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Aaaaand I finished The Punisher. Honestly, it was a letdown. Most of it is just so incredibly SLOW. Its pacing doesn't fit something Punisher-related at all. On the bright side though, when it finally DOES pick up, it does so in a big, big way.




It's a shame DOOM on the Switch seems to push for mandatory multiplayer installation. I guess I'll have to rip and tear on the PS4, then. Looking forward to slaying more demons while dodging gunshots and rockets and ripping and tearing and such.


Quoted and shared for posterity.


Yo. Roxas1359 is playing Ape Escape games for a whole 24 hours to get donations for sick kids and <i>you aren't there</i>. Fix that shit pronto! Converse with an inebriated Lawman! Donate! https://go.twitch.tv/roxas1359


That awkward feeling when you realize you have 520 gold points on My Nintendo and nothing to spend them on at all. I could buy out all the free stuff on offer and have 160 left. If only any of it were appealing! Why aren't there Switch things yet!?


Don't we all though, Dere? Don't we all.


I've never seen as strong an advertisement for using the Switch docked as Mario. I keep needing to charge the damn thing! 323 moons in and going on up.


No Mario, thank YOU for providing me with my new favorite game this year, and the best Mario game in a very long time.


...Yes, I see my other QPost. Scratch it. When I think this game can't get crazier, it proves me stupid. Utterly batshit mad. What the fuck, game...?


...I just found the ultimate in what Super Mario Odyssey could offer. There is nothing higher than this. I'm not gonna spoil anything, but... holy balls.


Mario knows what's up! Also I am immensely childish and I should be ashamed. But I'm not! But I should.


For those with amiibo... use them with Super Mario Odyssey. Go on. You know you want to. Already unlocked the best costumes this way. :-D






I'm a weak, feeble flesh bag. I got nervous that Amazon wasn't going to ship my copy of Super Mario Odyssey on time, so I canceled it and went digital. Lose $15 on the deal but at least I know I'll have it at midnight tomorrow! Exciiiiiiite!


I just got Platinum for Undertale. You... don't even have to beat the game to get it. That's a new one. Anyway, it took a little work but I'm falling right back in love with it again. It truly is a fantastic little game.


Animal Crossing: Band Camp will be the end of me. It's over. Just call Kenshiro out so he can call it already. I am already dead. I'm done.


Animal Crossing Mobile Direct in an hour! Who's excited!? I am! Who's terrified!? I am!


Usually I'm so focused on getting what I want the moment it's out that I forget I get Amazon Prime discounts anymore. Super Mario Odyssey for $44.51 after Prime and employee discounts? Hell yes!


Square-Enix knows what the best weapon in Final Fantasy VII was... I... guess?


Megaton Rainfall isn't quite what I was hoping for thus far. But then, it probably would never have been. What's important is, after a bit of a learning curve, the game's fun, and definitely the best Superman sim I've seen. Hear it's short though, sadly.


Welp, Activision just got a patent that'll push microtransactions by matching you with players with better loot, pushing you to buy said loot, then matching you more favorably after to make it seem worthwhile. Video games, folks! Source in comments.


Well in fairness, I DO love burning things...


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