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Okay DToid. Persona 5, Diablo III or Siege? I beat Persona but have a craving to go back. Diablo seemed fun but everyone’s playing the $60 Switch version (looking at Black Friday PSN sales), and Siege is... wait, why am I asking about Siege again?


Smash Professor Layton.


I just watched Your Name. It gave me feelings. Fuck Your Name.


My SoulCalibur VI opinions are very mixed. It plays well enough, which is the important thing, but earning enough Soul Points to unlock things is a chore. Single-player modes are full but also a tad dull. At least CAF lets you do stuff like this:


Just to keep some perspective: Smash Ultimate will ship with 74 characters. That’s more than 4.5 Street Fighter Vs! And roughly 1.3 Marvel Vs. Capcom 2s. All that AND a real single player mode. The Direct sucked but really, we’re doing great here.


Current status:


I got Thunder Pound of Puppies... am.. am I secretly Mike Martin?


YEAH! Yo Adrian, I did it! Shibuya Scramble was an incredible ride. Definitely one of my favorite releases of the year.


Shibuya Scramble never ceases to be utterly fucking ridiculous.


PSST. Top left, fourth name down. It me! You might spot some other interesting names on there too.


A game I backed on Kickstarter is finally out! Timespinner is released and I expected it to be a lot like Symphony of the Night. Didn’t expect it to also be Prince of Persia, though.


I sneezed fifteen seconds ago.


Summer is (almost) over :-D


Yeah, no, the new Spider-Man game is pretty damn good. Been taking lots of photos because why not? Here’s Spidey Noir hanging out with the guys.


I was way too tired to Spider-Man last night, which didn’t stop me from doing it for four hours straight. Not quite sold yet, but I’m a fickle bitch, and I’m still having tons of fun. Hunting radio towers right now, haven’t quite unlocked landmark


Does anyone know if a pre-ordered digital PS4 game will still unlock if your console’s offline? The net went out for the whole area here and if I can’t play Spider-Man at midnight I’m gonna be quite distraught.


So... the new Fist of the North Star game has music from Binary Domain and... Super Monkey Ball? I mean, I approve, but what the skullfuckery is this?


I’m gonna share a link in the comments to an article about the new Spider-Man game and I want you all to read it and laugh with me. Now I see why CD Projekt Red was sheepish about showing off Cyberpunk 2077.


Damn straight.


I’m a bit dismayed. With 2 weeks until the new Spider-Man game I’ve got a craving to go back to an older one. Problem is, there are none on PS4! Where are the Spidey remasters at!? At least give us Ultimate Spider-Man! That’s not tied to a movie lic




So, uh... Shenmue III now has a release date. Not release window or release year, release date. August 27th, 2019. Will it actually make release on time? Who knows!?


DOOM Eternal gameplay reveal. Noon EST today. Hold onto your guts gentlemen, and don’t lose them.


I love to sniff farts!


I love to sniff farts!


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