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Hello folks, if any of you are still playing Destiny 2, or intending to start with Forsaken and on PS4 my clan, Atheist Star Protocol is recruiting again. We used to be full, but well, the game collapsed, as you know, lol. Just ask if you're interested!


#ThrashMetalThursday! Warbringer is the single finest example of modern throwback thrash metal out there, in my opinion. HeXeN came close, but they're no more, and besides Warbringer features their best member, Carlos Cruz on drums!


I don't get too excited about NEW albums much anymore. But this one has me fucking stoked. Cauldron's previous release "In Ruin" was my favorite album of 2016. Have high hopes for this! They're my favorite newer band out there.


Anyone that's into Destiny check out the first true reveal of the new weapon/loadout system coming in the Forsaken update yesterday? Seems legitimately cool. A lot of freedom but somehow still balanced. Not at all what I expected, if I'm being honest.


Spent last night in the hospital with my wife. Could possibly lead to another surgery for her. Life, seriously, I don't know what I did to you for you to take it out on her, but fucking stop it. Please.


#thrashMetalThursday. Time for a true classic. A major part of the soundtrack of my teenage years. And best of all, it's still relevant to me to this day half of the time.


This song still gets me ready to shred and or headbang every single time I hear it. In Ruin was such a goddamned good album.


Ya know, thinking on it, I've done pretty well for myself. Married a bigtiddy woman into video games and heavy metal. Had some amazing children. Scraped through a rough childhood/young adult life. Not bad for a goddamn dwarf.


If you're even remotely into Smash Bros. I don't think it's possible to not be overwhelmed and excruciatingly excited today. Fucking hell. Nintendo took the kid gloves off and there's still more to be announced. Goddamn.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Dark Tranquillity is my favorite band, I can say that without hesitation. They have been for many years. And this is one of my favorites from them. Enjoy!


Capcom added a very sweet "Classic Costume" for Sagat in SFV. It's his SF1 look, no chest scar and he has pupils, plus has those super lanky legs. Did a single 10 ticket pull to see if I could get lucky and got TWO of them in the same pull. Awesome.


So I went and finally did this thing with my two buddies yesterday afternoon. MAN! It was so intense and challenging, but exhilarating. One of the hardest things I've done in gaming this generation, but damn did it feel good to finally succeed.


Any of you folks have any experience with Textbroker.com? I'm at the end of the noose here financially. I'm drowning in debt, the overwhelming threat of being sued for medical bills and credit card companies is stressing me to illness. I need an answer.


Alright. We did the most influential songs of your life before. Let's do the top five most influential albums to your life. These things that changed your life, molded or evolved your musical tastes, or just inspired you as a musician (if you are one.)


Start your week right with some #MelodicMetalMonday. Sunburst is too goddamned good to be as underrated as they are.


This goddamn "Ooo, heaven is a place on Earth!" Progressive insurance commercial makes me want to punch through my TV until my fists go through the wall behind it. FUCK!


Welcome back to another #ArbitraryMetalTuesday! I was going to post something fun and obscure, but instead I'll just post what I'm actually listening to at this very moment.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Continuing to showcase some of my favorite lesser known bands. A more mellow jam today, that has always reminded me of how Whitesnake might have sounded as a power metal band without some of their 80's cheese. Enjoy!


Too poor to worry about Prime Day deals, BUT have been really enjoying Dead By Daylight again on PS4. Anyone else play this around here?


So here's a fun game. What are 5 songs that you'd say can sum YOU up as an individual? For whatever reasoning you have, the top 5 songs to sum up your life, it's big events, your personality, whatever. Mine will follow in the comments.


A celebration of some of my favorite lesser known bands starts today. Starting with Falconer, one of my absolute favorite power metal bands. Featuring powerfully strong clean vocals. Criminally underrated.


To you folks who decided to send me funds to help make my daughter's birthday something special, I am absolutely humbled. You folks are the best. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Missed thrash metal Thursday, fuck it. For all my fellow Vikings out there! Stress is gnawing hard at me, I'm pretty unwell mentally right now, but I'm just trying to keep on going. Better days ahead eventually, right?


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