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Dealing with some brand new major family medical drama, so while I'm waiting for news from the hospital, I decided to delve into Vampire Survivors. First game - Got to level 15 (I don't know if this is good or not). Spinny bible shields are great.


I decided to install Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. I forgot that 1) YGO has become an absolutely bonkers game where every card is a novella, and 2) My gacha luck has activated. I just keep drawing super rare cards. Please send help.


Thank you to everyone for the birthday well-wishes. It means a lot to me that so many would say something, even as I continue to post so little (It can be hard for me to frame my thoughts). Alphadeus created this wonderful song which I've had on repeat.


Got boosted today. They call it boosted but I immediately slowed down. I'm sorry for the next several days of me being a big baby.


I've been futzing around in Deathloop. It started real strong, but now I'm just sort of wandering around, because the game wants me to do everything one specific way and I don't wanna. It strikes me, even compared to Dishonored, how...restrictive this is?


I don't own a Switch (although I want one of those fancy OLEDs...), but my Switch stats from when I house-sat for my brother: 1) Like 6 hours of Mario Kart. 2) 2ish hours of Mario Party? 3) Like 45 minute punching Minecraft skellingtons with nephew.


If you don't already have a huge pile of stuff to play (and can't wait for my doom to fall upon you), Humble has a pretty great "Game Awards" sale going on - Deathloop at 67% off, Back4Blood, & GG Strive at 30-35%, 20% on Inscryption & Forgotten City.


Truly these ads are getting out of hand.


Booting up SRW 30 and I'm picking my main character. I almost always choose the female character in games but my god look at this terrible sadboi. Look at the name! The birthday! He has a 'devil-may-care attitude'! I must choose him.


Two Panda Qposts in 24 hours? Inconceivable! Well, Band-Maid finally released their new single, and it's so, so good. Bassist Misa continues to be #goals.


The other day I rewatched 1933's "The Invisible Man", and while completely bloodless, it's surprisingly brutal for the time. He's like, "I need an antidote, but also to MURDER" and goes around offing people with an almost alarming intensity.


Coincidence? Yes Torch, tell us more about your communist speedrunning ways!


Jules Conroy is already putting out top-tier Chapter 2 metal covers. Looking forward to the inevitable album from RichaadEB.


I pet-sat for this loaf of French bread a couple weeks ago. She's my precious terrible goblin child. (I don't know why it insists on uploading sideways - proper bread storage I guess) #Caturday


The Back 4 Blood trailer looks like so much fun. I'm not really much of a release-day buyer, but I'm pretty much sold on it.


Last week I fell - hard. Didn't break anything but still hurting even now. I also got a terrible ER doctor, which meant I got to go back a few days later to confirm my concussion. Fun times. How's everyone else doing?


Steam is now allowing different publishers to do bundle sales together. As a result, there's a visual novel bundle with the phenomenal "Suzerain", "Yes, Your Grace", and "The Life & Suffering of Sir Brante". It's worth your $10.


Drunken Master 2 is my favorite kung-fu film, filled with great fight scenes that slowly build on the previous one. I'll post the "best" scene in the movie in the comments, but this is my favorite - you don't see close-quarters spear fights often.


Recently I've gotten back into reading books, versus comics/manga (like many neurodivergent kids, I was a huge reader as a kid, then dropped off later). It's nice, but I'm also overwhelmed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also looking for new podcasts.


Miura Kentaro's art boggled my mind when I first saw it, and even as I look for examples to post, it still does. Even when I wasn't enamored with elements of Berserk's story... The life he breathed into the world he created, it drew you in.


I find I am more and more frequently wondering if a game sequel is going to happen, only to learn it is, but it's an Epic Exclusive and as a result no one knows about it. I had no Chivalry 2 or Darkest Dungeon 2 were ever announced!


Last month was fairly busy, so I didn't bring it up, but I recently passed my tenth year as a card-carrying member of this community. It's sort of an inconceivable amount of time to me to actively participate in anything. I appreciate you. Also, an AMA?


Also a very happy birthday to Occams. You always find a way to fill the infinite, gaping void - in our hearts.


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