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Got to beat the Last Wish Raid with the first group in my clan to do so. Feels real good. Great raid too, probably the best in Destiny 2, and if my clanmates are to believed, the best one Bungie's ever made? Excited for the event next week!


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Gamers pissing themselves over women being in their video games never ceases to make my day.


No lie, this is pretty damn accurate.


In honor of Simon and Richter being in Smash Ultimate, we're releasing Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night on PS4.


Lots of truth in this one.


Not gonna dig into Torna at least for a few days, (what with runnung Last Wish with my clan), but I am going to be playing it's battle theme on loop because it's so damn good.


For my upcoming birthday I was eyeing up the Spider-Man PS4 bundle, but I'm way too late. This'll just have to fill that special edition console hole in my heart.


We got a Nintendo Direct incoming tomorrow!


I'm absolutely loving Forsaken so far. The Baron fights have all been way more interesting individually than almost every boss in the base game. Bows are also super fun, as are the new subclass Supers. Can't wait to see where it goes and try some Gambit.


Gambit is pretty fun, but playing with people who don't know the rules is not.


Today's community day haul. Weirdly getting Shinies was much easier than getting Eevees with good IVs. Huh.


Saw 8th Grade. Didn't realize it was a horror movie. Despite making my skin crawl on multiple occasions it was a great film. But yikes.


Watched M:I Fallout, finishing my marathon over these past two days. My thoughts: 6>1>5>3>4>>>>2. I love how Fallout has a connection to every movie except 2. Overall, a pretty good franchise that has no business having its best film now. Great time.


As part of my prep for M:I Fallout, I started watching all of the Mission: Impossible films. Unfortunately, I enjoyed 1 so much that 2 physically hurt to watch.


New Labo looks way better than Robot. I'm down.


Aww, Targets cancelling my orders... Should've nabbed more released games as I got my Skyrim no problem.


So I gave MapleStory 2 a try, eesh. Not for me, not at all. GW2 is still about the only MMO I've tried that didn't push me away immediately.


Got into the MapleStory 2's 2nd beta. Nervous about giving it a try, as I'm not sure if I want to get into an MMO or not.


Big Target set of stackable discounts happening now. Just ordered 6 Switch games, including the Let's Go and Starlink bundles. Crazy stuff. I'll link the deals in the comments.


Didn't get a chance to bust 'em open as I had to pick these up late, but here's today's haul! Also picked up that new adjustable charging stand, and Pearl and Marina are en route.


Season 5 of Fortnite bringing Gyro aiming to Switch, hell yes.


Heads up, Ridley and Inlking Smash amiibo are up on Best Buy right now.


Path of Pain done, and that last room was more irritating through = small mistakes than being a really challenging platformer. The whole random platforming focus of that area seemed out of place-- Celeste you are not.


Me: I gotta finish Hollow Knight and a billion other games, Octopath Traveler comes out on Friday Also me: *opens fucking ARMS*


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