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Deadpool 2 was pretty great. X-Force forever!


Well its about damn time Capcom.


With the re-release of Tropical Freeze, comes another chance to see some gloriously bad reviews. Already seen 'too difficult' in the same review that claims the game has no flow. What a world we live in.


Wow, okay Infinity War, okay. Wow. I think they did it. I think they did what they said they'd do. As someone who personally has greatly enjoyed more than half of MCU films, this was an experience. 10 years of buildup executed masterfully. IMO Incredible.


I just played through all of Subsurface Circular. You should too, if you want. And it's on sale until tomorrow, how about that. I really appreciated Thomas Was Alone, and I really appreciated this too.


Picked up my cardboard today, and didn't even see an opportunuty to impulse by the GoW PS4, which I very well may have done. Might not be able to hold out much longer...


Wow look at Sony purposely understocking their game just so they can drum up more attention about it. It's a good thing I've got this armchair here or you people might not know how things don't work.


Celeste C-Side 3 might be the breaking point for me. I can't do last two jumps, and tjis is the first instance I feel unprepared. The game did such a good job making sure I was able to learn all the mechanics, except the one that only applies here.


If any sort of PS4 Pro deal happens within the next week or so I will be unable to resist finally getting one. Neither my backlog nor wallet would apprreciate that, but it's not like that's ever successdully stopped me.


Anyone miss out on grabbing a SNES Classic? Cuz' availability has basically stopped being an issue.


The Mythra figure is up on Amazon JP and AmiAmi! I already ordered the Pyra one and my wallet is hurting, but I need more Xenoblade merch.


Niiice, Iconoclasts is coming to Switch! I already bought it on Steam, but I've barely touched it. I think I'm gonna double dip.


Pictured: Suda51 cut us to play Travis Strikes Again


Nintendo World Report had a panel choosing the top 5 Switch games of its 1st year. The audience heckled them into cutting Xenoblade for Stardew, and made them put it above Celeste and Splatoon. You could see in their eyes they knew it was wrong.


Wolfenstien 2 impressions-- handheld looks pretty great, but the framerate was 😬, though they said they're still working hard on it. Gyro was fine, but it had a weird cutoff point I wasnt a fan off. Played it docked and it looked and felt amazing.


At the Bathesda event-- was it known that Wolfenstein 2 Switch had Gyro support already? Because it does.


The Solaire amiibo is up on GS if people want it, linking below.


Star Allies got me in a bit of a Kirby mood. Veryyy excited for the Dream Friends, and am hoping for more surprises.


Oh my, they really nailed Marx's look here. The crazed looks he gets when using his winged moves, and the crazy Marx Soul-splitting attack... I love it. Kirby had the best series callbacks.


I saw Game Night last night, and it was actually super enjoyable! Some really funny moments, with enjoyable characters and an engaging though a little cliche plot. Great time!


Registered all my Switch games to myNintendo and racked up 1336 Gold Coins, went ahead and used them to nab some themes and grab Kirby's Blowout Blast, BOXBOXBOY, and RH Megamix, and got back up to 1279 coins. Nice.


Happy Switchaversary! After a year I've already got myself quite the little collection of Switch games (and quite the big backlog), but honestly, the Switch has just gelled with my lifestyle so much I can't help but keep adding to it.


Absolutely with no offense towards FFXV, but the demo for it made me reallly itching to go back and finish XC2, which I've been putting off due to beingf too busy to sink time into it. I think I'm gonna juggle it and some ARMS Party Crash this weekend.


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