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Might of uh, might of went a little nuts with the MTG: Forgotten Realms set release... This is half of what my store got in, lol. Wife and I are going to host a draft for that booster box.


So I'm playing FFXIV here and coming to the tail end of the post-story content of ARR before going into Heavensward. And it strikes me that Ul'dah is portrayed pretty much as the US, fairly accurately in a FF setting no less.


I finally got Setzer's coat in FF14 and I'm feeling great about it. A dream come true, even if it's a minor milestone for most.


I love my job. We have a sound system and CD player, coworker told me to just go ahead and bring in my my own music since we don't sell a lot of the stuff I listen to. So we listened to Carcass, Death, Amon Amarth, Overkill, Insomnium, and Power Trip.


Finally tried the Burger King chicken sandwich. Meh. Average at best. I'm always disappointed with Burger King. But for you guys I braved the risk of food poisoning from them (again). More below.


I had a great idea to look into rebuilding my OG favorite Magic deck. Can't be TOO bad, right? Some old rares make up the main combo board. 4X Survival of the Fittest, 4X Recurring Nightmare. = $1700ish for those cards alone. FML.


Holy shit! FFXIV has blown up lately! Look at this! New character creation is closed on ALL NA servers at the moment and the Complete Edition PC game key completely sold out on the Square site. The game is booming right now!


I'm alive. We had a big party over the weekend and I've been absorbed in taking care of my wife and the house as well as neck deep into FFXIV. Wife and I started playing MTG again. That's been a trip too.


My wife got me playing MTG Arena finally. And man, they just dropped this D&D/Forgotten Realms set and it's SO fucking cool! Going nuts on this stuff, really geeking out over here.


As a long time WoW veteran, I'm pretty familiar with Asmongold. Coincidentally, the week after I come back to FF14, he decides he's had enough of WoW's current state and decides to try it too. The drama and harassment to him that has ensued since is nuts.


Having previously played FFXIV on PS4 and now going to PS5, shit it's REAL nice. The loading times are pretty much instant to the point where I actually forgot it had loading screens in the game until I was watching a guide from a few years ago.


I did it! I re-subbed to FFXIV! I think this is the break my mind needs right now to maybe calm down and find some peace. So...should I be a Bard or what?


Well shit, with Tampa taking the final spot from the Islanders we lost out on the NHL Underdog battle of the decade. Would have been real cool to see Canadiens vs. Islanders. But I guess the real question is can Pat Maroon win three consecutive cups?


I just discovered my new job has a massive stock of TMNT comics, both old and new. Singles, one-shots, graphic novels, collections, etc. (There's so much stuff in this store I'm still discovering new stuff daily.) So, so very tempting...


#ArbitraryMetalTuesday time! This was such a KILLER track. Tomas Lindberg AND Mikael Stanne together on vocals!? Bliss.


UPDATE: My wife and I are home from the hospital. The surgery was successful and had no issues. (Again, her surgeon is top notch.) She's recovering, and it's gonna be hard. Mobility is limited. I've been awake and stressing for about 32 hours. So bed time


In about 4 hours my wife will be going in for an operation again. This one holds more risks and debilitating recovery that previous ones. I'm worried and anxious as hell and can't sleep. Rather you like me or not, please keep her in your thoughts.


I am Delete. Flesh is Obsolete.


We could have had some cooler stuff in that Square presentation if 70% of it wasn't Marvel bullshit, and another 20% Stranger Teenage Angst. Bummer. Well, I'm really only interested in Capcom anyway. Theirs has to be better than that.


Started a new job at a local game/hobby shop and it's looking good. Nice, relaxed atmosphere, cool people to work around and awesome stuff on every wall. It' a nice break I needed.


Time to make that drank!


About to be game night. And I came back to revisit the extremely underrated and AWESOME "Be Gone" from Pharaoh. Tim Aymar's vocals were at their absolute peak on this album. The guy is truly something special and I have no idea how he's so unrecognized.


On the subject of RE8, anyone else realize the S.T.A.K.E. is straight up "Wildey" from Death Wish 3? Killing those lycan bastards Kersey style!


This is a legitimate ad I've seen several times on Facebook in different variations. Not a meme, it's a legit product. And all of their ads purposefully shit on their own product. I kind of love it.


Today is a day to remember and honor those we know who served and did not return. Let us remember the personal sacrifice of our friends and family on this Memorial Day. Stay safe out there and have a great day, Dtoid family.


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