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There needs to be a full-scale game based on the Cabaret Club Management mini-game in Yakuza 0. I have deemed it essential and necessary.


It's always best to admit when you were wrong and I was wrong about a movie. A movie I've been very vocal about not liking. But upon rewatching it tonight I realized I was wrong. Peep the comments for the mea culpa.


I'm at a loss for words. Jonas Neubauer, 7 time Classic Tetris World Champion and my personal Tetris idol died earlier this week. He was a great Tetris player, and more importantly a great person who always tried to spread joy. This sucks.


Fine I'll also post a QP for Soul. This should at least still appeal to him because it has anime in it.


Happy birthday to a fellow Italian and displaced New Jersey boy RiffRaff. May your marinara always stick to your pasta.


A very merry #blursedmas to all. Please join me in my traditional Christmas viewing of the bravest and boldest ending to a TV show since St. Elsewhere.


Andrew Bird using The Handsome Family lyrics about alcoholism and the emotional strain of Christmas with Greensleeves as the music base is so very very much my brand of #blessedmas.


It's Friday night so of course my thoughts are of Big Boss and Kaz. May the light of their work never go out in the hearts and eyes of true Mother Base soldiers.


This is Sussudio, a great, great song, a personal favorite.


The Aurora Borealis will be visible tonight over parts of the northern hemisphere. Time to break out the most #blessedmas thing ever.


After years of living in the stone age with my 32 inch tv, I finally cracked and got a 4k 55 incher. Broke it in with Mad Max Fury Road. Don't think I could have picked a better movie to do that with.


Knew this would come in handy somewhere along the line when I saved it back in 2018, never thought it would be so soon.


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