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Got me a COD4 Beta key

Oh yeah. Finally got my email from Activision and am downloading the Beta now. This gives me a full seven days to enjoy it before i go off to a possible XBL-less University. Feel free to add me and what not. See you on there! EDIT: GT ...


EU COD4 Beta Keys

Alright, so i've been up in Newcastle since Friday and only got back last night. I check my email this morning and find a message from GAME advertising a few new releases but also, what really caught my eye, was a banner stating that if yo...


Jack Thompson gets bitchslapped by Take Two....Again.

Obviously many of you here will have heard of this Jack Thompson bloke. It is my understanding that he dislikes video games for some reason. Anywho, a few months back Jack Thompson was taken to court by Take Two for harassing them and spr...


I stand corrected

Some of you might remember my last foray into the Dtoid blogging community in which i basically outlined the fact that i was not impressed with the BioShock demo and would not be buying game for various other reasons. I now stand corrected...


BioShock: DO NOT WANT!

I think there is something fundamentally wrong with me. I have had no intention to ever buy BioShock. I'd heard the crazy cats behind the System Shock games were making something new, apparently underwater and investigated further. I cou...


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