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Trying to formulate a suitable Elezen name for my FFXIV character and so I do some research. I find some info on name generators and look into them. And find this nonsense. I think this is fate intervening!


So to anyone that's ever done a complete gender swap with a Fantasia in FFXIV, is there an option to also buy a name change? I've strongly considered going from a male Elezen to a female. But my name would not work so well. Is there any option to fix that


As a horror fanatic, every month of the year is Halloween for me. I regularly watch, read, and play horror media throughout the year, so there's really no difference for me during October, lol. Still love this time of year, but horror is an everyday thing


Coming back to Diablo 2 after all of these years...damn it feels good. It's been so long that I actually even forgot plenty of things, despite pouring hundreds of hours into this originally. D2 Resurrected is a real treat! Necro looks so good now too!


Trading in about $300 worth of Magic cards to buy...more Magic cards from the new set tomorrow at work. This is why I originally quit, lol. Back at it again. Midnight Hunt has proven so far to be a great set in MTGA though!


So Midnight Hunt released in MTG: Arena. And this card...this is stupidly powerful. I'm gonna break the back of the card so hard with a decayed zombie deck. This is absolutely ridiculous how powerful this can be. Already one of the best cards in the set.


Got Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut for PS5 and man...I forgot how damn good Legends was. I missed this a lot. I got this because I no longer had my PS4 copy and I wanted to play the DLC, but so far I've done nothing but Legends mode anyway lol.


Tales of Arise has so far been extremely enjoyable. I haven't enjoyed a game in this series in quite a while, so I'm surprised how much this one has clicked for me.


@Riffraff I finally got to see Brand New Cherry Flavor. This was straight up Channel Zero Season 5, but rated TV-MA in all but name. Fantastic stuff. Great all around from acting to directing and atmosphere. A+ Weird as hell, just the way I love it.


That was a really nice conference! Not a lot coming immediately...but Alan Wake Remaster finally! I've waited a long time for that. I love that game so much. Also that one game looked like Neir + Bloodborne. That's pretty cool. Interested for sure.


I uh...just browse Dtoid on a computer,so ads aren't nearly as much of an issue. So there's my #adtoid. I can't STAND browsing sites on my phone.


Mmm, this looks real good so far! I'm hyped as hell to play this thing. Glad it's working on the MW2019 engine too. Looks great. Hope it ends up having better multiplayer maps than that game. It's launching with more, so that's already a plus.


I've began to realize something. This whole time for the past year or so I've felt like I might be losing my love for gaming. It's not true. I've just grown so tired of the constant internet hyperbole and bullshit surrounding it. I still love games.


Clan Pink Rides Again? Going back to WWII in CoD.

Many, many years ago I got my first taste of online Call of Duty with CoD: World at War. I had played Modern Warfare previous to this on Xbox 360, but only the single player stuff because I didn't have Xbox Live. Fast forward a little ...


Just wrapped up Heavensward in FF14. Wow. Best Final Fantasy narrative since the 32-bit. Fucking excellent. What a time to be a Dragoon!


Cover time huh? When a band can transform a song in a completely different genre, and actually improve upon the complexity layering of it in the process? Amazing. Nevermore succeeded quite well here. They made this THEIR song, not just a cover.


Perhaps it's time to use my first Fantasia potion in FFXIV? I'm a male Midlander Hyur and considering switching to a male Wildwood Elezen instead. A longboi. Heavensward has just hit me like that I guess. Don't want to regret the decision though.


Historic Brawl in MTG: Arena you say? I've been waiting for this moment! Yes, I'm THAT guy. You could say, a real...rat bastard!


The only time I've ever given a shit about church bells.


I really enjoy FF14, but my only issue so far is this. Trying to level a new DPS class/Job without quests suuuucks. I decided to give Thaumaturge/Black Mage a try. But leveling it through long dungeon queues and hunt logs is painful. Any advice?


The saddest of sad seeing this.


Whang made a video for this community. About damn time, amirite?


I pushed through into Heavensward in FFXIV last week. Immediately unlocked Dark Knight and began my trial by fire in learning how to tank while leveling my newly acquired Dark Knight. It's been a helluva journey so far. I love this game!


Might of uh, might of went a little nuts with the MTG: Forgotten Realms set release... This is half of what my store got in, lol. Wife and I are going to host a draft for that booster box.


So I'm playing FFXIV here and coming to the tail end of the post-story content of ARR before going into Heavensward. And it strikes me that Ul'dah is portrayed pretty much as the US, fairly accurately in a FF setting no less.


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