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TIL that someone got the original Krystal voice actress to re-record all of Alyx's lines in Half Life 2 as Krystal for a model swap. Yup.


TMW one of your former bosses decides to spill the beans on one of the biggest scandals from your old workplace.


I'm now officially as old as my dad was when he had me. But instead of having a loving spouse and a child, I've got multiple fursuits and a newborn kidney stone from a couple weeks ago. Happy birthday to me!


So I got a new costume recently...


TMW you have enough thoughts about Pokemon to make a whole-ass blog, but don't know if it's a good idea to say anything because Pokemon is just so exhausting at this point.


My final team comp for Legends: Arceus. This has been my most enjoyable Pokemon experience in a very, very long time. I really hope Game Freak builds on this formula in the future.


Some of the sleeping animations for certain Pokemon are so good. Like this saucy binch.


One of my favorite shots from Legends: Arceus of myself and my team (minus Onryou, my Zoroark) ascending Mt. Coronet. Even without a proper photo mode, I found a lot of opportunities for memorable photos in this game.


I hath shown thou my plates. Please respond.


Porygon2 is the best Pokemon. Fite me. Art by Phil Dragash on Twitter. https://twitter.com/PhilDragash


Been a few days since MAGFest ended. Perfect time to post more random bullshit. #MAGToid


Current state of the Devito Shrine. #MAGToid


So there's a VRChat portal set up this weekend. Everyone in that VRChat world can see/hear us and we can see/hear them. It's pretty cool, I think. #MAGToid


I have improved the Vandalizing Banner. #MAGToid


Had to offer tribute to the Trash Man. #MAGToid


Meanwhile, at MAGFest:


The Pokeathlon competitions are way more fun than every iteration of Pokemon contests, honestly. Original artist: https://twitter.com/ValiantKai/


New Pokemon Snap is great, y'all.