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Most of my household is sick. I feel like total dogshit and gotta go to work tonight, and it's probably gonna be busy because Black Ops 4 just released. Too poor to call off. My son got strep throat again somehow. Hoping that's not what the wife and I got


If there was ever a song to be played as I marched into what could possibly be my death, this is it. One of my favorite songs, and one that gets me pumped to prime. I feel like one of the manliest motherfuckers alive while it's on.


My life in the haunted house. Xeo's true ghost story.

I lived a large portion of my life in a haunted house. It's the simple. I grew up trying to be a skeptic, but the house made it difficult on several occasions. We moved into the house around the time I was in second grade, and it was a...


I've posted it before, but I don't care. In celebration of #ArbitraryMetalTuesday here's the single greatest example of the "New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal" movement. Canada is killing it here!


Considered making a blog entry about my childhood home. It was haunted, and even though I tried to be skeptic, living in it for over a decade made it hard to stay that way. The damn deed even stated it was haunted. Anyone interested in reading that?


Happy Saturday! What are your weekend plans? I'm going to an apple festival with my family, like I'm living in Stardew Valley or Harvest moon. It's always time for metal though, enjoy a favorite of mine.


Beat Spider-Man and obtained the Platinum trophy. FANTASTIC game! It's on the list for my GotY 2018. Close race between this and God of War so far. It was fantastic, so good I was compelled to get the Platinum.


Should I trade my New 2DS that I have no games for in for Assassin's Creed Odyssey? I'm torn.


I did a thing and posted some writing. It's October, so maybe my shitty brand of horror can be appreciated! https://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Xeo/xeo-s-spooktacular-story-time-zodiackyl-light-525601.phtml


Xeo's Spooktacular Story Time: Zodiackyl Light

Foreward: This is raw, unedited. More than a few years old at this point, but being shared publicly for the first time. It's a fragment from a larger story, but given that it's the best month of the year, October, I figured it'd be a p...


Haven't been as active lately. Been busy. A lot of still being broke, still stressing hard and putting off health concerns I shouldn't. BUT my son is doing well in Kindergarten and I'm gonna be finishing Spider-Man soon!


Started Spider-Man the other night. Decided to play some this morning, since I have free time. Got my son off to school around 7:10. Figured I'd play a bit and then take a walk. It's now 12:03. Fuuck. This game is gud.


I dunno about you, but I fucking LOVE classic heavy metal. And Cauldron brings that classic sound in spades in the modern world. I love these guys so much!


My wife pre-ordered me a Playstation Classic, because she's the best. We also had a breakfast with our son, Jace at his school for his Book Fair. He got two cool new books. Including this one with amazing illustrations. It's beautiful. Been a great day!


So the female dwarfs in Divinity Original Sin 2 are EXTRA THICC! So of course I'm gonna have to play one. But what class should I be? This is gonna take forever to decide. Any recommendations?


Wife is interested in jumping into the PS4 era. She was disappointed with Octopath and wants some quality RPGs with substance. I've already recommended Witcher 3, any other suggestions? I'll explain things she likes and doesn't in the comments.


Anyone on here have a PS4 they want to part with? Preferably a Pro? My wife wants to dive into it finally, after me talking up Witcher 3 for years now. And maybe do some Divinity 2 co-op with me as well. Looking to buy OR trade. Have Octopath Wayfarer Ed.


Sold my Persona 5 collector's edition and bought some games. While I loved that thing, I'm poor and wanted new games. Thanks to that and trading a few things though I grabbed Spider-Man, Dragon Quest XI and Divinity OS 2. I guess I'm booked for a bit, lol


Been watching Datto's team on and off again in their attempt to get the world first clear of the Last Wish Destiny 2 Forsaken raid. They're 15 minutes away from having started 12 hours ago...and still haven't beaten the last encounter. Rough.


Good night for some power prog metal. This is my jam right now. It feels like fall out here, and I fucking love it!


Any of you folks interested in playing Detroit: Become Human, who haven't gotten to? I won a Sony contest and got a code for the digital deluxe edition of the game. You guys have given to me in the past, let me return the favor. EDIT: It's gone!


So today is my wife and I's 9 year wedding anniversary. Been with her total over a decade and a half. Crazy. To the love of my life, my sun and my stars. Best decision I ever made.


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