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Stadia's tech is reaaal fuckin' cool. If it's affordable I'll hop on the train. Hopefully they can get ut to take off, but regardless of their success they've convinced me more of the direction of stream gaming.


Always upsets me to see people willingly misrepresenting box office values to spin a false narrative. Glad videos like this show the actual context. Want the movie to succeed even more just to dunk on those assholes.


I let my subscription lapse and am done playing Anthem, but this is absolutely bonkers: https://www.reddit.com/r/AnthemTheGame/comments/b1bcbx/powerscaling%20/


Best Buy apparently mixed up orders and almost denied me my copy, but I got it!


Just got out of Captain Marvel, and wow I was genuinely not expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. Must've let all the dumb conflict get to me, because I had a blast. Only slight is it got a little too cute with the references at the end. Great time.


PSA: Anthem can apparently completetely brick your console when crashing while on PS4. You should probably avoid playing it there until the issue is addressed.


Man... Wandersong is something special. As more and more indie games come out that give me this soul-refreshing feeling, it's harder for them to seem distinct... but it being overlooked is such a shame. Please check it out if it interests you.


Hasn't been reported yet because Chris ended his friendship with Destiny now Anthem is his best friend, but Bungie outlined D2's new season of content, which looks great IMO. Excited for Gambit Prime, fixes my biggest issue with Gambit i.e. match length.


Melee not at EVO?? New Samurai Showdown? Damn.


Didn't see it reported, but Dragalia Lost went live today in a bunch more countries. They've been supporting the game pretty well recently! (Hopefully we'll get some collab content soon)


Sorry to continue on this, but Freeplay in Anthem is so poorly designed it is absolutely mind-boggling. Four players are instanced in the entire map. The entire over-world! And there's no means of in game communication! Or event indicators! How?!


Saving my final judgement for when I'm finished, but one thing I haven't seen brought up in Anthem discussions is how boring it's 'Open World' is. One single biome, and there's been like 1 time where discovering an area has had me exploring it for myself.


Anthem's "worldbuilding" has me rolling my eyes back into my head. I hope this gets better as I go. It feels like... exactly the wrong amount of Sci-Fi? Also almost every character interaction has been painful. Dunno if this is for me at all.


Finally got my first holiday 5*! Took over 10 tenfold summons, but that's what the stockpile's for.


Just as a heads up, Dragalia Lost was announced earlier to be coming to Canada, the UK and Australia. Dunno who else is still playing, but I'd love to have some more DToid friends in game.


Geez, strong start to KH3. Ended up playing longer than I wanted too. Ah well, work schmurk. I had a dumb grin on my face for so long.


Sooo apparently some Best Buys are releasing KH3 at 9 pm tonight??? My monday just got a whole lot better.


It's a shame I only just finished KH1 and didn't start earlier to squeeze in some more before KH3, but I'm still all set for tomorrow. Let's goooo


Yoooo, holy shit, Dragon Ball Super Broly was so good,I was suprised. And here I thought I was burnt out on Dragonball.


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