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A Time to Build: Game Maker and the games industry

  [Editor's note: the GAMEGOBLIN tells us about the first game he designed for his A Time To Build Monthly Musing. -- CTZ] "Marcio is a very smart kid, but he doesn't work hard enough. He's lazy." Every Parent-Teacher confe...   read

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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X"YAAAAAAASSSSS KAWAII KWEEN!!!"


Attack on Titan"Go Go Eren Yeager"


Obduction"Where will it take you?"


Alone With You"Are you still there?"


Worms W.M.D"'Hoy there, small fry"

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Cleaning ovens is worse than


I finished The Tower of Swallows, the sixth Witcher It was as tedious and meandering as the last four saga

Chris Bradshaw

Im not a big fan of I found this show on Netflix called Good Morning Ive started watching it as a joke, just to laugh at all the Japanese over the top But I think I might be getting

Rad Party God

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Here is a shirt that I Happy Friday!


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The event last night was I got some insight into places I could look for work, and the speakers there were really Also they gave out free cups where you could print out pictures for the label,

Mike Wallace

Besides being up all night crapping out my own intestines (thanks, moms chili) I had a good time playing Legendary Encounters, the Aliens edition (does it have editions? no First time playing, but we only lost one guy to a Good


I reeeeally wish Zombie Salesguy would leave the office so I can break out the Vita w/o Jigoku-hen aint gonna play The AI just isnt at that level


Its Friday? Dear God No, Time to Run!


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