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I was waiting for Hollow Knight to hit the Switch to play it, and boy, was it worth the wait. It feels like a perfect fit for it, and it’s visually captivating and buttery-smooth in a way most games wish they were.


Welp, the new Smash Bros. is ruined.


Sony just made their first pre-E3 announcement. Tetris Effect is a new Tetris game from the creator of Lumines with strong Lumines vibes. PSVR compatible and out this fall with a demo in the works.


Inside Torch’s brain.


Alright folks. One US Switch code for Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon. Come and get it. First come, first served. Only claim if you don’f Have your own code coming and intend to actually play it.


The Patron Saint of Destructoid. May he always watch over us.


God, I love Tesla Vs. Lovecraft. Not much to the game. Twitch action shooting that doesn’t change much between levels. More or less just a Lovecraftian Crimsonland with teleporting and mechs. And sometimes, a simple reaction-time tester is all you need.


More or less.


Oh shit. The next Dissidia FF NT BBQ character has been announced, and it’s Locke! Fuck yeah! Now I just have to actually care to play the game again...


Signed up for e-mail alert for Sega's take on Puzzle Fighter, Sega Heroes. This is is in the notification e-mail, and also the e-mail description.


Huh. I thought you cool cats would've posted about this by now. Guess you're all not cool enough. Bloodstained spin-off game officially unveiled. Trailer doesn't list a price but former community manager Angel-Corlux says it's $9.99. This is pure sex.


I finally saw Avengers: Infinity War. It... sure was a movie. I definitely liked it, but even now it's hard to process all that happened in it. It's definitely a lot better than I expected, though.


Please don't let me see inside, please don't let me look inside


The hype... she is real.




You're not gonna know the guy, but a really cool streamer by the name of Jim Wats is 15 hours into a 24 hour stream for St. Jude. Go watch the guy if you can, and support the cause if you're capable!


Rico Penguin is streaming on of the greatest JRPGs of all time, Breath of Fire 3. Join us and maybe win some moneys down the line, you ingrates!


Rico will be streaming some Stardew Valley for the next couple hours for anyone interested. Nice relaxed stream with a hint of murder. What's that? You said Rico posted the same message? Why, he did... and nobody showed! Get in there, you ingrates!


Yeah yeah, I know where I'm going, but I'm convinced it's gonna be much funnier in Hell.


Sometimes, dreams really do come true.


Apparently the Crash N. Sane Trilogy is getting updated soon to add the trailer for the Spyro remaster in it via a cheat code. There's even a video advertising it. I wonder if that's how they initially wanted to reveal it, before the leak?


After winning RicoPenguin's Twitch giveaway for 60 Amazon bucks, I used the cash to buy Kirby. This has been a mistake. It's addicting! Which isn't a shock, but I got only a few hours to clean house before going back to work. Adulting is cruel.


Sonic says Happy Easter, everybody!


You walk into your living room and you see this. What do you do?


I wouldn't be too disappointed about Danny DeVito not being Detective Pikachu. He clearly made the cut elsewhere.


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