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Catching up on Bru-Ray Releases.

Yeah I missed a couple of weeks because of Pax and then the Pax Hangover. Anyhoo here are the Blu-Ray releases for the last few weeks. September 09, 2008 * Baby Mama (Universal) * Blu-ray Zombie Bundle (Dawn of the Dead, Day o...


Bru-Ray Releases For This Week.

Not much this week. I don't even know what half of this shit is. * 7 Seconds (Sony) * Belly (Lionsgate) * CJ7 (Sony) * The Doors (Lionsgate) - I like the band. The movie was alright but I'll pass. * Elvis: Viva La...


Bru-Ray Release for the last 4 weeks.

So yeah I haven't posted the Blu-Ray releases for a full month. I suck hard I know but I've been very busy with work. :( Anyway here are the Blu-Ray releases for the last four weeks. July 08, 2008 * Batman Begins (Warner) - Yes ...


Game Over Thinker v6 - Girls in Games Video.

Perhaps slightly NSFW. Sorry if this was already posted it is a little old. Funny AND kind of smart. I know alot of what he is saying is sarcasm but he makes some good points. Girls also wanting to only see attractive woman and nerds ...


Bru-Ray Releases for 5/13 and 5/20

Yeah I missed last week my bad. 5/13 * Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Fox) - Certainly a classic. I don't know if it is something I'd watch often enough to be worth owning. * The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch...


Bru-Ray and HDDVD releases for 5/6

Looks like a hole lot of nothing this week. Sorry for the lack of comments I haven't seen or heard of most of these. Bru-Ray The Air I Breathe(Image) The Devil's Own (Sony) First Sunday (Sony) Helvetica (Plexifilm) Helvetica (Limited Ed...


Bru-Ray and HDDVD releases for 4/29

Nothing for me this week. How about you guys. Bru-Ray 27 Dresses (Fox) First Knight (Sony) The Golden Compass (New Line) - Saw it in the theater. Meh you could tell it was based on a book. Motley Crue: Carnival of Sins (Warern Music G...


Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases for 4/22 - Meh Edition

Sorry this is a few days late but hey I'm not buying any of this stuff so meh. Bru-Ray National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World (National Geographic) - An important subject but not something I'd watch more than once. One M...


Shoot the Core Video Review of Ikaruga

The totally awesome guys over at Shoot the Core have a video review up of Ikaruga. The review is pretty solid with a bit of history on Treasure and talking about Ikaruga's predecessor Radiant Silvergun. There is also some nice informati...


My Gaming Setup. Also Baltimore NARP

Let me show you my setup. This is also a bit of an advertisement for the Baltimore Narp. Click the link for details. A quick update on that. A few people have talked about flying in for the weekend. BWI is a Southwest hub so it shoul...


Baltimore NARP!

Come play games with Dtoiders in Baltimore! Well in reality the Baltimore suburbs. Officially the NARP will be on Saturday May 17th. All are welcome to come the night before or stay through Sunday if you have a particularly long driv...


Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases for 3/25

Slow week is slllooooooooooooowwwwwww. I don't even know what half of this shit is. Bru-Ray Bonnie & Clyde (Warner) - I do like classics. Haven't seen this though so I'll pass for now. Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics (DVD Internati...


Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases for 3/4

Slow week is sloooowwwww. I peeked at next weeks releases though and there are a few must buys in there. I guess saving my money this week is a good thing. Bru-Ray Ice Age (Fox) - Haven't seen this but people seem to like it. Mr. Magor...


Bru-Ray and HDDVD Releases for 2/26 & 2/19.

Hello hi-def whores. Sorry I missed last week but I was out of town on business. Bru Ray - 2/19 Deep Purple: Live at Montreux 2006 (Eagle Rock Entertainment) In the Valley of Elah (Warner Bros.) - I'm a huge Tommy Lee Jones Fan so I wan...


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