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I BUSTED my ass all weekend long to get this skin! But It finally just happened. Took winning 8 games, no easy feat. (And 2 free Crowns from the season pass track thing.) I can say this, I think I'm a helluva lot better at this game now than before.


#shoetoid? #socktoid? I rarely ever wear either. I HATE wearing shoes and socks if I can help it. Which is probably why my feet are like leather and my one toes is smashed and gnarled looking. #fuckshoes. I may be a dwarf, but I have halfling feet.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday time. Just keeping it classic with my second favorite death metal band ever. And with their best album, which unfortunately was also their swan song.


I've become obsessed tracking and taming rare Hunter pets in WoW. It's so rewarding sometimes managing to capture one of these things that has an 8-12 hour respawn timer. And knowing YOU got it and can now tear shit up with it in battle.


It's just that kind day today. How are you folks?


Holy shit! Live hockey is on guys! Empty arenas and all, but it's happening. Right now! I'm very excited!


Revisiting this album again today. One of the most underrated thrash metal albums in the past 15 years.


I drink a lot of water. If I'm not drinking tea, I'm drinking water. As such, I can absolutely taste the difference between different brands of water. My two favorites are Liquid Death and Voss. Am I the only one here like this?


Have I ever told you guys that I play World of Warcraft as my wife? I don't mean I roleplay her, I mean when I moved to a new server I let her create a character and somehow her name was not taken. So now I play her. Details below.


It's one of those days. Nothing is actually wrong, in fact life is going fairly well. But I'm anxious as hell, feeling on edge and just not...good. I don't even know why. The day feels out of place. I hate when this shit happens.


Soulbow's post made me announce this. Yeah, if you all don't know I'm short. Like fantasy dwarf short. I literally stand on a Wii Fit board to properly bend my wife over the bed. That kinda short. Proud of it, fuck it! (Bump)


Oh yeah. Do me dirty, Dtoid. That's how I like it.


I like big fat, plump titties. That is all.


Holy fucking shit. THIS is the shit I needed right now. I remember when the rips of the demos for this released. This is the REAL oldschool Arch Enemy. Johan Liiva era Arch Enemy is honestly one of my favorite bands of all time.


I finally finished TLoU2. And Wow, incredible game. I truly cannot understand any actual controversy surrounding this game. I can understand it's dark, violent no compromise tone not being for everyone. But aside from that...I don't get it. Incredible.


Straight sniped a guy on the auction house in NHL 20 to get this card. Makes me happy, it hasn't been easy to find, especially for anything close to what I paid for it in in-game currency. I'm glad to have him on my ultimate team!


This guy's entire YT channel is just him hanging out with and feeding raccoons. I love it.


Lot of bad shit going on in my world. Don't feel comfortable talking about some of it because it's not directly involving me. I'm having an issue with my little brother though, and I honestly don't know how to proceed. More below. (LONG post within.)


The FGC is going to hell and back and now this...fuck. Nuckledu, my favorite player. I hope he's alright. He's had a really tough go of things, and is a genuinely good dude who just recently started a family with a new baby girl. (Details below.)


Uncle Derek always staying positive and celebrating the shitty games and ridiculous ports. I love it! Celebrating the short lived and shitty Tiger GameCom this time! I had this train wreck and the Mortal Kombat game, lol.


These angry Corgis never fail to make me laugh. I grew up with a Corgi named Fox, I loved that dog so much. He was a silly little guy too.


Had my first Gloomhaven session since Covid-19 hit. We scraped through the scenario we did and it was a lot of fun. Finally time to dig into TLoU2 now!


If you know me, you know I like answering questions. Hit me with your best shot.


One year ago to the day, my home team took Lord Stanley's cup over the Boston Bruins. A historical moment for the St. Louis Blues, their first. I miss hockey something fierce, but today is a special day, one I'll never forget for as long as I live.


Recently covering a WTF game thread at the forum, I brought up Illbleed and how I love it's crazy self. But it made me wax nostalgic for the Dreamcast, as I always do. (There will be a lot more below in the comments.)


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