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Beat Samus Returns in 12 hours and 47 minutes with 63% item completion. The end stuff is fantastic and in all, a good time. There's a lot of meat here for a Metroid game! Doubt I'll go for par times but I'm up for 100%, maybe.


Arc System Works is doing a solid and releasing a collection of NES Kunio-Kun games in Japan, which include four of the American releases as well. I doubt we'll get it, but importing on the Switch should be a breeze anyway.


Ten metroids to go. Samus Returns is a far lengthier excursion than I had anticipated, and that's not necessarily bad. Not my favorite Metroid title, and I hope MercurySteam doesn't get a repeat, but I'll not deny they did some solid work here.


A random thought occurred to me at The Suffering (also known as work) yesterday: Kingdom Hearts wasn't the first game series with a keyblade. They stole it from Sega, of all people.


Gungrave and Zone of the Enders in VR... fuck me dead.


I took off work, spent most of my day Everybody's Golfing and now Everybody's Fishing, my Samus 3DS finally came in, I dodged a bullet with the MVC Infinite CE, and most of all, everybody left me alone. In all, a solid birthday!


For those that care: entirety of Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite's first batch of character DLC is confirmed. We're getting Sigma, Black Panther, Venom, Monster Hunter, The Winter Soldier and, a nice surprise, Black Widow.


Game's officially stopped fucking around. I've found myself compensating well, however. Mostly wanted to show off my new look. I'm a sucker for luchador masks. Will probably do a lot more Everybody's Golfing on this, my 33rd birthday. I'm fucking ANCIENT.


Shit. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan has died at 73. He was one of the best pro wrestling managers and announcers of all time and I'm certain we'll never another quite like him. :-(


Just listening to the Samus Returns soundtrack right now. Disappointed they seemed to emphasize the 3D games over the 2D ones. My Samus 3DS won't be here until tomorrow, but I might steal my bud's 2DS he doesn't use and play in the interim.


No matter what water hazards life might throw your way, never give up!


Metroid: Zero Mission was the last 2D Metroid, released on February 9th, 2004. I was 19 and roughly 7 months out of high school. Now it's September 15th, 2017, and I'm three days away from 33. God, the time flies by. This day, and this game, are overdue.


I hope Mario is secretly Luigi in the next Tetris Attack game.


Read 'em and weep, plebes. No, being serious, I'm happy with this performance, which I can't always say is true. Golf Is Hard(TM).


Just ranked online for the first 9 holes in Everybody's Golf! Ranked 920 out of 3,693 people, which isn't shabby. Still wondering how in the blue hell people can get 15 under par though. There's only 9 holes! Loving the game either way.


Welp, I played Project 1v1. Or did I play Quake? Hard to tell. Anyway, I'm not sure how all the core components will fit together, and I feel it cribs too much on the recent popularity of DOOM and such. Still, it's a leap above Battleborn for sure.


Okay, fine, I'll admit it. This gave me a good chuckle.


I still can't believe I actually bought Mario+Rabbids. So... the rabbids are still cancer, and the overworld running around is bland as it gets. Nonetheless, the combat is impressively solid. Simplified XCOM it is, but it's certainly not lacking depth.


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