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Seems like DP2 is in fact a Switch exclusive? That's crazy. What a crazy day it's been.


If you have to pull an all nighter to finish a enthics paper is it really ethical?


To anyone playing Dragalia Lost and looking for an Alliance, feel free to join! Code: 30968330. Also if you haven't added me to your friends list, feel free! EDIT: Getting a lot applications lmk your username when you apply! Just a few slots left!


Really loving the music Cygames puts out for these Dragalia Events!


This isn't fucking Fire Emblem Edit: Turns out despite my game shipping yesterday, it just sat in a center all day today instead of actually being delivered to me. Delayed to Monday. This is why I should always just do store pick-ups, ugh.


Forgot that Tetris 99 event was going on, but banged out the 100 points pretty quick. Never even broke the top 10... it's gotten insane.


Daaaamn. Far From Home was quite the way to follow up Endgame. Wonderful popcorn movie in all the best ways. I was not expecting to have as much fun as I did. And those post-credits scenes.......


If anyone was interested, the bonus stuff in that Endgame rerelease was pretty underwhelming. The tribute was nice though.


Well... Rest in Peace Etika. It really seems like the system let him down... This shit is so heartbreaking.


Oh hey Toy Story 4 was really good and it made me cry go watch it


I was kind of upset I was missing building E3 hype to prep for our (successful) D2 raid, but I'm really upset the universe is rewarding my lack of excitement... I hope today and tomorrow better. Also, footage of our clear! (D2 Raid Spoilers):


Me and my raid team did our first attempt at the new raid last night, and were one untimely death and one malfunctioning mouse from beating the second to last encounter. We have another attempt on Sunday to bring it home!


I'm far more optimistic about at least giving Stadia a shot than all of you-- snagged that founder pack because it's a pretty good deal any way you slice it, gonna place D2 on my phooooone. If it collapses, eh, I've made worse purchases.


Godzilla was awesome as hell! Go see it.


Took 9000 wyrmite, 10 single tickets and one 10-ticket, complete with Annelie fake-out, but after a grand total of 100 summons, I got my Dragon lady. Stockpiling really does magic.


I've gotten to the point in the Mario Kart Tour Beta where progress is nearly impossible with my gear, with just 3 cups left in the Beta tour. I can give more detailed thoughts and impressions if anyone's curious.


Mario Kart Tour inpressions: meh as a Mario Kart, meh as a Gacha. Maybe with feedback they can tune it to the right amounts, but even as soneone who is a heavy F2P gacha player, this seems just kind of lame. I'll give it a bit more time just to see.


Oh boy, got accepted into the Mario Kart Tour Beta on Wednesday. Still have no idea what kind of game it is.


Mike Bithell developed John Wick Hex pre-purchase is $7.99 on EGS, now that's damn exciting.


I'll openly admit during the Microtransactions debacle I was sympathetic with Pitchford, if not pitying him for creating genuinely pointless backlash, but he'a honestly just too toxic for his own company, even outside being the worst PR person ever.


Oof, been a hell of a past few days, but caught up with Qtoid, saw Detective Pikachu twice (pretty good time, despite a rushed ending IMO) and got my full Fire Emblem team in Dragalia Lost. The new D2 dungeon has been a blast too!


Okay, with how decent MK11's fights look on Switch, there's no excuse for how bad the story transitions and Krypt look. They're genuinely so bad. Is it just a bad port aside from the fights?? I hope they're improved.


It's finally time. See you on the other side of the endgame.


Max's thoughts on the matter and the fast and honestly very compelling response from NRS has convinced me-- they seem dedicated to improving this to a much more rewarding output for your grind, and I will be picking up my copy after all.


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Welp commissioned a friend for some more overlays and a new Theyll be inside the comments for the most part but what do you all My favorite one is how the Re: Coded overlay turned


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Well, borderlands continues the series tradition of having terrible boss fights for single It’s always nice to kill 90% of a boss and then have to start over because there wasn’t anything else to kill to get back

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While that would be a rather unnerving sight, having that many spiders gathered in 1 area would cause a drastic decrease of insect


Man, that was a great My friends cooked me dinner and we played Smash Bros for

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Todays There are more MA pilots out We also accidentally destroyed that mans Enjoy Part 3 of Blaster Master Zero 2!



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Final Fantasy 7R will have a classic turn based Im sorry Moze but Im a FL4K man


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