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A new ARMS fighter is being teased, and it looks like a new boss character? Their theme is pretty sweet that's for sure.


Friendly reminder that there's a Splatfest going on, and that Team Socks is the best.


Back from a Star Wars double feature. Was a fantastic time! I hadn't rewatched TFA, so that was pretty good! But that last Jedi WHOOOO man what a movie. I can see it being divisive, but man I loved it. Was a great time.


Got a bad fever, am exhausted from my earlier Final Exam, and am currently prepping for my Physics 2 final that I'm almost certainly going to bomb. Let's do this.


As a heads up, there' another ARMs Party Crash going on this weekend until 4 AM EST. It's a great way to get back into ARMs for a bit, a lot of fun, and you get some exclusive badges plus a ton of credit. Pretty nice!


Oh man, didn't get a chance to watch PSX with you guys, what'd I miss--


I don't do this for a lot of games. I get hyped, I smile, but I don't lose it. Bayonetta 3 being announced so fast after 1+2 made me fucking lose it. Oh my god. I'm ready. I'm so ready.


Ran out and found myself a copy because I wasn't waiting longer. Had to shop at GameStop (blech), but I'll just return my late copy there for a refund. Time to dig in!


Best Buy just delayed my Xenoblade Pro controller indefinitely, but its still available for in-store pick-up... 🤔


While I've been nervously waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to ship, I've been thinking about how good the music is in these games, and wanted an excuse to do a XC music thread. Starting off with one of my favorites from what I've heard of XC2 so far.


That My Hero Academia game that was being teased has been announces as MHA: One's Justice for PS4 and Switch! Here's hoping it's one of Bandai Namco's better treatments -- the 7 Deadly Sins game looks like hot garbage. More like JJBA ASB please.


This might be real. I want this to be real.


Best Buy has a lot of great Cyber Monday deals live. Just nabbed Tomodachi Life and Happy Home Designer for $7.99 each, DQ VII For $15.99, and a copy of Codname STEAM for a friend for $2.39. Yes, That's $2.39 for whats a pretty decent 3DS game. Wow.


Heads up to any UK Dtoid members vying for a Switch, Amazon UK has a Cyber Monday Deal for a Switch, Mario Odyssey, and Mario + Rabbids for £299 at 10 am UK time.


Thought the ARMS event was going until 4 PM today, so only ended up getting to level 27 out of 30... Dang...


Was a bit busy so I haven't gotten around to playing much, but now it's time to add you all!


Why did nowhere report on the ARMS event going on today? I had no clue!


The new Splatoon 2 update is going to increase the level cap from 50 to 99, and also adds in prestiging. As someone who is only level 25 or so, that sounds absolutely crazy.


Best Buy's Black Friday sale is up for elite members. Disgea 5 complete disappeared before the sale even started, and my ToysRUs orders yesterday got canceled, but I've not been refunded yet... guess I have to hold off for now.


Not included: Neon Yellow JoyCons for $43. 👀👀👀


Wow. EA has removed in-game purchases from Battlefront II (for now...) Did.. did we win? Is this real life?


Yo, this new ARMS fighter is sick! I love his mask-stances. I got back into the game a little bit ago, and man it's still pretty fun! I hope they make a huge update or Splatfest like event to bring people back into it.


Good list aside from PUBG taking Nier's spot, but man looking at this I can't help feeling Ninty's gonna take it. Either them or P5. I don't think Horizon could take it, and I don't want PUBG to, especially since it's still not actually out.


Oh my god they actually went through. I've ranted about GameStop before, but this time their terrible systems got me free games! It's like poetry.


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