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Coors Light is doing advertising with, of all people, Mega Ran. Man, what a sell-out. No, seriously, that's really neat!


My flaming motorcyle's so much cooler than your flaming motorcycle.


Lvl 23 Ghost Rider seeks other like-minded people looking to dole out justice and punishment in Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4. Will switch to a lower-level hero to match needs if necessary, though not buying other heroes. Will figure it out. Anybody game?


I kept forgetting I had the Infinity Gauntlet story through Kindle, so I just read it. Hell of a wild ride. Something tells me the MCU movies aren't going to do it justice at all, which is a shame. Hope I'm wrong here.


Welp, that was ARMS. Still not sold on it, but I'll say this: Nintendo makes fun games. Ultimately the price and the features will make the difference. It doesn't seem completely devoid of single-player content, so that's nice.


HEADS UP! ARMS Global Dickpunch starts in 18 minutes! I'll be there. Will you?


Marvel has revealed that they're releasing comic cover variants in August that are Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite themed. They named the comics in question, and in the process you can guess some of the upcoming additions. Link in comments.


...Fuck it. Still surprising to find out he committed suicide. Selling out live shows left and right, so many great projects on the way, a wife and kids... why throw it all away? I don't get it.


Well, since everyone's posting their Soundgarden favorites... and they're all somehow on the same album... I could probably post stuff all day, but I'll leave it at this.


...Holy fuck. Just ten hours ago Chris Cornell tweeted that he was in Detroit doing a concert with Soundgarden. Now he's dead at 52. What the fuck happened!?


I recall everyone telling me I've bought VA-11 HALL-A for a lot of people, so I checked my e-mails and did the math. Including once for myself, I've bought it... seven times. Holy shit. I think I might have a problem. I mean no I don't, everything's fine.


Got the Persona 3 soundtrack! Listening to music in the car never felt so good.


I took the day off to spend time with my momma for Momma's Day. That, and because I hate my job. Tried bugging her to see Guardians 2 with me, but she was insistent she wouldn't be able to sit long enough to watch it. Then she watched John Wick just fine.


Playing Hooky: Wind Sleeper

As an adult, I don't take days off from work unless I'm absolutely sick. It's because I believe in showing up when expected to, taking responsibility as an adult and ensuring that others don't have to put more work out and suffer for ...


May 2nd, Nioh gets an alternate playable female skin. Not that I needed an excuse to go back, but... yeah, that's still on the itinerary.


Finally beat Persona 5 after 115 hours of play. I genuinely love it, but egads, the game was like a full time job! Not many games I'd pour over 100 hours into just to beat it. Gaming's finally growing quiet too. Time to plat NieR and play Gravity Rush 2!


I'm not thrilled that I'm left wishing Persona 5 would end. It's a great game in spite of its hiccups and I'd like to appreciate it more. But I've been playing for nearly a goddamn month and I just want it to end. I don't have time for this anymore.


To those that are insane enough to spend $200 on the Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite Collector's Edition (like me), GameStop now has it for sale. Get it while it can be got!


This is how I feel after a day of work at Amazon:


Snake Pass? More like Sucks Ass. I want my $20 back!


Finally came across some extra cash and decided that I needed a physical soundtrack for NieR: Automata in my life. Then I found the price is now $63 instead of $40. Digital for $20 it is! Anyway... if emotion was sound, it'd sound like this, I think.


...Holy fuck. I just met Becky. Holy fuck...


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