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I saw Game Night last night, and it was actually super enjoyable! Some really funny moments, with enjoyable characters and an engaging though a little cliche plot. Great time!


Registered all my Switch games to myNintendo and racked up 1336 Gold Coins, went ahead and used them to nab some themes and grab Kirby's Blowout Blast, BOXBOXBOY, and RH Megamix, and got back up to 1279 coins. Nice.


Happy Switchaversary! After a year I've already got myself quite the little collection of Switch games (and quite the big backlog), but honestly, the Switch has just gelled with my lifestyle so much I can't help but keep adding to it.


Absolutely with no offense towards FFXV, but the demo for it made me reallly itching to go back and finish XC2, which I've been putting off due to beingf too busy to sink time into it. I think I'm gonna juggle it and some ARMS Party Crash this weekend.


PSA: Chrono Trigger just was released on Steam! Follow-up PSA: It's the shitty phone port...


Now I encounter the age old question-- when am I "done" with Bayonetta 1?


Just had two of my wisdom teeth pulled, gonna take this weekend niiiiice and easy. Maybe finally put a proper dent in my backlog now that I actually have time to myself.


Yep, it's Bayonetta alright.


Yooo, DOOM on Switch got added Gyro aiming. Nice! Was hoping that would be added!


They just announced a bunch of new figures in Japan today and... oh no...I need it


To anyone on the verge of nabbing a Switch-- a Walmart glitch lets you get the $300 FIFA 18 bundle, and retroactively remove FIFA, getting the Switch for $258.51.


Got to Level 30 in Party Crash right before bed. Nice. Also, I took a look at the Lore images in the art gallery, and wow, a lot is in the character designs than I realized, with spiral irises and skin-tight masks on every human besides Mechanica.


How to Arms Party Crash: 1. Pick Springtron. 2. Get placed in free for alls with nothing but Kid Cobras. 3. Get focused down with 0 chance of winning. 4. Repeat. I don't know if FFA meta has changed, but it didn't used to be just ganging up like this.:


For some reason I felt compelled to do a perfect pacifist run of stage 1 of Tiger!Tiger! in XC2, and man, I'm never doing that again for any of the other stages. Too frustrating.


Heading back from my hijacked weekend, ended up getting pulled over and bumper-caring someone on the same ride. Nothing bad came out of either, but goddamn if the drive wasn't stressful enough w the game happening. Stay safe out there guys.


My friend ended up splurging on a Switch today (with a little thanks to me) so I went and picked up a few things for myself to make him feel better about the spending... I think I'm just addicted to buying games.


Weekend plans got hijacked, so to cheer myself up I bought FFXII, Iconoclasts, and Vanquish. More fuel to the backlog if anything, but I want to get to all of them.


Got my first paycheck at the new job, and wanted to splurge on the MHW PS4 Pro bundle, but my check refused to process until after stock ran out. Can't upgrade my PC cuz component prices, but did preorder FFXV... now what to do...?


Was looking up news about Celeste because I was curious about how well it's doing, and I find some article about how its an 'SJW game' and a whole bunch of the worst people in the comments. I can't wait until there's no games left for 'em to play.


Well, I'll be the first to admit when I'm completely wrong with my predictions. MHW ended up doing fantastic, and its only been a week! Niche no more I suppose! I was very tempted myself to pick up a PS4 just to play now hahaha...


Well, I finished the first B-Side in Celeste. That's... that's a high death counter. Oh boy.


*people two weeks ago* Oh some indie game during the Nintendo direct, kinda burned out on the style... *today* Holy fucking shit guess I gotta buy 3 copies of Celeste


So, I'm not too big into fighting games, but I really want to give DBFZ a shot and support it. I'd only be able to play on PC, how are fighters on there? Is itworth going for now? Should I hold off for a potential Switch port/when I pick up a PS4?


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