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I wouldn't be too disappointed about Danny DeVito not being Detective Pikachu. He clearly made the cut elsewhere.


Just finished Season 2 of Jessica Jones. Holy hell was it fantastic! Probably my 2nd favorite Netflix season, after Daredevil S1. It's slow for a few episodes but a goddamn trip for most of it, and surprisingly, quite unlike the other shows/seasons.


Into The Breach beaten on Normal. The devs definitely took a note on how little people liked FTL's final boss. Still plenty of stuff to do in the game, though! Was worried I wouldn't like it (SRPGs like this generally bore me) but instead I adore it.


Though difficulty spikes are a thing in it, and I worry about the free-to-play element catching up, I've played Let It Die all day without spending a dime and loving it. It plays well, ans it's definitely a Suda game at heart.


Aloy seems REALLY confused about what game she's in.


Damn straight.


Beer and Alto's Odyssey and Kingdom Come and RUINER and this song and probably The Tick later and Bad Movie Night. In its own way, life is coming together.


Earth Defense Force 5 is getting a crossover with... Starship Troopers!? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (because I'm shameless, and because more people need to see this, BUMP)


Definitely need to keep street fighting and monster hunting separate. They don't work especially well together. Didn't stop me from ending a Great Jagras' life and being a total asshole about it, though. BUMP FOR GREAT JUSTICE!


I'm liking Injustice 2 a lot. Technically not shocking, considering it plays a lot like Mortal Kombat X. Thing is, I like MK characters overall more than DC. But this has my fave, Subsy, AND Batman, Hellboy and TMNT. In a way, its roster is even better.


I just finished Injustice 2's story mode. Definitely a better story than Black Panther. Want to dick around with the TMNT and other modes. Also want to Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Choices suck sometimes.


Heads-up for people that want Injustice 2 at a reasonable price. It's in the PSN Flash Sale, $32 for the Ultimate Edition. Gives you everything *but* Darkseid, who still costs $6. Still not $20 but a reasonable price IMO.


For those that care: Ryu costume is up for grabs in Monster Hunter in an hour and a half for Street Fighter V owners. Quest is three stars, HR 3, Down the Dark, Muddy Path. Got to slay a Barroth in an arena battle. Should be a cinch for a lot of you.


Celeste is beaten, with plenty more to do. Definitely reminds me of Super Meat Boy in some minute ways. Namely, the addicting platforming and the crippling hand cramps. And the music enraptures my soul in the way that good game music generally does.


Ever play a game where it seems there might be *too* much gameplay? That's Celeste for me. Lovely game but some of these levels seem to never end. Also, the original Celeste is *much* easier with a controller than a keyboard. Loving it so far overall.


Finally got my Viewtiful Joe costume for Rashid! I totally can't wait to never ever use it.


I literally just bought the Platinum for NieR: Automata with in-game currency. I don't deserve to be called a gamer anymore. :-(


Absolutely love this song. Haven't heard it in a long-ass time.


Yeah, I'm thinking it's that time of the year again. And not just for me, either... seems lots of Toiders are getting it.


GUESS WHO CAUGHT A RATHALOS MOTHERFUCKERS. AWW YEAH! *waits for inevitable bragging from people already at Hunter Rank 30 or something*


You can use capture nets to nab smaller animals for quests and as pets. Here my samurai is playing with a Pilot Hare he caught and kept. There's also an aquarium for fish. The Monster Hunter devs have thought of everything.


It is done. My palico now looks like a Watcher. Just waiting on the Aloy skin and the Mega Man duds for my palico so I can switch out.


...There's a purple felyne with a tiara on its head named Nep Nep. What.


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