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It’s taking them awhile, but they’re learning.


Hopefully the start of something bigger.


I just finished Sonic Mania’s Encore Mode. As someone that really enjoys the base game, the expansion is... disappointing. Even at a paltry $5 it doesn't feel like it adds enough value to be worth the cash. Mighty and Ray are a joy to use, though.


I finally got my Octodad Traveler Wayfarer’s Edition. It’s impressively sexy! One of the nicer CEs I’ve nabbed. Was also unbelievably simple to transfer my data from the newest demo. Time to travel!


People keep talking about wanting Captain Toad sequels. Don’t they know we have a couple already?


Great minds think alike. As do sub-par minds, I’m sure.


Good to know that wishful thinking isn’t dead.


That’s Sonic Mania beaten on Switch with every possible team combination (that you can save for) with all Chaos Emeralds for each. Just in time for Sonic Mania Plus! Might need to work on the PS4 version though.


People sure love talking about Hollow Knight. I gave up around 20 hours. A particular boss battle kicking my ass and me just playing it nonstop has caused me to slow down, on top of playing God of Boy. I do want to finish it though. Still a great game.


I’ve been playing the new God of War and it’s pretty good. Not exactly GOTY worthy stuff but I’m enjoying it enough to want to keep playing through it, which is more than I’d say about most of Sony’s stuff. Very happy there’s actual weight to


I dunno how to make these damnable newfangled images, so I’m just gonna rattle off my E3 top 5, in order: Smash Bros., Ghost of Tsushima, RE 2, Spider-Man, and Dying Light 2. E3 was disappointing, but not necessarily bad. Battletoads will be GOTY 2019!


I was waiting for Hollow Knight to hit the Switch to play it, and boy, was it worth the wait. It feels like a perfect fit for it, and it’s visually captivating and buttery-smooth in a way most games wish they were.


Welp, the new Smash Bros. is ruined.


Sony just made their first pre-E3 announcement. Tetris Effect is a new Tetris game from the creator of Lumines with strong Lumines vibes. PSVR compatible and out this fall with a demo in the works.


Inside Torch’s brain.


Alright folks. One US Switch code for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. Come and get it. First come, first served. Only claim if you don’f Have your own code coming and intend to actually play it.


The Patron Saint of Destructoid. May he always watch over us.


God, I love Tesla Vs. Lovecraft. Not much to the game. Twitch action shooting that doesn’t change much between levels. More or less just a Lovecraftian Crimsonland with teleporting and mechs. And sometimes, a simple reaction-time tester is all you need.


More or less.


Oh shit. The next Dissidia FF NT BBQ character has been announced, and it’s Locke! Fuck yeah! Now I just have to actually care to play the game again...


Signed up for e-mail alert for Sega's take on Puzzle Fighter, Sega Heroes. This is is in the notification e-mail, and also the e-mail description.


Huh. I thought you cool cats would've posted about this by now. Guess you're all not cool enough. Bloodstained spin-off game officially unveiled. Trailer doesn't list a price but former community manager Angel-Corlux says it's $9.99. This is pure sex.


I finally saw Avengers: Infinity War. It... sure was a movie. I definitely liked it, but even now it's hard to process all that happened in it. It's definitely a lot better than I expected, though.


Please don't let me see inside, please don't let me look inside


The hype... she is real.


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