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What are some of your favorite covers? (Regardless of genre, but metal covers get bonus points, because I'm Xeo.) I'll start with one of mine. A raw cover of a forgotten metal song.


Goddamn I hate doing academic writing. Writing an essay on a (rather good) Neil Gaiman short story for my English Fiction class in the MLA style and I hate it SO MUCH!


Still not sure what to think of the BL3 characters. Unsure which one to try to stick with too. Leaning towards Amara still. Your thoughts so far?


The new Sonata Arctica is very...chill. It's oddly calming at times despite how goddamned sad it actually is. Probably overall their most mellow offering, but I'm finding it quite beautiful.


It's my wonderful wife's birthday today. Hasn't been the best day, but it's a day. On top of this we just had our 10th wedding anniversary on the 5th. She doesn't even use the site, but you guys are like family to us so I just wanted to share.


I was planning on repurchasing Divinity OS2 for PS4 again soon, but now that the Switch version is out that's tempting. Anyone have any word on how the port fares compared to the console versions?


I sold my Vita, which I actually kind of forgot I had. Got groceries for the house and some WoW time for Classic! This is my life now. Also, I found a bunch of big titty porn on the Vita I'd forgotten about. I'm on Deviate Delight.


The family and I went to my parent's place to do laundry and watch some hockey. Had a good time. I'm feeling pretty lousy physically speaking, but I needed a good chill day like this mentally speaking. Sometimes it's the little things.


Perhaps I may have to just step back for a little while. Not doing so well mentally. Thanks for having been there for me. If you've bothered to read this, I appreciate it and you. I guess I'll just check back in later.


GODDAMN, that new Cyberpunk gameplay video was hot. This could end up being one of the best games I'll ever play.


Update on Xeo's life: Wife had a follow up appointment today, she's healing well and will be out of work for another two weeks at least. That's a positive and a negative, more in the comments.


I wish Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr on console would catch up to PC. I really wanna play that 2.0 build. I enjoyed the base game, but the changes for 2.0 sound so good. I thought it would have happened by now on PS4, but nope.


Every fucking time I start to stand back on my feet something new comes to bulldoze me over. Son's sick and my hand eczema has infected my ring finger and I probably have to get it cut up tomorrow at the dermatologist. More fucking medical bills...


I'm alive folks, and again thank you all for your continued support and generosity.I've just started a new semester of college, my wife is recovering, slowly. Had a PTSD episode on Friday, but we're moving along. More below in the comments.


I want to take the time to sincerely thank each and every one of you who have helped to pull me and my family through a very rough patch. Your generosity and kindness has made a huge difference for us. You're all the best.


UPDATE: Well, my wife is recovering from surgery now. She's fine and might actually get some sleep tonight. However this means more time off work. Hoping it doesn't put us out on the street.


EDIT: To anyone who's in the know, wife's emergency surgery was pushed back until tomorrow morning. She should be fine, but I'll again update later when I can. My mental state is unraveling, but I gotta just push on.


I've tried to keep this on the down low for a bit, and struggled at times. Some of you may have noticed. But things are catching up to me and the stress is through the roof. More in the comments.


Here's some good old fashioned "no bullshit" heavy metal to start your weekend with.


What is your favorite genre of music (Or sub-genre) and what are the essential albums within it? I'll start by listing my own in the comments. (Limit one album per band/group, to avoid the list being too excessive.)


Well, if anyone give a shit about why I love a flawed game like Destiny, I just posted a blog about it. Should be up soon, it's been published.


Destiny: An Imperfect Love Story

This isn't the first time I've talked about Destiny on here. Hell, probably won't be the last either. But I've recently decided to make my return to Destiny 2 after taking a few months off. Gotta say, it feels good to be back too. Even...


Hi, my real name is Mike. So I count for #MikeMondays too, right? I wanted to share my favorite, as well as the only song I know of about Peter Pan with you all. (And one of my favorite albums, period.)


I don't have a cat to show you because I don't particularly love them and I'm allergic to them. My dog died a little while back and I had to bury him in the woods, in the rain by hand, because I was too poor to do otherwise. I miss that dog fiercely.


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday Grave Digger might be the most faithful sounding live band I've ever seen. (As in faithful to their recorded sound.)Caught them with Blind Guardian a few years ago and they were fucking killer. Hansi did this song with them live.


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