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Happy #ThrashMetalThursday! Nevermore wasn't always thrash, but when they were they were masterful. This one hits hard lyrically, if you understand the subject matter.


I didn't forget about you, Dtoid, I promise! Been at home helping my wife recovery from back surgery. (again) It wouldn't be a quickpost from Xeo though without some metal, so get some!


Playing Heroes of the Storm as an actual F2P game can be a real bitch. I've been trying hoping against hope to get Garrosh out of a box since he released. Nope. Notice he's on sale this week for $5...but nope. No money in sight.


Damn have I been busy lately. A lot of taking care of my wife and the kids after her back surgery. BUT, I've been playing Victor Vran: Overkill Edition and holy fuck has it been fantastic. The definition of a hidden gem!


Holy dumb fuck...found out Dragonforce covered a Death classic today. And it's actually pretty damn good!


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Life keeps on truckin'. Loving it and myself as best as I can! Enjoy some melodic death metal!


Weekend was brutal. Wife's getting another back surgery tomorrow. Not sure what to think. But I think it will help. Song's quite fitting for my emotions right at the moment.


Had a rough past few days. Moving forward in a positive light though. Fuck it. No pity parties for me. This track kicks ass, the chorus has been stuck in my head for days now.


This song is disgustingly exhausting to play in entirety. I fucking love it! That thrashy breakdown around the 6:42 mark makes me want to want to wrestle a bear.


I'm too goddamned angry today to even bother with silly hashtags. Fuck it.


Within Emptiness Unobstructed

Today is a pretty hard day for me. This has been a really tough year for me, and as I'm trying to stay positive days like today just really make it difficult.To start, if you know me, you know I'm VERY passionate about music, in partic...


I know it's kind of silly I guess, but I'm gutted today at the news of Warrel Dane's death. It's left me in a state of depression that I can't seem to shake. One of my idols died today...on the anniversary of another idol's death. (Chuck SChuldiner)


Warrel Dane died today. I'm absolutely crushed. He passed away the exact same day Chuck Schuldiner passed away 16 years ago to the day.http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/nevermore-and-sanctuary-singer-warrel-dane-dies-of-heart-attack-in-brazil/


Woo, had a long weekend. Had a buddy in from out of town to watch Capcom Cup with the wife and I. Good times were had. Mena RD played out of his goddamned mind! Kickingback with a classic today.


HNNNG! I've got a massive hard on for this new Morbid Angel album. Might be my favorite album of 2017! This is some straight up golden age quality death metal. Some of the best I've heard in over a decade!


#TURNITUPTUESDAY MORBID ANGEL IS BACK! Fuck, this song absolutely crushes! No more of that Illud Divinum Insanus trash. Instead going back to the Formulas Fatal to the Flesh days!


Through the miracles of trade I got Xenoblade Chronicles 2! Someone already traded one in to Gamestop, lol. And it made me realize that I forgot to ever share my Switch friend code, for anyone who wants to befriend an old, dirty bastard like me.


The secret santa program thing still going on here? If so can I get some details? I'd like to participate. I didn't initially think I could due to finances, but that may have changed. Can anyone link me?


HAPPY (LATE) #THRASHMETALTHURSDAY! Is it just me or does this song sound like it should be part of a Mega Man Soundtrack?


Is it sad or wrong that the main reason I'm interested in Xenoblade 2 is because of the gifs of that chick's fat tits flopping around? Well, it's true. In other news I really like FFXV Comrades DLC!


Why am I so satisfied to program AI for my Injustice 2 characters and then watch them complete Multiverse challenges for me? I don't even understand it.


#WonderfulMetalWednesday I want to cry when I let it sink in that Nevermore will truly most likely never reform for a new album. So I can only hold onto their old material like extremely valuable treasure.


I tried my hardest with my limited resources this weekend to secure a copy of Nier Automata and failed. Just wanted a slice of that 2B booty... Bummer. Help cheer me up in the comments with some funnies and special 2B photos?


What a fucking weekend. Been working while sick. But I got Wolfenstein II for $25, that's a plus. Wanted Nier Automata as well, but it was sold out. Couldn't afford anything else since I just got a new TV.


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