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We could have had some cooler stuff in that Square presentation if 70% of it wasn't Marvel bullshit, and another 20% Stranger Teenage Angst. Bummer. Well, I'm really only interested in Capcom anyway. Theirs has to be better than that.


Started a new job at a local game/hobby shop and it's looking good. Nice, relaxed atmosphere, cool people to work around and awesome stuff on every wall. It' a nice break I needed.


Time to make that drank!


About to be game night. And I came back to revisit the extremely underrated and AWESOME "Be Gone" from Pharaoh. Tim Aymar's vocals were at their absolute peak on this album. The guy is truly something special and I have no idea how he's so unrecognized.


On the subject of RE8, anyone else realize the S.T.A.K.E. is straight up "Wildey" from Death Wish 3? Killing those lycan bastards Kersey style!


This is a legitimate ad I've seen several times on Facebook in different variations. Not a meme, it's a legit product. And all of their ads purposefully shit on their own product. I kind of love it.


Today is a day to remember and honor those we know who served and did not return. Let us remember the personal sacrifice of our friends and family on this Memorial Day. Stay safe out there and have a great day, Dtoid family.


Was a Batman Talisman kinda night. Vaccinated game night! My wife won while playing as Clayface. I played Bane and got killed in a prison fight...lol.


Didn't someone on here once mention Totally Rad Toys? Like they had just discovered it or something? Well, if so, you'll like this. Pixel Dan just did a Toy Hunting video there. (One of the biggest online toy hunters, if you don't know.)


Don't think I forgot. I've just been busy. It's my favorite day of the week. #THRASHMETALTHURSDAY!!!


This was a fascinating video. From one of my absolute favorite YouTube channels, Norman always puts together informative, no BS videos that are very well polished, written and researched. This is a device I didn't know a lot about!


In my boredom I've been going gung-ho on League of Legends again. Like the old days. I've been playing this game for over a decade and I still love it. And clearly I've still got some semblance of skill too. (I'm Toadkillerdog7, btw)


Mr. McMuscles did a TMNT: Tournament Fighter video!? I didn't even know until today. This was an awesome look back at a series of games that blew my socks off as a youngster. It's a strange batch of games, but I loved them as a kid.


Well, that's it for my team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The fact that we even made it there this year after all of the injuries is a miracle. Losing Perron beofre the series even started and Faulk right as it did to a dirty hit sealed the deal.


I'm not drunk or even high. But if you want you can still AMA. I'll give it to you straight.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Keeping it classic today. Viking metal long before Amon Amarth were doing their thing.


Trying to get the "Legendary Cowboy" achievement in RE8 has made me firmly realize one thing. I LOVE ball-crushingly difficult games, but I HATE strict time limits. Beat me up, flay me, break my bones and bury me again and again. But no time limit plz!


I'm now on my fourth playthrough of RE8. I just finished an attempt to beat it in under 3 hours for the trophy, did so in 2 hours and 14 minutes. Beat the third boss in 17 second...lmao. I can't get enough of this game!


Wrapped up my first playthrough of RE8 this morning. It was good, quite good. I'll speak more below in the comments about it where I can mark it for spoilers.


When you to to a fight and a hockey game breaks out. One of the NHL's biggest assholes, Tom Wilson started this the day before when he body slammed a player headfirst onto the ice and then wasn't suspended. The NY Rangers took note, this is next night.


Guys...I think I might have actually finished my final essay of this semester right in time to play RE8! I mean, I still have to drive to pick it up later, since I opted for physical. And the essay needs some editing...but I DID IT!


I spent way too long making this dumb thing. But here it is!


I got to the 3rd biome in Returnal tonight. Got my ass royally beat. Thought I was having a pretty good run too! One of the new enemy types there is BRUTAL. Fighting 3 Severed at once was a fucking mission too.


I can say without a doubt after having finally played it, Returnal is excellent. I was immersed in it and it's strange alien world like I haven't been immersed in a game in quite a while. So far, very good.


I've managed to trade a few games in to Gamestop to get Returnal since they had a 50% extra trade promo for it. HMaybe this can be the game to break me out of that slump. Here's to hoping. When the apathy passes I'll give it a go.


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