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Somehow, double XP has been unlocked in PoGo


Come at me, spider-bros


I..I..I kinda want this Razer phone, which categorically destroys my laptop. I don't really NEED 8GB of RAM on a phone though. Or do I? No, no that's insane. Right?


Happy Birthday Calvin Mozeralla!!


This is how I feel today after playing football with a bunch of teenagers yesterday


My super exciting solo raid saga continues tonight with a win against Machamp after 4 failed attempts. I'm gunning for Alakazam next, if I can find him


In Pokemon Go (wait, come back!) I've started attempting solo Tier 3 Raids and I finally beat one today with a millisecond left. I'm glad there's at least one semi-strategic element to the game


Damn I was gonna pace Stranger Things throughout the week but it keeps hooking me with it's bitchin 80s soundtrack. The show itself is good fun too


SPOILERS: Mario was actually born with the power of possession and doesn't even need Cappy. He discovered this ability after witnessing his Dad fuck his Mom.


Ok this may be my new favorite battle theme


Had a blast with South Park FBW last night. There's a disappointing amount of load screens though that I don't recall dealing with in Stick of Truth. Did they ship the game like this or is my PS4 dying?


That's it...come to Papa


Finally got around to watching the 2016 Blair Witch movie on Hulu and it's solidly OK. It's basically the first movie but "Now with 200 Percent Bigger Stick Men!"


Poll: How do you National Anthem? (Legit curious! No wrong answer) A. Stand with pride and sincere reverence B. Stare blankly into the void for an eternity til its over C. Put one hand over your heart, text with the other D. Other


Watched the Gerald's Game adaptation on Netflix last night. The movie format made it feel a little rushed but it's very faithful to one of King's best books. Good way to kick of Spooptober


As a proud SNES Classic haver, I still want to kick Nintendo in the teeth for not having a Switch VC ready by now. I'm sure they have their reasons but none of them are valid


Now I just have to make it home without driving off a cliff


Yay Season 5 of Goldbergs is here! It's such a dumb show but I love the whole cast


Whoa I had no idea this was a thing! And it's out this week! Of all the Stephen King novels I've read, this one creeped me out the mostest


The intro to South Park reminds me Octopath Traveler. Also I'm struggling to get any laughs out of the new season and that makes me sad.


Happy Hump Day Dtoid!


Interview update: "Can you lift up to 15 lbs and push a vaccuum?" "Yes" Nailed it.


Good luck to all the #jobtoid hunters I've seen posting today. I've got an interview for a delightfully banal, 20 hour per week job doing "library maintenance" in about an hour.


This is the #wallpapertoid on both my laptop and my phone. It really makes the recycle bin pop


I'm so happy that Squeenix is making a quality turn-based RPG for the Switch, and even happier that they didn't skimp on the OST. Some of the tracks are FF7-level earworms


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