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For averaging 69k players on Steam (nice), it's amazing there's no one playing low-ranked missions in the Hub. Also my current status is Ginyu Force poses.


Happy birthday Heston! They'll never make a monkey out of you.


I'm working my way through Stranger Things S1, with only the incoherent ramblings of an obsessed friend to guide my way. I can see why people got obsessed with this. It's like I'm watching three shows in one.


Happy birthday to my dear friend and person I talk about big stompybots with, Torch (Mike). May Bandai finally release the MG G-Self you so desire (Or a PG Turn A. That'd be pretty cool).


I've always based how long I've been on Dtoid on the age of my Dtoid account - which is 11 years old today. In fact, my tenure on this site is... about as long as the site has been around. How have you people dealt with me this long? Also, AMA? AMA.


Like I thought, Testament has been switched up to a mid-range attacker. Even fewer moves than I thought, but most of their emphasis is actually on super-strong normal attacks while mixing in some high/low specials to combo, and a teleport for mobility.


It looks like the upvotebots are back again. Please report and block them even as you make fun of the ultimate futility of their existence.


Humble just put out another Kodansha manga bundle, and this one is especially ridiculous. The top tier is $40, but you get, for instance: 36 volumes of Space Brothers! 3 vols of Blue Period (one of my favorites), 7 of Knights of Sidonia, & 8 of Parasyte


At over 80 hours in, I'm only starting to use non-arrow items after realizing I have literally hundreds of ingredients to craft more. Take that, poison flowers, I have unlimited fire pots!


I need a new controller for PC, and I'm feeling pretty lost. I was sort of considering the Pro 2 by 8Bitdo, but I also am not sure whether I want a symmetrical or asymmetrical pad. My budget is "Not a $200 controller what's wrong with you". Send help.


Only a few more days before those close to me can tell me how they've beaten Elden Ring using meme builds focused on the game's dump stats or other nonsense, all before I can settle on what primary weapon I want to use.


Regardless of partner status, remember to be good to yourselves.


I logged in today to Chrono Cross, Front Mission, Advanced Wars, Earthbound, Xenoblade, Final Fantasy VI, and Gundam news? Plus a stallout in the Aussie "religious tolerance" bill? Is this a monkey's paw thing?


Oh hey a new patch is out! And coincidentally I have also finally crushed the Forest - I really just needed more piercing items.


Dealing with some brand new major family medical drama, so while I'm waiting for news from the hospital, I decided to delve into Vampire Survivors. First game - Got to level 15 (I don't know if this is good or not). Spinny bible shields are great.


I decided to install Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel. I forgot that 1) YGO has become an absolutely bonkers game where every card is a novella, and 2) My gacha luck has activated. I just keep drawing super rare cards. Please send help.


Thank you to everyone for the birthday well-wishes. It means a lot to me that so many would say something, even as I continue to post so little (It can be hard for me to frame my thoughts). Alphadeus created this wonderful song which I've had on repeat.


Got boosted today. They call it boosted but I immediately slowed down. I'm sorry for the next several days of me being a big baby.


I've been futzing around in Deathloop. It started real strong, but now I'm just sort of wandering around, because the game wants me to do everything one specific way and I don't wanna. It strikes me, even compared to Dishonored, how...restrictive this is?


I don't own a Switch (although I want one of those fancy OLEDs...), but my Switch stats from when I house-sat for my brother: 1) Like 6 hours of Mario Kart. 2) 2ish hours of Mario Party? 3) Like 45 minute punching Minecraft skellingtons with nephew.


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