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So uh...Godzilla vs. King Kong kinda sucked. The bits where the two fought were cool. But the narrative was absolutely TRASH TIER. The acting was passable at best. There was some enjoyment in seeing the two battle...but that's it. Thumbs Down.


Fellow TMNT collectors! Did you dudes see NECA is officially making the Pizza Monster as an Ultimate figure!? It's up for pre-order! Get it while you can! https://thenecastore.com/collections/toys/products/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-cartoon-7-scale-a


I spoke too soon about 2nd round vaccine not doing much to me. It's kicked my ass today. Fever, aches, chills, etc. But it finally seems to be evening out.


Ohhhh shiiiiit! Hamato Yoshi!


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday! A blast from the past this week. Nightrage's first album featuring Gus G on guitar and Tomas Lindberg on vocals.


I've spent the past month or so assembling this small collection and the final piece came in the mail today. Figured I'd wait to show it off until they were all here. Told myself originally I'd just collect the toon line...whoops.


Woke up today to what felt like being kicked in the balls. The pain was excruciating. My wife took me to the ER. Turns out, I've been passing a kidney stone. This has been a rough weekend between this and my shoulder.


So I lied. I got Monster Hunter Rise. My wife is fantastic and bought it for me. It's REAL good so far. Spent all night playing. Unsure what weapon I'm gonna focus on, so just sticking with the trusty Long Sword for now. I gotta sleep though.


Dislocated my shoulder again, and the muscle and socket is inflamed. This happens often, the joint is fucked up and has been since I was a teen. Hurts badly but I don't want to sit in the ER. So I gotta deal with it until Urgent Care opens instead. Fuck.


I forgot to post this in my excitement when it was released last week. But anyway, here's round 2 for #ArbitraryMetalTuesday! I can't pass up the chance to share new Insomnium for anyone willing to listen who hasn't heard it already!


Struck out all day long on the TMNT movie turtle figure restocks. But I DID find this handsome son of a bitch at Target! Stoked about this find!


I'm genuinely excited to play the full release of Outriders. Shitty writing aside, I really enjoyed playing the demo. I have since gone back and played it even more with different builds and classes. The devs have been WONDERFUL too in communication.


Got my first round of the Covid vaccine this morning! Pretty stoked about that. Look forward to finishing it off in three weeks, even if it makes me feel like shit temporarily!


Alright, goddammit. #Mashuptoid You asked for this.


Dtoid has been steadily becoming a place that feels less and less like the warm, friendly online home it once did for me. EDIT: To clarify, I'm not leaving the site. Seems this has warranted some good discussion, so I'll continue within. Love you folks!


Ah, #ArbitraryMetalTuesday and #Womantoid, eh? Sounds like a good reason to share ZnoWhite. EXTREMELY underrated ass kicking thrash metal from the late 80's close to home for me, from Chicago.


Alright, so it's #womantoid? Here's one of my personal favorite leading ladies.


I thought I was done getting NECA figures for a little while, but my wife found these and brought them home for me. These are freaking sweet.


Got some thoughts on the Outriders demo as someone who's played and (largely) enjoyed most games within this sub-genre. I'll cover the good and bad, and then some more personalized opinions below I suppose. Assuming anyone is interested, details below.


The wife and I introduced our son to the 1990 TMNT movie tonight. As expected, he loved it! He said it was a 10/10, one of the best movies ever made. lol. His favorite part? "When Casey Jones came in to the burning building and beat up all the bad guys."


Two packages in one day. I didn't want to post them into the same post, as it diminished how much I appreciate these two. But here's this one, from Shoggoth. Thanks so much for finding this for me, buddy! I've still not been able to find it myself locally


Jeez, Jetter Mars! I was already extremely thankful for your gifting me this Splinter/Baxter set, but you really went above and beyond here! You're too good to a bum like me. I wasn't expecting the other stuff, and I love them! Thank you!


Black Ops Cold War just introduced a new mode called "Outbreak". And it's amazing. It's like Warzone, except it's all Co-op PVE fighting zombies and traveling across various giant open world maps to do so. Has potential to be HUGE. This is fucking RAD!


Well, I don't have a selfie because I kind of hate myself sometimes. But what I do have instead is the picture of this package that came today! I finally got a complete series of Wave 1 NECA Animated Turtles! (And Metalhead!)


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