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Hot damn I'm enjoying the hell out of Multiversus. Being a huge Scooby fan I of course had to unlock Shaggy and Velma today. Velma is best girl too, so I think I'll just main her.


I come bearing gifts. For you, I present Bardcore. Have an Iron Maiden cover!


#ThrowbackThursday! Vader dropped this one on the world over 10 years ago. One of the single most badass openings to a death metal song in history. Still to be topped, in my opinion.


To follow Mike up, I've also been feeling nerdy. Cannot wait to get this up and running. I need some terrain first though. Too broke to buy it, so I gotta make it, I guess.


This Eastward game on Switch seems pretty cool. I feel like people talked about this and I just missed it. Is that the case? In a little bit of a funk regardless, just figured I'd post something about a video game to maybe take my mind off things.


Damn, this new Megadeth is a straight banger. Love the inclusion of Ice T too, great stuff.


Time to revisit a classic, one of my favorite leading riffs period. This one is a true tour de force of classic thrash metal.


While bored I decided to go back and play Red Dead Online again. It's been super fun, largely just doing bounty hunting, but plenty of just exploring too. I wish Rockstar had supported this thing more like how they did GTA Online though.


EDIT: I had posted the demo version of this song, but it wouldn't link. So uh, here's the original, screw it. I miss Agalloch and just wanted to share one of my favorite chill out songs.


I finally completed a deck I've been working on for well, years in Magic today. I've been trying to make a Horror (the creature type) tribal deck for a while now. It was originally 60-card, now it's Commander. I even get to run my favorite card!


Destiny wrapped up the Season of the Haunted storyline this week. I know a lot of people can't get into this game, but it's story and lore has been jaw droppingly amazing as of late. I'll go into more detail down below for character length reasons.


So I decided to reroll my redheaded stepchild Destiny character, my Warlock. I had NO idea that the new player experience is a retelling of the beginning of Destiny 1 now, with a nice modern twist/tie in at the end. That's so cool! Nostalgia! Khvostov!


I'm late, because my household has been being bodyslammed by Covid...but how about that Puppet Combo Direct! I was absolutely delighted!


#throwbackthursday! This track still absolutely shreds. That leading riff gets stuck in my head CONSTANTLY! Fucking tasty! Mind blowing solo to boot.


So Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 shows what the story intended to do with some of our sunset content/locations. The Leviathan came back as a new patrol location with the seasonal activity in it. It's actually pretty neat. Been a long time.


Throwback Thursday! Going all the way back to 2002, seeing these guys live changed my entire perspective of music. They quickly became my favorite band, and still are to this day. They single-handedly exposed me to the Swedish metal scene AND Melodeath!


We got in this little Papa Emeritus at work and I had to buy it immediately. Now it's hanging on my wall for all to see.


Did some serious figure hunting this week. Found a lot of stuff I've been looking for!


I've finally overcome a writer's block that felt like it's now lasted over a solid year. I wrote over three pages this morning to a slasher novel I've had planned for quite a while now. Feels great!


After a few days with Evil Dead: The Game I can safely say that this game kicks ass! I'm so happy it turned out well, and it's just an absolute blast to play with friends.


I'm so freaking excited for this! It's only 3-4 hours away now!


Had a rough one last night. To be completely honest wasn't sure which direction I was going to come out from. Times like these I just want to stop and thank those of you who still interact with me and make the passing days a bit easier. Thank you.


Still my favorite "modern" video game soundtrack piece. So fucking good.


Fucking plastic hinge on my laptop broke today. And is now held together with bright yellow duct tape...because it's all I had on hand. It's working for now, I guess.




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