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...This'll only end well... Incidentally, Cosmic Star Heroine is pretty great.


Found this in my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, and the memories came flooding back. We need a good new Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game. And no, THPS 5 wasn't it, sadly. *sigh*


GODDAMNIT. The link's not working and Walmart doesn't directly link it anymore. Who the fuck puts up a pre-order for a hot item at fucking Midnight, anyway!?


reposting just in case. The other doesn't seem to have worked. Guessing it probably did though. Streaming Superhot on PS4, please watch, etc.


Playing Superhot and streaming. Watch! Now! Or else something might happen! Maybe! Probably not!


I bought that Undertale CE and the art book together for $84. Then I bought it digitally on PS4 anyway, all for that theme. I think I might need help here.


If you're happy and you know it -


I asked Angie22 why Crash seems to hate me so much. This was the response. In retrospect, I shouldn't have asked at all.




This hits too close to home.


Booze makes me a happy, dumb animal. Two 40 oz. bottles. What's 40 X 2? Drunk. The answer is drunk. Not quite halfway there yet though. Work in progress!


...Guys. Castlevania. The Netflix show. Just finished three of the paltry four episodes. It's not gonna be enough. I need this to go on forever! I couldn't imagine it'd be so goddamn good!


Welp, that was Spider-Man: Homecoming. I don't think I've seen a movie that better fits the word 'okay' in my life. Still better than Amazing Spider-Man, at least.


Time for Spider-Man: Ho Cumming! Hoping it's at least better than Amazing Spider-Man. Can't ask more than that.


After Friday the 13th: The Game gave me a jonesing for a good horror game, and after Shinta's QPost ironically, I was pushed to play Until Dawn. Just finished it, and it's pretty good! Lots of PS+ers gonna be happy there. Does start slow, though.


It feels so great to know that InspiroBot is catching on.


InspiroBot provides us with another important inspirational message for the day:


InspiroBot gets me. I could use this thing all day. I blame Rico.


Wasn't expecting to buy another Loot Crate again. The thing that sold me? The one thing that always sells me, and I'll be damned if I never expected to see it in a Loot Crate: Goddamn Battletoads. I thought Microsoft forgot about them! Hell, still do.


When I got Cave Story for the Switch, it's because I wanted the keychain that'd come with it (I got Balrog!). What I didn't know is that it'd come with a mini music CD, a full color manual, redone graphics and FOUR soundtracks. Holy Hell. I'm in love!


I don't want to go back to work ever. So I try to think of the good things I did on my time off to balance it out. To that end, I beat Life is Strange and started it again, got ARMS, and watched the fantastic Wonder Woman movie. Pic unrelated:


Seems Konami can't stop being Konami. Now they're blacklisting former employees from getting gainful employment elsewhere.


I'm at the final choice in Life is Strange. I'm just... staring at the screen. Been like this for minutes. I don't know what to do. I just don't know anymoooooooooorrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeee


I'm playing Life is Strange episode 2... my innards are in such torment right now. :-C


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