sitting and promptl...


All our ancestors were neckbeards and legbeards.


Vanguard in ME3 seems different than in ME2. Any build tips? Also, damn, looking at it again I'm fairly confident ME3 looks better if not at least as good as Andromeda, at least with mods. Character models and animations are definitely better.


Happy 100th year of independence to Latvia 🇱🇻 🇱🇻 🇱🇻 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’m honored to be a part of its history and culture. #themoreyouknow


Fledgling retrodev: AI and Data Reuse

Like I said in my previous blog on Bumper Ship Racing, my future blogs on that game won't focus on a single topic. This time, we have two topics: an unnecessarily fancy reuse of data for little practical purpose and how the AI in the g...


Well, I checked out what upcoming concerts are in my area. February’s going to be fun, as I now have tickets to see both Alestorm and Deafheaven.


I meant to post this on the 14th but Happy Birthday to all newborn babies, 1 year olds and 3 year olds. I really hope your parents didn't name you Chris and Anna if you were twins. #50shadesbabies


Unpopular Opinion?: I'm happy with BLU in FFXIV. I'm glad it starts at level 1, and don't mind the 50 cap. I know what it's like (from FFXI) to be treated poorly for missing spells. I wouldn't want it to start at 50/60, with spells pre-learned via quests


Does anyone have this problem where the Esc key stops working? Happens to me often when I'm in a game and I don't really know what causes it.


Well, I've been out all weekend, so I've not had a chance to play Let's GO in docked mode until now. Turns out that yes, I much prefer handheld mode. It's a shame that the game won't let me use the Pro Controller, since I find the motion controls fiddly.


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Battlefield V"V for victory"


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald"Doesn't break the mold, just dusts it off for more"


Instant Family"I'm not crying! You're crying!"


Widows"Viola Davis = fire "


Hitman 2"Hitting it again, man"


Tetris Effect"So much more than falling blocks"


Just Dance 2019"Just Subscribe"


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So this is kind of


Also #Striptoid with a dash of Warframe!


Just got a 10 dollar eshop card for my switch as a belated birthday Theres a couple things I could Im thinking of using it for, but I wouldnt mind hearing suggestions from you guys!

Mike Sounders

Super Robot Wars stream tomorrow, with a console game looking likely, and the Gundam 40th anniversary stream on Good week for


My in-laws have matching recumbent bikes, so they can

Spiders For Sale

Hey, thanks to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday a few days ago and sorry for taking so goddamn long to write


Sending GM dick


Full #striptoid on the (Very NSFW)



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