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Anyone here know lot about FF XIV? Is it appealing to someone who likes traditional Final Fantasy, and not really into MMOs?


It's funny, just the other day I was thinking it would be cool to have a mall tycoon game. And today someone launched a Kickstarter about such a game called Mall Craze! Looks promising. I'm considering backing it, partially because (continued in comments)


My eyes have been opened! Geforce Now on Android TVs with games that have controller support is amazing! It's a great alternative if you want to enjoy PC games (and take advantage of cheaper PC game prices) but you don't have a beefy computer.


Anyone else annoyed by the lack of vertical split-screen in games? I'm starting to lose count of of the games I would love to play with my SO, but can't due to developers squashing two screens on top of each other, instead of a nice side-by-side setup.


The new Yakuza is pretty great, but it's also a little rough around the edges. So I wrote a c-blog about 10 changes I want to see in a potential sequel. If you've played it, check it out. Also #pettoid


Yakuza Like a Dragon needs these 10 fixes for combat

You won't believe number 8 No, none of the suggestions are to make it an action game again. Yakuza Like a Dragon (or Yakuza 7 or Ryo Ga Gotoku 7) is the first time the Yakuza series has gone full RPG. Previous games in the series have...


Few things in games annoy me more than sudden RPG difficulty spikes. Playing Yakuza Like a Dragon, and fuck that chapter 12 boss fight. What were the devs thinking?! Now I need to grind. Groan.


You would think this image was from a movie or a government building in a tumultuous East-European or South-American country. Kinda crazy that it's actually the US Congress.


Picked up this bad boy today. Sealed and half price, so I feel pretty lucky. Can't remember the last time I bought a physical game unused and this close to release date (dunno why the pic is horizontal though 😅 )


Biden's reaction when he heard he had won the presidency:


Regardless of the final election result, it's still pretty embarrassing how even this is. It's like all the crap in the last four years never happened.


Florida man strikes again, it seems.


Man, Epic's whole account linking business for Rocket League is some seriously unnecessary bullshit. Why not just do it the easy way and let people log into whatever account they have/want to when starting the game.


Just realized that all the English Pokemon anime themes ends with "Pokemon!", and none of the Japanese themes do. I guess us stupid gaijins need to be reminded that it's actually Pokemon that we're watching and not something else.


Ubisoft wants you to watch their stream to receive a free game. But makes it impossible to log in to their service while stream is live. Result: Ubisoft gets countless of people to watch their stream and doesn't have to give anything away. Well played.


Question for Witcher fans: Could playing Witcher 3 potentially spoil major stuff happening in future seasons of the Netflix series? Like secrets about characters, or how the things will turn out many years later?


Found this comment on an article at Dualshockers: "most players nowadays like dynamic and action RPG-like gameplay". Uggh, I'm so sick of the animosity towards turn-based gameplay, not just from game developers, but now also from gaming journalists.


I have felt a bit sorry for Microsoft and how badly the Xbone has been doing compared to PS4, but then I learnt that you can't use the damn thing out of the box without going online first.


In think I single-handedly inflated the comment section of the Banjo Kazooie reveal post to twice its size thanks to my outrageous opinions about video games. Nice way to kill some boredom.


Do we have any rules here on posting Patreon links? Because I have some friends who run a gaming cafe/bar who could use some support, so I'm trying to make their Patreon a little more visible.


For good measure and fun, I'm posting my Smash DLC predictions here so I don't forget them. Steve (Minecraft), Edelgard (Fire Emblem Three Houses), Luminary (Dragon Quest XI), a starter Pokemon from next Pokemon game and Monster Hunter. Any thoughts?


I almost didn’t notice, but I have now made 10 000 comments here (number 10 000 is this post’s comment section). After 7 and 1/2 years on Dtoid :D


So apparently I've managed to get myself a girlfriend :) Which is pretty great. Not meant as a brag or anything, but more like "If there's hope for me, there's hope for anyone out there feeling single and lonely, so hang in there."


We all live and learn, especially me. Still glad to be part of this place :) Sorry to those who took offence to any of my recent comments, none of them were intended to offend. There's a time and place for everything, and sometimes I forget that.


Wow. I can admit when I'm clearly wrong about something, but I can't remember feeling unwelcome here. I think that's a first.


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