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So James Chen is hosting a beginner/amateur SFV tournament on Twitch. And Ultradavid couldn't commentate with him, so he's commentating with himself in two voices, arguments and all. This shit is fucking golden! But also it's a really cool idea.


I guess it's that time. #depressingbutbeautiful To be honest, I think any given 8/10 Sonata Arctica songs could fit this hashtag.


Kind of in a gaming slump lately. I think I might just be depressed. Hardly anything I own seems appealing, so I keep just grinding in WoW, because I find it relaxing. I need something to fill the void. Considered Maneater or even the SR3 Remaster. Dunno.


So my son is 7 years old and his favorite thing in the world is probably Mario. He created a Mario Maker 2 level and ecstatic. Anyone care to play his level and comment on it by chance? It'd really make his day. The code is 8YR-8MX-YTF


Well shit. My shitty phone's battery is swollen. I don't want to risk using it like this. It's an old shitty phone, so I can replace it for around $13-15...but we got that crunch. Capping off a not so great day with a bang.


Seems players got a LOT better playing the Mastermind in RE: Resistance. That or a patch balanced things better. I went from constantly winning matches as a survivor a few weeks ago to struggling to win even one out of 10 last night. *shrug*


This is EXACTLY that shit I needed in my life right now.


I wanted to make an #unpopularopiniontoid post, but I realize I don't like a LOT of really popular and respected games. Kinda takes the wind out of it. A recent example though, I flat out didn't like Doom Eternal.


If you're into neo-classical guitar or just shredding in general and you haven't been keeping an eye of Gus Drax you've been doing yourself a great disservice. His debut with Sunburst blew me away, and he continues to do so. This man is one of the best.


Happy birthday, Gus! You're one of the most uplifting dudes here. And I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you.


So I'm about 5 year late...but Axiom Verge is REALLY fucking good. I had played it a little bit briefly on PS4, but recently digging into it for Switch and it's so great.


Happy #thrashmetalthursday! Enjoy some of the best modern thrash metal to come out since Warbringer hit the scene back in 2004.


I recall saying I just wanted FF7 Remake to be decent and I'd be happy. Well so far it's a lot better than decent. Very happy to say that! I'm not too far in, but it's rock solid.


Man, this new Testament album fucking shreds! This track reminds me of something straight from The Ritual, and I LOVE that about it. That solo straight up gives me goosebumps.


Been doing some thinking after last week about Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI. My favorite games ever made. Chrono Trigger has always been number 1, but last week I actually had to break them down entirely to rest assured I still felt that way -


Why was it so damned hard to find a proper sigil of Baphomet for my Animal Crossing island? But it's done now. Rocking a nice battle vest complete with Slayer logo.


So I don't know what I'm doing entirely, but I'm REALLY enjoying my time back in FFXIV. Started over as a bunny girl archer and it's been a blast.


Well my wife's best friend has Covid-19. She blew it off too, and now she's in the hospital with full bi-lateral pneumonia. How she got it is a sort of mid-life crisis, so I guess she tried to either hide it or pretend it wasn't happening. *sigh*


Well, I guess I'll start playing FFXIV. I have no clue what I was doing before, since it's been years. So I guess I'll just start over. Any recommended class and tips for a beginner?


Heads up to any fellow tabletop fans and or Gloomhaven fans, it's sequel Frosthaven just entered Kickstarter and sounds AMAZING! Can't wait for this one! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/frosthaven/frosthaven


Resident Evil Resistance is quite interesting. There's a strong foundation here for some serious fun with your buddies. I really like the Mastermind spin on the typical DBD/F13 killer formula. This has potential. I hope it gets support.


My wife brought me home this today! Stoked!


I dunno if any of you guys still watch ProJared after the blowout last year with his ex-wife that was legally squashed...but he released an EXCELLENT in-depth review of his favorite game (and one of my own top 3) Final Fantasy VI. I highly recommend it.


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