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The PS4 library is not worth bothering with because there's a new Sony console coming out in a few years that will more than likely not have any backwards compatibility whatsoever. Change my mind.


Long ago, when Miiverse was still young, I made a crappy doodle of Strong Bad if he was played by Willem Dafoe. That post is now lost to time, so I decided to draw it again. Long live the Dafoeverse. Happy nightmares! :D


It's been a while since I said or re-tweeted something inflammatory. Let's fix that. The NES was gahbage and almost all of its games were gahbage.


So, Pokemon GO is now scanning Android phones for evidence of being rooted. That includes viewing folders that are well outside its storage level. If you have an Android phone with Pokemon GO on it, uninstall it right now! https://t.co/wJEdq5qlRe


TIL that the tourney organizer for SSB4 at Super Smash Con last weekend was a furry. I was completely unaware of this while I was there last weekend. The more you know.


TMW you want to write a script for something about backwards compatibility without bashing Nintendo, but then Nintendo does a Nintendo.


Welp, guess I'm pre-ordering Starlink for the Switch. Now I just need to make some room...


Okay, so the Hyperdimension Neptunia games are on sale on GOG. I'm planning to get one of them. Which one do you guys recommend I go for?


Nothing makes you feel hatred towards a game and its entire franchise more than getting dying and getting stuck on a level 30 times in a row because of its terrible design. Also, fuck Mega Man. Fuck every variation of Mega Man. Fuck that fucking series


Hey, remember all those visual novel games that got threatened with removal from Steam? GOG decided to partner up with some of the studios to host them on their store. http://blog.mangagamer.org/2018/05/22/mangagamer-brings-their-titles-to-gog/


Got a call from a recruiter I've been talking with for the past couple of weeks. I did so well in the interview for HP that I'm getting a 6-8 month contract position. I may even go full-time by the end of the year if I do well! :D


Fuckin' hell. Between Star Fox Command and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, I just can't help but like games the rest of the world hates, apparently. ._.

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This likely doesn't interest around 90% of you, but the fact that this game is being rescued from the brink of obscurity and restored for a new fan-release is pretty exciting stuff!


Good morning! ICYMI, I wrote a Free to Play C-Blog about Rusty's Real Deal Baseball and why it's pretty neat. Why not give it a read? https://www.destructoid.com/--502294.phtml#post


New C-blog is live! It's about Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, an F2P game on the 3DS you guys should seriously check out. https://www.destructoid.com/--502294.phtml#post


Free to Play: A Little Rusty

Back when Super Smash Bros 4 was in development and characters were still being announced, there were several characters I wanted to be playable that didn’t make the cut. Isaac from Golden Sun, Zael from The Last Story, Waluigi, ...


Almost done with the Rusty's Real Deal Baseball blog. It's a really neat game that anyone with a 3DS should at least try. Hopefully my blog convinces you to play it?


Happy Womb Escape Day, Torchman! Hope you get to enjoy it with your shitty waifu. :D


GUESS WHAT I'M WRITING ABOUT NOW!? ALL ABOARD THE RAGE TRAIN!! CHOO-CHOO, MOTHERFUCKERS!!! http://www.kotaku.co.uk/2018/05/08/virtual-console-is-not-coming-to-switch-nintendo-says


TIL that there are writers out there who do commission work for short stories. The same way artists do art commissions. And people will pay for them. Hmmmm...


Oh boy, here I go embarrassing myself again!


Right. Guess I'm the only person writing about Rusty's Real Deal Baseball for Blogger's Wanted this month. It's a seriously under-appreciated gem of a F2P game. More of you guys should friggin' play it!


One of my favorite parts of the new Avengers movie is when Rocket Raccoon and Groot get beamed down to Los Angeles, but they go to the wrong part and accidentally crash Jimmy Kimmel's show. #AvengersToid