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Just Platinumed Spider-Man. Overall, pretty great game I think it was probably a 8/10 for me. Super fun base mechanics, but open world busy-work without any reason to explore was kinda sad. I wish it was a bit streamlined, with the story paced tighter.


Bungie had broken up with Activision. They're gonna be free.


My Girlfriend is amazing!! Not only did she snag me a Black Friday Spider-Man PS4, she didn't give the slightest hint when I was raving about how good Spider-Verse was and how bad it made me want one! Best gift in years, I'm completely overjoyed!!


Spiderverse was absolutely fantastic. Please, go see it.


Reading through the TGA comments section in chronological order and getting to the Joker reveal was a real treat.


Dragalia Lost's new raid event seems just like an excuse to hit us with a ton of kickass music. Damn.


Saw a screening of the new Pokemon movie, and it was actually pretty good. Much better than that last one they made. A solid watch.


Best Buy fucked up their CyberMonday sale, got SF Anniversary Collection for $4, but missed out on the 3 minute window for getting $16 VC4, $4 MegaMan Legacy Collection, and $12 MMX Collection. Oops!


Feeling fancy heading into the next season of D2, hopefully Black Armory continues the good momentum Forsaken brought.


It's pretty amusing to me seeing a bunch of people biting their tongues since WoM on Let's Go is that it's actually really fun and people are enjoying it. Changing wild battles to be about purely catching than battling is way more fun to me.


The thing about Smash dreams is they can't be real forever. People just weren't ready to stop. The salts pretty great, cant wait to main a plant.


People are losing it over that Smash leak. People always get so attached to leaks, and they're frantic and honestly scary. Most insiders seem to be against the leak and people are acussing them of a fucking conspiracy. Goodness gracious.


Now're they're just taunting me.


Got to beat the Last Wish Raid with the first group in my clan to do so. Feels real good. Great raid too, probably the best in Destiny 2, and if my clanmates are to believed, the best one Bungie's ever made? Excited for the event next week!


Send me friend request thanks


Gamers pissing themselves over women being in their video games never ceases to make my day.


No lie, this is pretty damn accurate.


In honor of Simon and Richter being in Smash Ultimate, we're releasing Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night on PS4.


Lots of truth in this one.


Not gonna dig into Torna at least for a few days, (what with runnung Last Wish with my clan), but I am going to be playing it's battle theme on loop because it's so damn good.


For my upcoming birthday I was eyeing up the Spider-Man PS4 bundle, but I'm way too late. This'll just have to fill that special edition console hole in my heart.


We got a Nintendo Direct incoming tomorrow!


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