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Just an FYI, Dark Souls Remastered is out and playable on PC right now.


I'm not really fussed about the main Bloodstained game (looks a bit pants...) but my god am I glad Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is a thing!


Got tickets to see Aunty Donna in Des Moines, because why wouldn't there tour, and why not in Des Moines.


Yea this is basically.


"All that old rap ah rap stuff, I liked that." - Magic Sam


Well, I just saw Solo. It really did hit every plot beat that I expected it would, but it was thoroughly entertaining nonetheless. It was a little predictable and some fanservice was kind of on the nose, but I had a lot of fun with it.


The first pictures from the street fighter summer sports collection are online and I wanna play some basketball with Menat. ;)


Snagged a goddamn solaire amiibo....fuck gamestop their bullshit shipping charge...


The biggest secret of all is that Ghost just made one of the best pop songs in a while. Good stuff.


My last QP was on March 8th, and I said I couldn't order a Solaire amiibo. It is now May 23rd, I finally ordered a Solaire amiibo. Everyone is safe now.


Quarantine Circular is now available on Steam

The second of Mike Bithell's shorts, Quarantine Circular, is now available on Steam. Like it's predecessor, Subsurface Circular (which I found great), the game is a text-based adventure set in a single location with a short run time. This t...


This is a LOT of work to go through for some candy, but it's really cool to watch it be put together for some reason. Japan's candy is on a whole other level!


I’m close to finishing Oberon Prime but I didn’t notice I compiled everything I need for Mirage Prime.


idk how the FFXIV team does it, but they consistently get better. Without spoiling it here, the story for 4.3 is amazing and the new dungeon/raid/trial content a blast to play through.


Okay, so Legendary is working on a Godzilla Monsters Cinematic Universe and now Toho is working on a separate Godzilla Cinematic Universe. Because that won't confuse people at all.


So Bass introduced me to Nichijou last week. I absolutely adore it.


How much do you want to bet that at least 95% of people complaining about realism regarding BFV have no idea what Red Orchestra/Rising storm or Post Scriptum is?


Tekken 7 celebrates its first anniversary with free DLC

Bandai Namco will be celebrating the one year anniversary of Tekken 7 with some free DLC for players. The DLC, available for all platforms, will be launching on May 31 and will contain a bunch of costumes for various characters in the game....


Just saw Deadpool 2. Enjoyed it. But they missed a brilliant opportunity I will put in the comments, because it's mildly #spoilery.


Sony's at it again offering a 20% off discount code for an entire cart purchase for watching a video of Detroit: Robo Bois. Just make sure to click on the "Quests" tab and scroll down! https://live.playstation.com/?v=5b0452736e7626003763102a


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Dark Souls Remastered"Yeah, I'm prepared to die again"


Fahrenheit 451"Flame on!"


Runner3"Lets-a go"


Solo: A Star Wars Story"Han 'MacGuffin' Solo"


I Hate Running Backwards"Why always running backwards?"


Flynn & Freckles"Yo Ho, Yo No!"


Deadpool 2"Doubles down on everything, for the better"


State of Decay 2"It's hard out here for a survivor"


FRAMED Collection"Caught in the act"


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Early this morning Wilfoftheblues is in surgery, and last night I order my Solaire of Astoria Seems fair too

Dangus Taargus

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology - done! Great story, decent A little too long (took me 60 hours to get the real ending) but the characters and narrative made it all Next 3DS game: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, as I begin this


We are here, waiting for the Thirsty and hungry as fucking :(


Is it just me, or do other people also hate it when services (like YouTube), implement new features, and instead of telling you about them, just turn them on by default and make you go turn them off yourself?




I tried to give some tips to my friend about Stardew

sp testure

I have discovered the joys and horrors of the As always I blame I mean thank :p


The imaginatively named Project Pigeon was some whacky ass shit: bomb guidance system thats a pigeon pecking a primitive


Ready Player One is not a good movie and it makes SAO look good in

Pixie The Fairy

Finished FFXIV The fact that the MMO folks at SE dont get a crack at writing a story for single player FF entries is a damn Stormblood has been a slow burn, but the narrative payoffs are getting as strong as



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