DeS: Smash Ultimate: Ridley hits it big time, moves explained
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So I gave MapleStory 2 a try, eesh. Not for me, not at all. GW2 is still about the only MMO I've tried that didn't push me away immediately.


Got into the MapleStory 2's 2nd beta. Nervous about giving it a try, as I'm not sure if I want to get into an MMO or not.


Big Target set of stackable discounts happening now. Just ordered 6 Switch games, including the Let's Go and Starlink bundles. Crazy stuff. I'll link the deals in the comments.


Didn't get a chance to bust 'em open as I had to pick these up late, but here's today's haul! Also picked up that new adjustable charging stand, and Pearl and Marina are en route.


Season 5 of Fortnite bringing Gyro aiming to Switch, hell yes.


Heads up, Ridley and Inlking Smash amiibo are up on Best Buy right now.


Path of Pain done, and that last room was more irritating through = small mistakes than being a really challenging platformer. The whole random platforming focus of that area seemed out of place-- Celeste you are not.


Me: I gotta finish Hollow Knight and a billion other games, Octopath Traveler comes out on Friday Also me: *opens fucking ARMS*


I enjoyed Ant-Man amd the Wasp wayy more tham I expected to. Found it really funny, and a nice cleanser. Probably going to see it at least once more, but I would reccomend.


Saw Dino movie. Fell a little too much on the dumb side of the dumb to fun ratio, but it was fine. First use of AMC A-List, and it feels nice not to pay.


"What if City Trial theme was an Ace Attorney theme...?"


So I decided to give that Arena of Valor Beta I got accepted into a shot, and ended up doing pretty well in my first game. Not a stranger to MOBAs, but I feel guilty for doing as well as I did. Games are quick enough I might keep playing. We'll see.


While I like the core gameplay of Aces a lot, the lack of polish and weak presentation of Adventure mode is stunning in how poor it is next to the rest of Nintendo's Switch output. Along w/ the lack of options, Camelot seems to be the worst Nintendo dev


Reminder that the NEs Classic is getting restocked this Friday!


Got this in the mail today! Gonna wait for all the fix patches to drop first, but god my backlog is piling up, and Hollow Knight Fortnite and OctoExpansion jist eat up my attention... luckily my internship ends and summer begins Friday!


Finished the stpry of the Octo Expansion Campaign, and wow, its finale blows away almost all of the base campaign. It was awesome. Really happy for Splatoon as a franchise to be doing so well both game-wise and sales-wise.


Did I miss the Aces review...?


For those who were encountering issues with Mario Tennis Aces's online during the demo, the day one patch seems to massively improve the experience.


Best part of a new Smash Bros -- we get these great music remixes while we wait for it to come out! 😍


Are there a bunch of articles missing from the FP? I could swear I can't find some anymore...


Friensly reminder to go buy Just Shapes & Beats


Y'all seem a lot more down on Bathesdas showings than I was, but I get the dissapointment for 76. Also, all the non reveals seemed... Lazy? Like, Doom was a straight up tease, and the rest were just... there? Not bad, but MS stepped up comparatively.


Michael Patcher going on the E3 stream, Keighly brings up the Switch, immediately downplays it. At least you're consistent Patcher.


DMC5, Gears 5, some sweet Japanese Games, Dying Light 2, Jump Force, KH3, Cyberpunk, and stuff like Tunic all looked fantastic. Great conference all around. Overall, I'd say better than Ubisofts last year? And I'd say they won 2017, so we'll see.


Is the XBOX One X getting a $150 price cut? 👀


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