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Currently writing music for the first time in literal years at the request of a friend. Trying to remember all my music theory knowledge and create a synthwave track (which I've never done before) in the span of a week is...a challenge.


So here's what I've been up to lately. https://twitter.com/Zalno/status/1418347663712559104


Pretty sure my friend's Gengar is plotting a murder.


Good morning, y'all. Who wants a Crispy Dib?


I looked through the list of shows Nickelodeon made in the 90s to see what else they could've had in their nostalgia mining. Had multiple "Oh shit, I remember now!" moments. For example, anyone remember The Journey of Allen Strange?


So, Super Robot Wars 30 just popped up on Steam. Making it the first time one of these games got a Western release in a long, long time. Just thought I'd let y'all know. https://store.steampowered.com/app/898750/Super%20/


Got myself a new toy yesterday.


The thought that I'm recording footage for a recreation of the game show Super Password with friends in VRChat is never not gonna be a little odd to me.


I just realized that it's been almost 20 years since I picked up Pokemon Crystal, which was my first non-PC video game. Just...fuck, dude.


Hope y'all are having a good Saturday! Mine's off to a great start so far. XD




The "wreck my mental health" comment I made the other day in regards to video game hype/disappointments was me doing a bit. I don't actually get depressed over video games. Mostly. >3>


Why wreck my mental health getting hyped/heartbroken for video games that turn out to be garbage for the umpeenth time when I can just eat someone's chungus in VR?


Finished watching Sk8 the Infinity recently. It's got one of my favorite ending songs/sequences in recent memory. Slight spoiler warning since it's from the 11th episode, which is slightly different from the rest of the series.


I'll never understand the people who take Pokemon trades so seriously. I legitimately got into an argument with someone saying that Pokemon GO is "inflating the value of shinies" thanks to HOME support. Seriously. [Edited for clarification.]


Now that I've actually got time to sit down and watch the dang Nintendo Direct, I'm not as pessimistic as I was yesterday. Metroid Dread looks like it could be good. But that's the trouble with hope. It's so fragile, yet so hard to resist.


On a much more positive note, Wobbledogs looks super good and I want to pet all the dogs.


When I say I'm uninterested/not hyped in something, that doesn't mean I think it looks bad. It means my desire to believe anything from corpos does not exist. The Nintendo stuff could be really good! But then, so did that first Other M trailer. :/


I'm probably the only person on D-TOID that's thoroughly unimpressed with what Nintendo had to offer. Indies have already been filling those niches pretty fast.


I can't get the Omega Mart jingle out of my head. Should I see a doctor?


I keep forgetting this is E3 week. Been too busy being gay with friends.


Behold. The last remnants of McDonaldland. Probably.