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I'll never understand the people who take Pokemon trades so seriously. I legitimately got into an argument with someone saying that Pokemon GO is "inflating the value of shinies" thanks to HOME support. Seriously. [Edited for clarification.]


Now that I've actually got time to sit down and watch the dang Nintendo Direct, I'm not as pessimistic as I was yesterday. Metroid Dread looks like it could be good. But that's the trouble with hope. It's so fragile, yet so hard to resist.


On a much more positive note, Wobbledogs looks super good and I want to pet all the dogs.


When I say I'm uninterested/not hyped in something, that doesn't mean I think it looks bad. It means my desire to believe anything from corpos does not exist. The Nintendo stuff could be really good! But then, so did that first Other M trailer. :/


I'm probably the only person on D-TOID that's thoroughly unimpressed with what Nintendo had to offer. Indies have already been filling those niches pretty fast.


I can't get the Omega Mart jingle out of my head. Should I see a doctor?


I keep forgetting this is E3 week. Been too busy being gay with friends.


Behold. The last remnants of McDonaldland. Probably.


Every time reviewers talk about a new Ratchet & Clank game:


So I tweeted this image in response to one of Insomniac's tweets during the Ratchet takeover earlier today, namely for the hoverboots tweet. Apparently, one of the devs favorited it. >3>


Roommates and I assembled a new couch today. Hell yeah! Time for chimken.


Forgot to post pictures from the Memorial Day BBQ I went to. This is one of the group shots we got. Specifically one where I'm about to punch my friend Noah in the face.


Seeing the latest Zero Punctuation on the Destructoid home page will never not feel a little weird to me.


Okay, so I lied a bit yesterday. I've actually been writing the blog about VRChat for some time, but I was unsure if I wanted to finish it. But now I have! Feel free to give it a read. https://www.destructoid.com/--630624.phtml#post


The Game That Kept Me Sane During COVID-19 Isolation

It would be a disservice to call 2020 a Really Bad Year. We've all had Really Bad Years in our personal lives for one reason or another. We've had years were a lot of Really Bad Things happened and everyone considers it a Really Bad Ye...


Probably gonna do a bunch of VRChat pictures for a bit instead of fursuit pics for now, which is definitely not related to any blogs I've got planned. Here's one I took from a Wild Area recreation, where you catch Pokemon and they follow you around.


Tempted to write a blog about VRChat. AKA, the game that's been keeping me sane during isolation for the past year. As an example, here's a pic from a Japanese meetup I attended with a bunch of friends.


My second vaccine fully kicks in tomorrow. After that, I'm going to a friend's Memorial Day party on Monday. It's gonna be very furry and very gay and I am R E A D Y.


Everyone's simping for Bloodborne, the new God of War, and Ghosts of Tsushima on PC while I'm in the corner wanting the Ratchet & Clank games.


Spent several hours in Unity yesterday trying to fix my avatar's particle effects system. Turns out they were shrunken down and moved to another part of the project for some reason. Re-importing assets is fuuuuuuuun. :/


Just as a reminder, UbiSoft hasn't answered for the abuse it enabled. And hardly any gaming website ever takes them to task. Gameindustry.biz was the only site I found that actually had an update on the matter. Link in the comments.


Quick question, does anyone know how to deal with a sweaty chungus?


I have to remind myself that this was the last time I was with other people in a decently large group setting.


The Sinnoh Pokemon games will always stick out in my mind as being "generic Pokemon games" in nearly every regard. :/