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ShiMuNi TONIGHT!: Ducktales The Movie Stream!

Aw yeah! ShiMuNi is back with Nostalgia Month! Tonight I'll be showing... The DUCKTALES MOVIE! Awwww yeah! Movie starts at 10pm CT/11pm ET and I may do some pre-movie gaming as well. Any pre-movie gaming will be done in the DamnLag live...



Hey all! You didn't think I forgot about you all did you? Well, maybe you did if you didn't keep up with my twitter... but nonetheless, here I am now! Here to rock you all with the best thing to watch on February 2... THE PUPPY BOWL!!! I...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: VGA Stream Edition!

So yeah, I'm not dead, but also, no movie tonight. Why? Because I'm at my folks, didn't upload anything, and the VGAs are going on tonight. So I'm going to try to stream them tonight for you all. Emphasis on TRY because it could all go horr...



Jim Sterling doesn't know shit about video games; Sonic Colors on Wii is actually GOOD. Even Sonic Kirby agrees!


ShiMuNi TONIGHT!: New Zealand Ninjas EDITION!

Yeah, tonight's movie is gonna be pretty interesting. It's going to be one many of you probably never heard of. It's... TONGAN NINJA! It's a New Zealand low-budget flick that is supposed to be a spoof of classic kung-fu flicks. Should b...


Stallone Movie Night: Meet The Demo EDITION!

I think I'm going to go back to pretending the forums don't exist again. Why? Don't ask. ANYHOO, it was pretty much decided that this month would just be Stallone Movie Month because he had some awesome movies. What awesome Stallone movie a...



So last weekend I didn't show the movie because I figured PAX would be taking over the weekend. Then people showed up, but I streamed Conker gameplay instead. This weekend, however, we shall be returning to the normal routine and once again...



So tonight's movie is SUPPOSED to be... But obviously, most of you are at PAX... lucky bastards... SO, I may not bother showing a movie tonight if there's nobody here to watch it. If you're going to be here tonight at 10pm CST/11pm EST f...


ShiMuNi PREVIEW: Row Row Fight Da PAX With "Da Law"

So it's PAX weekend... shit. That means a lot of people are there and probably don't want to watch anything. Oh well. Might as well try anyway! I was in a bit of a nostalgic mood, so I decided tomorrow night's movie should be... JUDGE DR...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT!: Furries Vs. Goths EDITION!

Aw snap, y'all! It's about to go down! The rumble in the jungle... the hype of the fight... the shit for the hit! Tonight's movie is... The Twilight Saga: ECLIPSE! The movie starts at 10pm CST/11pm EST tonight and I'm still not sure if ...


ShiMuNi RETURNS Saturday Night!!

Aw shit, y'all! It's almost time! Shitty Movie Night is returning tomorrow night! It's been a wild 3 months away for me, but not I'm back and ready to jump back into the motions! For this week, there were a couple movies I was bouncing betw...


ShiMuNi TONIGHT: Test Your Might [Again] EDITION!

So yeah, I'm super-busy with finishing this animation project for a class, so I figured at the last minute that I'd go to youtube and borrow... Mortal Kombat!! There probably won't be anything new or special for the pre-show tonight.. ...


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