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Well folks, it was an agonizing decision, because I'm poor as hell, but I decided on Hollow Knight. It's downloading now.


Real game talk. I've got about $17 for a Switch game. I'm deciding between Hollow Knight and A Night In the Woods, since it's on sale. But I can't pick. I LOVE the atmosphere and idea of ANItW, but unsure about the time constraint pressure. Opinions?


Favorite albums of all time. AMA got me to thinking on that. Answer in the comments due to length. What're yours?


Finally recovering from that goddamned awful food poisoning. So to celebrate why not have an AMA? Ask whatever, I'll be honest, I promise!


Daisy is a goddamned savage. That's why she's the best princess.


I got 4 hours of sleep last night from constant stomach pain while lying down, and have shit probably 20 times since 4am. There can't be much more left. #mybattlefield.


What I thought was a cold or simple illness as it turns out has probably been food poisoning. My stomach is reeling from it and I'm feeling a bit dehydrated.


Jeez louise, what a day. Woke up for some fun Father's Day activities and...I'm sick as hell. Running a fever, got chills and aches, stomach's a mess. My family has been great though!


This one is for you, Doom 2016! Criminal that this wasn't on the soundtrack. #Thrash4Life


#ThrashMetalThursday time. A modern thrash classic as far as I'm concerned, and one of my favorite drummers in the business.


Day two of the Nintendo Treehouse!'s two fucking hours of a boring ass anime RPG! Seriously, I don't hate Xenoblade...but fuck this is boring as hell to watch.


Been away for a bit. Had an extended (for us) vacation with my wife. We went to see a concert (Hammerfall along with Flotsam and Jetsam!) and spent some quality time together. Was fantastic. Wish it could have been even longer. What'd I miss?


Happy #ThrashMetalThursday! Very excited to be going to see these guys next week along with Hammerfall!


Been a pretty crazy, though positive weekend. Been pretty busy, haven't had any time to start up Dark Souls Remastered so far, looking forward to that though. Heroes of the Storm has a sweet Lucha Libre event going on though!


Well, good news and bad. My wife came back from the doctor and didn't have full blown RA or Lupus. That's good! still gives her no answer as to her chronic pain. That's bad...


Wife's going back to the doc today. Very high chance of RA, but also a bit of a breast cancer scare. I'm so nervous and scared that I can't even think straight. Won't have definite answers for a few hours yet. Not even sure what to do.


The unpopular opinion. I think Black Ops 4 actually looks really good. I like the changes being implemented, great to see the series break away from the 2008 template. And the battle royale mode...actually sounds like a great time with friends.


I was busy with some real life drama and my CotW blog last week so I didn't get to say this. BUUT...I platinumed God of War and have to say that it's one of my top 10 favorite games ever made. My favorite game of this console generation, easily.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday This album is fucking golden, I feel dumb to only be getting into it this year. This is quite simply some of the finest melodic death metal I've ever heard.


Hap and Leonard was officially cancelled after three seasons. Sundance's highest rated program, with a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Straight from Joe Lansdale's mouth. FUCKING BUMMER. Never cared as much for a show before this.


Last week was a doozy. Glad to have gotten through it. And glad that my crack at the CotW blog ended up going apparently well. That was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again. Off to a new, better week!


Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there! I'm going to see my own mom later today and giving my waifu a nice relaxing day as well!


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