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Happy Hump Day Dtoid!


Interview update: "Can you lift up to 15 lbs and push a vaccuum?" "Yes" Nailed it.


Good luck to all the #jobtoid hunters I've seen posting today. I've got an interview for a delightfully banal, 20 hour per week job doing "library maintenance" in about an hour.


This is the #wallpapertoid on both my laptop and my phone. It really makes the recycle bin pop


I'm so happy that Squeenix is making a quality turn-based RPG for the Switch, and even happier that they didn't skimp on the OST. Some of the tracks are FF7-level earworms


Binged all the Final Fantasy movies on Hulu today. Spirits Within was kinda ehh but I was pleasantly surprised by Advent Children and Kingsglaive, even though King Regis is an idiot in the latter.


Here's my snark-free Nintendo Direct wishlist: Confirmation of an impending VC, A Switch-exclusive Metroid platformer (since the 3DS got one, its only fair!), Octopath Traveler gameplay, a big 3rd party surprise, and Mana Compilation localized <3


Oh god Hulu, what is this nonsense UI you've thrust upon me?


Many people are saying that LA Noire is coming to the Switch with touchscreen controls on Nov. 14th. I don't think I'll be double dipping but I recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it


I'm only familiar with 2 Gens so far so mines a bit pedestrian


You know nothing, Jon Snow...but you do have a nice ass


Ok Nintendo, you've played your little trick again and sold out. Can we have VC on the Switch now?


Just got back from a week of brutal sun and fun at Myrtle Beach


Got the bastard on my first throw! Now to go buy a lotto ticket


Looks like #PokemonGOFest is an unfolding disaster. I'm glad im at home in the A/C


SNES Classic up for preorder at Walmart GOOOOOOOOO!


Holy shit, is there some way to make Dtoid run smoother without breaking Disqus? I've reached my boiling point >:O


Despite my involuntary deer-in-headlights approach to selfies, I ain't scurred #wifebeatertoid


Just rewatched Blair Witch 2 Book of Shadows. It's real close to being in "so bad its good" territory


Not a spoiler alert: In this season of GoT, another overdramtic scene where Daenerys refuses to walk at a normal adult pace, while her crew follows behind in a silent stupor


Me: Hey George, are you almost done with Winds of Winter? George:


When you guys get out of church, add me to your Switch list SW-0603-9490-3816


I hope everyone has a bananarama of a Friday


Were there always ads in quickposts? I haven't noticed any until today now they're everywhere, sometimes 2 in one post


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