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Finished the stpry of the Octo Expansion Campaign, and wow, its finale blows away almost all of the base campaign. It was awesome. Really happy for Splatoon as a franchise to be doing so well both game-wise and sales-wise.


Did I miss the Aces review...?


For those who were encountering issues with Mario Tennis Aces's online during the demo, the day one patch seems to massively improve the experience.


Best part of a new Smash Bros -- we get these great music remixes while we wait for it to come out! 😍


Are there a bunch of articles missing from the FP? I could swear I can't find some anymore...


Friensly reminder to go buy Just Shapes & Beats


Y'all seem a lot more down on Bathesdas showings than I was, but I get the dissapointment for 76. Also, all the non reveals seemed... Lazy? Like, Doom was a straight up tease, and the rest were just... there? Not bad, but MS stepped up comparatively.


Michael Patcher going on the E3 stream, Keighly brings up the Switch, immediately downplays it. At least you're consistent Patcher.


DMC5, Gears 5, some sweet Japanese Games, Dying Light 2, Jump Force, KH3, Cyberpunk, and stuff like Tunic all looked fantastic. Great conference all around. Overall, I'd say better than Ubisofts last year? And I'd say they won 2017, so we'll see.


Is the XBOX One X getting a $150 price cut? 👀


Rosalina is such a pain to play against, but I finally unlocked her. Let's see how this goes.


That Mega Man amiibo bundle is still up on GameStop if you haven't checked. Unfortunately you have to deal with GS, their stupid shipping, and the fact it's $30 more than the base. Price changed to $50 at one point and I feel like that should be correct.


Ya'll sleeping on Co-Op Pokemon and rideable Onyx, smh


Pokemon event happening NOW


Is something coming? It feels like somethings coming.


Not to shit on Detroit, but a lot of the redicule I've seen about some parts has me re-appreciating how good I found Subsurface Circular. Short but a gripping narrative about seemingly similar themes. (Edit: Spelling whoops)


Deadpool 2 was pretty great. X-Force forever!


Well its about damn time Capcom.


With the re-release of Tropical Freeze, comes another chance to see some gloriously bad reviews. Already seen 'too difficult' in the same review that claims the game has no flow. What a world we live in.


Wow, okay Infinity War, okay. Wow. I think they did it. I think they did what they said they'd do. As someone who personally has greatly enjoyed more than half of MCU films, this was an experience. 10 years of buildup executed masterfully. IMO Incredible.


I just played through all of Subsurface Circular. You should too, if you want. And it's on sale until tomorrow, how about that. I really appreciated Thomas Was Alone, and I really appreciated this too.


Picked up my cardboard today, and didn't even see an opportunuty to impulse by the GoW PS4, which I very well may have done. Might not be able to hold out much longer...


Wow look at Sony purposely understocking their game just so they can drum up more attention about it. It's a good thing I've got this armchair here or you people might not know how things don't work.


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