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Finished up another Gloomhaven session tonight. This game is so goddamned good. Well worth the money I spent on it last year. Playing as a Scoundrel in a party with a Mindthief, Spellweaver, and Cragheart.


NeoTurbo, happy birthday buddy.


It unfortunately didn't make it up before Halloween as originally planned, but I posted my first blog in a good while that details Puppet Combo and his unique brand of indy horror games.


Puppet Combo: One Man's Take On Indy Horror Gaming

Why are there not more slasher games? This is a question I've thought about many times since I was a teenager, given that slashers are some of my favorite movies. Yeah, I get that if you involve kids and stuff it gets nasty. But you do...


Anyone wanna AMA? I'm bored as fuck, because I can't really do much of anything. You can even feel free to ask the hard questions, I don't care.


Happy birthday, Flanx. I love ya, buddy.


Son of a bitch. Tore my Achilles Tendon while trying to get back into shape. So much for that. Hurts like a son of a bitch and also, fuck crutches.


Any PuppetCombo fans on here? Thinking about doing a strange little blog about his games. I've been a fan since Babysitter Bloodbath, and feel he's underrated and underappreciated for what he offers to the horror gaming scene.


This song...seriously made me cry to read the lyrics. It hit me in a spot so goddamned hard that it made me physically weep. As I've watch my wife's health slowly deteriorate this past year...I feel this song's message so much it hurts. Beautiful.


Revisiting an old favorite of mine today.


The campaign in Modern Warfare was surprisingly very entertaining. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Digging the game as a whole.


First impressions of The Outer Worlds. Game is great so far, it's addictive. BUT, I HATE the way it looks. The absolute over-saturation of everything. Humanoid enemies blend into the environment too well, and I regularly lose their corpses on the ground.


Goddamn, RiffRaff, you weren't kidding about this one. INCREDIBLE album! Possibly the best of 2019 so far for me.


"At the dawn of a quiet day,I strolled from the woods, returned to the hearth. And with a restful mind I roamed The dreary shores, the darkling wilds. Greeting all the days that befall. Taking life as it comes."


I finally got my Monte Carlo to drop in D2 last night! My Titan is so goddamned happy right now. This is one of my absolute favorite D1 weapons and it's better shape than it ever was now in D2. Monte Carlo + Striker Titan = Infinite Shoulder Charge kills!


Today I'm going back to remember a time when In Flames was still a legitimate melodic death metal band and not a shitty pop rock/emo thing. I miss those times. They fucking killed it that night on stage in 2004.


Happy birthday, Mike. I hope things are going well for you. You're one of the best of us.


Well guys, that Moon's haunted. So I'm gonna be busy.


Hahaha! Never thought I'd see a video game where your health bar is a titty tattoo! Fucking brilliant!


So...my wife and I had a sort of Gift of the Magi moment today. So for a while now I've had a Sega Genesis Mini pre-ordered for my wife. I've been trading in things to pay it off for a bit. Today we go to pick it up...(More in comments.)


Dealing with financial aid today. Had to drop a class and my refund is pretty much shot. No Zelda for Xeo this week. Goddamn incompetence of the office I was dealing with has me wanting to break some bones. I'll just be an adult and fume instead.


What are some of your favorite covers? (Regardless of genre, but metal covers get bonus points, because I'm Xeo.) I'll start with one of mine. A raw cover of a forgotten metal song.


Goddamn I hate doing academic writing. Writing an essay on a (rather good) Neil Gaiman short story for my English Fiction class in the MLA style and I hate it SO MUCH!


Still not sure what to think of the BL3 characters. Unsure which one to try to stick with too. Leaning towards Amara still. Your thoughts so far?


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