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God damn god damn the wait is killing me, hurry up Thursday I need to see this


I ordered MK11 for pick-up due to the excitement, but I'm gonna let it sit until I hear more opinions/dev feedback on all the BS. Better be quick or else the order auto refunds!


Saw Book of Mormon live earlier tonight. Man, that shit was hilarious, and with great music to boot!


It's looking like the damage isn't as grim as we thought! I was devestated earlier, so I'm grateful for the good news.


Happy "Buy Ace Attorney" Day!


Shazam was fiiiiine. Didn't see Aquaman, but the general feel of DC movies doesn't do it for me. Plenty enjoyable of course, but I almost got tonal whiplash and the protaganist wasn't very likeable imo, wasn't invested in his development as much. Ah well.


Dunno if this has been shared, but an animated Dragon Quest movies is being made and it looks freaking gorgeous. Wow.


Welp! Looks like Persona 5 Switch just leaked via Best Buy. 👀


Crazy in-depth article about what happened during Anthem's development time. I feel bad for the developers, seemingly watching their own trainwreck in slow motion, unable to stop it. https://kotaku.com/how-biowares-anthem-went-wrong-1833731964


Pssst, Boot up Dragalia lost today, even if you're done with it. There's a cool 1-day only thing with multiple difficulties...


Report from PAX: Cuphead is great on Switch, and I'm really digging Katana Zero and Sayanora Wild Hearts. Also got free Borderlands and Nintendo stuff, so thats pretty great.


Man, the line for this Borderland Announcement is insane. I almost didn't make it in.


Love me some powered up Story Characters, hell yeah


Ooh, a bunch of new Dragalia News with a suprise at the end!


As someone who worked in a movie theater, Sony, no one actually likes those pre-preview announcers. They make announcements seem soulless.


Stadia's tech is reaaal fuckin' cool. If it's affordable I'll hop on the train. Hopefully they can get ut to take off, but regardless of their success they've convinced me more of the direction of stream gaming.


Always upsets me to see people willingly misrepresenting box office values to spin a false narrative. Glad videos like this show the actual context. Want the movie to succeed even more just to dunk on those assholes.


I let my subscription lapse and am done playing Anthem, but this is absolutely bonkers: https://www.reddit.com/r/AnthemTheGame/comments/b1bcbx/powerscaling%20/


Best Buy apparently mixed up orders and almost denied me my copy, but I got it!


Just got out of Captain Marvel, and wow I was genuinely not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Must've let all the dumb conflict get to me, because I had a blast. Only slight is it got a little too cute with the references at the end. Great time.


PSA: Anthem can apparently completetely brick your console when crashing while on PS4. You should probably avoid playing it there until the issue is addressed.


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