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My wife is looking to visit people's AC islands via Dodo codes if anyone is looking for a visitor. (She's particularly looking for some apples, too.) Anyone care to share per her request?


So Doom Eternal. Gameplay is fun, combat is fun...but this story? I can't say I expected or wanted Darksiders injected into Doom. I'm still quite early, but so far I could really do without this angle on it's story. More below.


My wife's surgery was successful and she is now home recovering. She is so far doing well. I spent last night fairly ill myself. Something wrecked my stomach hard. But she's safe and home now, so that's all that matters.


It needs to be stated, Nioh 2 is excellent. I know there's a lot of real bangers coming this year, but this game is serious Game of the Year material. And in a less jam packed year, I think it'd be a strong candidate. It's delicious.


Here's my Nioh 2 character. I worked too long on making him. Was pleased with how he turned out in the end. This game's character creation engine is excellent.


Out $900+ on hockey tickets, sick as fuck, ankle is flared up again, dislocated my shoulder, and my wife is going into back surgery in two days and may end up quarantined alone in the hospital afterwards. I've tried to stay optimistic. Anxiety is rolling.


To be completely honest I don't find many celebrities that hot. So Christina Henricks. And even her I don't find super hot, just has nice tits and red hair. There's my list.


What a kickass tune this is. Later Witchery reminds me of later Carcass sometimes and I fucking love it.


Happy birthday to Nekro! Thanks for talking shop about metal with me. I appreciate it and you. Thanks for being a friend, have yourself a kickass day.


When I start a new fighting game, it takes me a few days to try to find a character to pick up. That's happening now with GranBlue Fantasy Versus. Leaning towards Zeta...or maybe Lowain for troll/Dan Hibiki factor. I dunno?


I finally finished the PS4 Yakuza collection! Got everything now and Judgement included. Now maybe one day I'll find the time to actually play through them all. I was only able to find Playstation Hits cases for 0 and Kiwami 1, but it is what it is.


Today I learned that truly quality dildos are expensive. Went shopping with the wife. Also, I think I'm gonna take the plunge on Division 2's new expansion.


Alright, so let's do an FFVII remake impression. It's...good! I've been worrying about how it would play out, but I enjoyed the demo a lot! The combat is fluid and fast paced and more enjoyable that I thought it would be. I'm impressed. More below.


St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks tonight is some of the best hockey I've seen outside of the playoffs in years.


OK! I got the Yakuza Legacy Remaster Collection! I've played every game in this series but only actually completely finished the original. That said, should I play 4 or 5 first out of this collection? I'll answer questions anyone has to further discuss.


So I not only have a strained Achille's tendon as well as general tendonitis, but also I'm flat footed and both of my arches are fucked up. Also, I have pretty bad high blood pressure. Yay!


So I'm a stupid and didn't really know about that Yakuza Remaster Collection. I NEED that in my life, and it sounds perfect. Broke as fuck, but to those of you who got it, how is it? How's the quality?


Holy shit, this is hot! A real banger!


Couldn't resist picking Division 2 again for $3. Too good of a deal. Been meaning to anyway. Coming back in, it looks like I've actually missed quite a bit. Bit overwhelming. I have no idea how anything is balanced anymore either. Chatterbox still good?


I know this isn't a sports oriented place, but man...Jay Bouwmeester of the St. Louis Blues collapsed tonight on the bench from a cardiac episode and I'm devastated. Scary as hell to watch it unfold live. Total bummer.


Anyone have experience using tea tree oil for a bad tooth? Got one that's giving me a shitty taste in my mouth and I can't get to a dentist for a little bit. But I can't deal with the constant bitter taste. Do I put a drop or more into water and rinse?


So I decided to pick up .Hack//G.U. Last Recode on sale. I feel like I've traveled back in time playing this thing and I love it. I've never played more than the first volume of this series and I look forward to it!


This was too good. The way Smith stands and waits for his fight at center ice looks he placed his quarter on the Mortal Kombat cabinet and says "I got winner." One of the best hockey fights I've ever seen.


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