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I'm one of maybe three people here who cares about this. Bionicle Spectacle Fighter game has me unironically hyped.


I just remembered that DioField Chronicle is a thing that's happening and that I keep calling it Dionicle for some reason.


So apparently being a furry for over 16 years means I'm a greymuzzle now? It's not an incorrect statement, but fucking ouch. If you don't know what a greymuzzle is, read my blog. https://www.destructoid.com/--497516.phtml#post/


Beep boop nyeh. Art by Volfmech. https://twitter.com/VolfMech/status/1550981670282706944


Pokemon Scarlet/Violet certainly look like a major improvement over Sword/Shield. Probably won't be as fun as Legends: Arceus, if these screens are any indication.


Can data centers just not? For like a week? Please?


All we need now is Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus for the FF7 Nostalgia Tour 2000 is complete.


I've honestly found more interesting game announcements from the Wholesome Games Direct than any of the bigger presentations this past week. Not sure whether that's due to cynicism surrounding corpos or vibing with the Wholesome Direct. Maybe both?


I remember seeing some mosh pit simulator game on gamedev Twitter yonks ago. What ever happened to that? Anyway, that game made by the GORN guys reminds me of that.


A'ight everybody, shut up, time for Devolver.


If I can't take my absolute favorite into the next Pokemon game, I'm gonna be so nettled.


Found this in a chatroom I'm in.


So DALL-E mini is a thing.


Just a normal conversation with my roommates.


Looked at my list of C-Blog ideas I started and never finished. Maybe never will. I'm very fun at parties, I swear.


The Spider-Man games coming to PC is nice Sony, but have you considered porting your PS1/PS2/PSP/PS3 games to PC? And then fucking a mile off?


Muh babbies


I don't want your goddamn cookies Nabisco. I want spears and werewolf orgies.


Current status:


Look, I'm not saying I'm gonna rush out and commission some Miraidon art right this second, buuuuuuuuuuuut


Happy Pride Month, y'all. Just as a reminder, there are plenty of LGBT-owned businesses you can spend money on instead of the rainbow-colored shit corpos pump and dump this month. For US citizens, there's this: https://intentionalist.com/b/tag/lgbtq-owned


Current status:


TIL that someone got the original Krystal voice actress to re-record all of Alyx's lines in Half Life 2 as Krystal for a model swap. Yup.


TMW one of your former bosses decides to spill the beans on one of the biggest scandals from your old workplace.


I'm now officially as old as my dad was when he had me. But instead of having a loving spouse and a child, I've got multiple fursuits and a newborn kidney stone from a couple weeks ago. Happy birthday to me!