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2018 Kitten Bowl & Puppy Bowl Stream is a GO!

Hah, did you all think I forgot?? Nah, MonHun just kinda distracted me yesterday so I didn't put up the preview post. I'd NEVER forget about Bowling Sunday! So spend some time looking at kitties and puppers while you kill more monsters...


Kitten Bowl & Puppy Bowl Stream TODAY!

It's almost time! Kittens and Puppies will battle for cuteness supremacy today! ScheduleKitten Bowl: 11am CST / 12am ESTPuppy Bowl: 2pm CST / 3pm EST If you miss the show, don't worry, I'll be doing repeats of both shows after their in...



Holy crap tomorrow is sunday. You know what that means? TIME FOR THE ANNUAL KITTEN & PUPPY BOWL stream!! Things will kick off at 12pm EST/11am CST with Kitten Bowl IV! Then at 3pm EST/2 pm CST it's time for the main event! Puppy B...


Tomorrow's Shitty Movie Night: KAZAAM!!

Hey, let's keep the Shaq train rolling with another classic. Tomorrow Night's movie will be...   KAZAAM! I remember renting this movie as a kid and watching it maybe 3 times in one day. MAN did little me love shitty movies... Sho...


Tomorrow's Shitty Movie Night Movie: STEEL!

Sorry about no movie night last week. With the Hurricane blowing through my area, I figured I should hold off. Fortunately I'm fine, so this week we're back at it with another classic! And a new time. YEP! Tomorrow night's movie ...


Shitty Movie Night RETURNS!

Hey everybody! Been a while since I posted anything, but I'm still around! Basically, I feel like hanging out with people and watching movies together, so why not revive the Dtoid Community's classic Shitty Movie Night again? I figure ...


Kitten Bowl x Puppy Bowl Stream Starts NOW!

It is TIME. Time for cuddly little animals to go HEAD TO HEAD in a contest of champions! Who will win?! Better watch and find out! ScheduleKitten Bowl: 11am CST / 12am ESTPuppy Bowl: 2pm CST / 3pm EST If you miss the show, don't worry,...


Kitten Bowl x Puppy Bowl Returns THIS SUNDAY!

Holy crap it's almost time! If there's one thing I do consistently on Destructoid, it's that I always make sure everybody gets their Puppy and Kitten fix during the Football Season finale (how is this show still on after...


Does the Rise of the Tomb Raider Deserve Hype?

Long time no see C-Blogs. So there's another fancy new Tomb Raider game coming out and I keep seeing people trying to hype the game up. So, I decided to go back and play the first rebooted title to see if the hype is even warranted. It's be...


Kitten Bowl v. Puppy Bowl Stream NOW!

Hey everybody! The Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl streams are starting soon! Hop on in and enjoy the fun! Schedule Kitten Bowl: 11am CST / 12am EST Puppy Bowl: 2pm CST / 3pm EST If you miss the show, don't worry, I'll be doing repeats of b...


HOLY CRAP! Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl THIS SUNDAY!

Sheeze the year flew by crazy fast. Seriously, Puppy Bowl really snuck up on me. But don't worry, it's still happening! This sunday we've got 2 hours of Kittens and then 2 hours of puppies on stream! I've just hotlinked you to the Ustr...


ShiMuNi Alert!

Holy crap it's been FOREVER since the last Shitty Movie Night (or "ShiMuNi" for fans). Why am I talking about it here? Now? Well it was a classic Dtoid community tradition ages ago and this Saturday night (TOMORROW!!) I'm bringing it b...

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I Made A Music Video! (About Luigi!)

What's up everybody? Been a while since I've posted a video or rant, so I figured I should change that! A little over a month ago, mc chris was hosting a contest. You could submit a music video, t-shirt artwork, or a remix of one of his new...


Puppy Bowl VS Kitten Bowl Stream STARTS NOW!!

STREAM LINK, LET'S GO!! [justify]Awwww snap! It's another year, which means it's time for another Puppy Bowl stream! But this year, there's actually COMPETITION. Yeah, Competing with Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl this year, Hallmark channel...


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