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Ancient Magus Bride is getting a second cour, Made in Abyss season 2 was announced, and My Hero Academia season 3 is coming in March! It looks like 2017's phenomenal anime are bleeding into 2018.


Here's an example of what the internet could be like without net neutrality. If this seems extreme, it's not - it's already happening in Portugal.


In my malaise, I've missed some lovely people's birthdays! Happy birthday to Deadmoon, Chris, and Churros (who understands dulce is the only true churro topping)! I hope I didn't leave anyone out, there were a looot of QP to go through.


Donley made me the main villain of Boss 101, it seems. I'm okay with this.


The purpose of this QP is twofold. The first is to share a trip picture for #dinnertoid. The other is to say that I've posted a couple of articles in the past day or two, and it would mean a lot if people could take a look!


Have RTS your way with Petroglyph's Forged Battalion

Today, the veterans at Petroglyph Games announced Forged Battalion, a '90s-centric RTS that hopes to evolve the classic formula. On the surface, you don't get much more Command & Conquer-style than Forged Battalion's trailer - even the ...


Oxygen Not Included Oil update strikes black gold

My current favorite sadism-simulator Oxygen Not Included got an update recently, adding in a significant new biome to the game. Buried deep in the bowels of your mysterious asteroid, the oil biome is filled with sweet, sweet crude oil for y...


Hi everyone. I'm going to start back in on updating the Master Contact List on a regular basis, but I need your help. Keep your info up-to-date! Tell me if you want stuff (like names) added or removed. The List only exists for and because of you <3


Hi everyone. I was gone a pretty long time. I went interesting places, saw cool things, ate tasty foods. It was a very needed break from where I am in life right now, which isn't a very good place. I'll be around more often now, and I missed everyone. <3


Oxygen Not Included update slathers you in germs

Klei's new misery colony simulator Oxygen Not Included just got a significant update, expanding on agriculture and adding in a brand-new germ mechanic. This naturally means more stress-vomiting for the duplicants you try to manage, because ...


A quick update as to the uninteresting things I've been up to: 1) Ridiculously unproductive 2) Satay 3) An unhealthy Steven Universe addiction 4) Additional char-grilled meats 5) Went to a Ghibli Exhibition 6) Ridiculously Unproductive 7) <3 you all


Hey everyone! I just want to say thank you for participating in my Master List birthday contest! I know it wasn't perfect, not having run one before, but it means a lot to me that you all took the time to enter. I'll try to announce winners soon!


So, I was building a SD Gundam I got free (no box/instructions) as a bonus. I got this far along and learned from the stickers it's an "SD EX-Standard Aile Strike" - oh, and that I can never finish it. It's missing the sprue of joints. Dammit.


Review: Aven Colony

My people are starving. You'd think, when settling a polar ice cap, Mission HQ would be sure to send you with more food. But nooo, “there is some arable land, you can farm for yourself. Oh, we seem to have dropped you way too far from...


How is everyone doing? I see there are many unpopular opinions being had in my absence, but that's okay, I still love you for who you are. The Contact List Contest has a few days left to go as well. Keep being beautiful.


Hey everyone! I might not be around as much for a while, but I'll be sure to check in. In the meantime, remember that I have a contest running! Celebrate the community and win game keys!


I'll be running a small contest in the next couple of days to celebrate the Master Contact List turning 1 year old. In the meantime, Have a key for Aporia: Beyond the Valley! RW5B0-5LLLR-TEACZ


For having such simplistic gameplay, the inner workings of Fate: Grand Order can be really obtuse. As a result, I'm still not sure what 4-star servant to pick from the big list they're offering for free for this event, since I already have Heracles.


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