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This is how I feel when a new Smash Bros announcement sets the internet on fire


It's past time to put Simon Belmont in Smash.


Galaxy > Sunshine > Odyssey > 64


I haven't touched a Mario game since Galaxy but I finally started playing Odyssey yesterday. I have my grievances but so far so good! I just have to accept that there's no paraglider no matter how many times I double-tap the jump button.


I think I've deciphered the criteria for getting an EX Raid Invitation in Pokemon Go after months of aimless trial and error.


Well hello there, lazy day!


I'd like some group wisdom from Dtoid. If you were the President, how would you (cringe) MAGA?


It sounds like PSX was a dud but after looking at some of those trailers on the main page, there's some real gems in there. Iconoclasts is how I wish certain classic platformers looked, and I'm firmly on board with Fantasy Strike


Hey Street Fighter V, your UI is bloated and your load times are insufferable and that's why everyone hates you and YOU'VE RUINED SNOW DAY!


Fuck you forever, long-press!


Gen 3 coming to Pokemon Go later this week along with a weather system that will surely be implemented flawlessly


Uh-oh! Ho-Oh! (in PoGo)


PSA: Xbone S is $189 on Amazon. Damn i'm tempted!


Somehow, double XP has been unlocked in PoGo


Come at me, spider-bros


I..I..I kinda want this Razer phone, which categorically destroys my laptop. I don't really NEED 8GB of RAM on a phone though. Or do I? No, no that's insane. Right?


Happy Birthday Calvin Mozeralla!!


This is how I feel today after playing football with a bunch of teenagers yesterday


My super exciting solo raid saga continues tonight with a win against Machamp after 4 failed attempts. I'm gunning for Alakazam next, if I can find him


In Pokemon Go (wait, come back!) I've started attempting solo Tier 3 Raids and I finally beat one today with a millisecond left. I'm glad there's at least one semi-strategic element to the game


Damn I was gonna pace Stranger Things throughout the week but it keeps hooking me with it's bitchin 80s soundtrack. The show itself is good fun too


SPOILERS: Mario was actually born with the power of possession and doesn't even need Cappy. He discovered this ability after witnessing his Dad fuck his Mom.


Ok this may be my new favorite battle theme


Had a blast with South Park FBW last night. There's a disappointing amount of load screens though that I don't recall dealing with in Stick of Truth. Did they ship the game like this or is my PS4 dying?


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