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They patched "DONT FORGET ME" and "THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME" out of XC2 and I'm actually livid.


On mobile my avatar has shades, on PC it does not. This cannot continue.


Labo Skyward Sword remake when? (Also I'm a kid so I will buy that awesome Robot suit game please and thank you)


Rumor going around that the new Nintendo device is going to be buildable pixel blocks you can use the IR sensor to scan into games. I've seen physical blocks-to-game builders for kids recently, so I can certainly see it happening here. Small expectations.


SNES Classic is back up on Amazon!


Flaming Chibi Robo has spoken: some new small (non-direct) Nintendo presentation is rumored to be dropping this Thursday. Additionally, an actual full-direct is rumored for February with a formal announcement of the new FE game.


RWBY Vol. 5 Ep13 gave me the biggest reminder of why I used to be excited for the show. The action was genuinely impressive, something I've not felt since V3. It renews hope that the show can elevate itself to the quality its success and Monty deserve.


The pattern of other Direct Minis and the absence of FE, Yoshi, and Octopath has me thinking we won't go too long before an 'actual' direct. This one was (though still sweet) all announcements of ports or updates (and tennis). Looks intentionally small.




Heya guys! I'm still around, but been busy haha... started my internship this week and ended up on a team that has a big deadline in just a few days, so it's been a bit odd, but nice! Also, that Nintendo Direct Hype is amazing.


The Pink and Green Splatoon Joycons are live on Gamestop if anyone wants to nab them... and pay a gross amount for shipping.


Huh, apparently if you download and beat the Mighty Gunvolt Burst Demo, you can unlock one of the new DLC characters for free! That's pretty neat!


Friendly heads-up that another ARMS Part Crash is going on until Tuesday morning! Dunno why the FP doesn't report on these, as they really revitalize the online, are a blast, and are a great way to earn credits for a ton of arms. Also Twintelle ftw.


So I started playing Fire Emblem Heroes again...


Thanks for the thoughts guys! Wallet turned up with little hassle, and am enjoying Disney, though honestly with how crowded it is I would've preferred a more traditional Christmas. But I hope all of you are having as many good times coming your way!


Merry Christmas all! I'm spending the holiday with family in Disney, but I just found out before midnight my wallets missing. Ouch. Wish me luck in it turning up, and good luck with all your christmas endevors!


A new ARMS fighter is being teased, and it looks like a new boss character? Their theme is pretty sweet that's for sure.


Friendly reminder that there's a Splatfest going on, and that Team Socks is the best.


Back from a Star Wars double feature. Was a fantastic time! I hadn't rewatched TFA, so that was pretty good! But that last Jedi WHOOOO man what a movie. I can see it being divisive, but man I loved it. Was a great time.


Got a bad fever, am exhausted from my earlier Final Exam, and am currently prepping for my Physics 2 final that I'm almost certainly going to bomb. Let's do this.


As a heads up, there' another ARMs Party Crash going on this weekend until 4 AM EST. It's a great way to get back into ARMs for a bit, a lot of fun, and you get some exclusive badges plus a ton of credit. Pretty nice!


Oh man, didn't get a chance to watch PSX with you guys, what'd I miss--


I don't do this for a lot of games. I get hyped, I smile, but I don't lose it. Bayonetta 3 being announced so fast after 1+2 made me fucking lose it. Oh my god. I'm ready. I'm so ready.


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