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Disqus has comment ratings now. Are we rating the article or our own comments. I can't objectively rate my own, but if I'm rating the article everyone gets 5 stars for trying their best!


I just got through with the most grueling platforming game ever, Final Fantasy XV! If you don't know what I'm talking about there's a dungeon called the Pitioss Ruins. There are no enemies, no warping, just jumping and dodging obstacles.


Civilization VI Annouced

The next Civilization is finally upon us as they released their first trailer just this morning. The Steam page is up and has an October 21st release date, complete with the obligatory inspirational Civilization trailer. It doesn't sho...


Upon going to Destructoid this morning I was confused and flabbergasted for a moment. I thought I was in the wrong place. It's like they renovated a tiny 500sqft apartment into the Falling Water luxury home.


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Age of Wonders: Planetfall"Aiming for the moon, landing among the stars"


Witcheye"I spy with my little eye"


RAD"For once, truth in advertising"


Ion Fury"Bombshell's redemption"


Dicey Dungeons"Can Terry Cavanagh do no wrong?"


The Blackout Club"An endearing mess"


Omega Labyrinth Life"Pushing the envelope...with your breasts"


Metal Wolf Chaos XD"Are you a bad enough dude to be the president"


Forager"Time keeps on slippin'"


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Yesterday me and the lady tried the definitive classic unitedstatian sandwich: the vegan


There were some devices that were in poor condition, scratched and yellowish in the case of PS1 and So I decided to give them a new


Very important:


New King Gizzard album dropped yesterday, and its Its super impressive how they can go from a folk-blues album to thrash metal in like 4

Mike Sounders

Thicc squad building time


Did you know that every year, 100s of kids are hurt in fires? But kids can do something to stop them too! Theres some cool rules about fire safety and if you learn them, you could be a DEPUTY FIRE MARSHALL!!! And even teach your family what to do!


Hell Im so glad I was able to catch



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